The Wonderful Wondercon Girls (48 pics)

Posted in NSFW       7 Apr 2011       21607

These are the beautiful girls who are attending Wondercon this year. Wondercon is considered one of the best popular arts and comics events in the country. Looking at these photos, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.


The Wonderful Wondercon Girls

Michael Jackson Kitsch Art (16 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       5 Apr 2011       15832

A kitsch art statue of Michael Jackson was recently unveiled outside the stadium of Premier League in London. The King of Pop loved kitsch art, and there are a lot of other examples of it, including paintings and statues, in his house and around the world.


Michael Jackson Kitsch Art

Scary Looking Goth Woman (11 pics)

Posted in NSFW       4 Apr 2011       31997

With tattoos all over her body, including her face, horns literally bulging underneath her forehead skin and stretched earlobes this chick has really gone all in with this look. Underneath it all I’m sure she’s a pussycat.


Scary Looking Goth Woman

Some Beautiful Ladies of Radio (50 pics)

Posted in NSFW       4 Apr 2011       38440

These are some very beautiful ladies who are radio personalities. You don’t expect the lady behind the microphone to be a knockout. But then again, since you don’t get to see them you don’t really know.


Jena Jacobbs / 103.9 – South Bend

Some Beautiful Ladies of Radio

She's Stronger Than Most of Regular Men (14 pics)

Posted in NSFW       1 Apr 2011       18802

These are photos of Marina Nasretdinova. She has won numerous bodybuilding championships. While I’m impressed with her pile of muscles, I still think it doesn’t look good on a woman. What about you?


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