The Hottest E3 2011 Babes (50 pics)

Posted in NSFW       11 Jun 2011       33488

Who knew that geeks would want to see scantily clad women while perusing the rows of new gadgets and gizmos at the Electronic Entertainment Expo? Apparently hardware is not enough to sustain droves of dorks, so companies brought in bikini babes galore. Remind me to buy my ticket next year for all the new butts, I mean electronics.


The Hottest E3 2011 Babes

Does Your Mom Party the Same? (112 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       11 Jun 2011       27624

There are Milfs and then there are unattractive, drunk older women at the club desperate for attention. Some of these women are too old to be acting a fool at the club, or anywhere for that matter, but apparently no one has delivered this news to them. Someone please tell them it is time to go home and stay there.


Does Your Mom Party the Same?

Polish People Having Fun (24 pics)

Posted in NSFW       10 Jun 2011       29399

These Polish people are either doing something funny or are funny looking or can be considered as strange and weird by others. Whatever it is the pics are real funny and fun to look at.


Polish People Having Fun

From Fat to Anorexic (10 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       9 Jun 2011       149763

When an overweight person who wants to lose weight, it is, of course good, especially for the health. But when it goes to extreme, it can reveal another dangers. Like in the case of Melissa Jones, the fattest teenager of Britain, who after a considerable weight loss started to struggle the anorexia.


From Fat to Anorexic

Garbage Around the World (25 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       8 Jun 2011       15988

It is really scary to think what environment our kids will get after us.


Garbage Around the World

A Parade of Blonde Nurses (37 pics)

Posted in NSFW       6 Jun 2011       24572

This parade of gorgeous blonde nurses was held in Minsk on June 1st. Apparently, it was quite an event. All I can say is these beautiful nurses can take care of me anytime.


A Parade of Blonde Nurses

Funny Social Network Girl (11 gifs)

Posted in GIF       2 Jun 2011       23571

These gif animations show a funny social network girl who looks a bit strange but has a good sense of humor.


Funny Social Network Girl
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