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2014’s Sexiest New Additions to Instagram Fame (25 pics)

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Alexis Ren

If you haven’t heard of the name Alexis Ren yet, you will. This hot new model just turned 18 like a few weeks ago, but was tearing up the internet well before then (somewhat controversially). If you add one new name to your “Following” list, make it Alexis. | Follow Alexis on Instagram (@alexisreneg)

Kara Del Toro

Kara Del Toro, a Beach Bunny Modeling Contest finalist this year, is one of our favorite women on Instagram. The Texas native has some of the greatest lips we’ve ever seen, and a body made that was almost sculpted for swimsuits. | Follow Kara on Instagram (@KaraJewelll)

Hannah Stocking

Hannah Stocking’s been in and around the blogosphere lately because she recently was announced as dating GSW “Splash Brother” Klay Thompson, but Hannah’s no jersey chaser–she’s a Vine video star in her own right. Then again, I guess we can add “Instagram star” to her resume because she’s got over a million followers on IG. | Follow Hannah on Instagram (@HannahStocking)

Francesca Aiello

Francesca Aiello is the shit. Not only is she hot, as the creator Frankie’s Bikinis she helps everyone else look hot by designing some of the best-looking swimsuits in the world. Of course, that also means she’s always hanging out with other models and uploading their photos too. | Follow Frankie on Instagram (@FrancescaAiello)

Alexandria Morgan

It’s insane to think that this time last year, Alexandria Morgan was (for the most part) an unknown model. But once she won a spot on the Beach Bunny runway during Miami Swim Week, that all changed. Now she’s kicking some serious ass on Instagram and anywhere else she goes. | Follow Alexandria on Instagram (@AlexandriaToTheMax)

Rocky Barnes

There’s not much to say about Rocky Barnes other than she’s probably one of the coolest hot chicks we follow on Instagram period. She’s always working with dope photographers, doing dope stuff, looking dope. Recently it looks like she’s moving slightly (only slightly) away from the swimwear area but our guess is that’s just because she’s getting to be so damn popular that she can do new things. All the same, give this chick a follow ASAP. | Follow Rocky on Instagram (@Rocky_Barnes)

Sahara Ray

By this point in time, you probably know who Sahara Ray is–she’s that cool California chick who almost never smiles but still manages to look super fine. She’s recently branched out to her own swimwear line, Sahara Ray Swim, and posts photos of her in those swimsuits all the time. She’s also good friends with pretty much anyone worth following in California, which is a plus. | Follow Sahara on Instagram (@Sahara_Ray/)

Kelsey Norris

We had the distinction of publishing Kelsey as a Miss COED half a year ago, and we haven’t drooling over her since then. She’s a must-follow. | Follow Kelsey on Instagram (@kelsexyyn)

Liane V

Liane V cemented an incredibly strong 2014 with her appearance in Buffalo’s Hottest Girls of Instagram calendar that was released earlier this month, appearing with stars like Ashley Sky and Charlotte Mckinney. | Follow Liane on Instagram (@LoveLianeV/)

Kyra Santoro

If there’s one face we’ve been seeing a LOT more in 2014, it’s 100% Kyra Santoro. And you know something? That makes us happy. She’s got an incredibly awesome smile–which makes us smile. And as for the rest of her, well the photos speak for themselves. | Follow Kyra on Instagram (@KyraSantoroxx)

Olivia Pickren

Like a few other women on this list, Olivia Pickren showed up on our feeds a lot in 2014–part of the reason this year was so much fun. Yes she’s hot to trot on her own, but when you’ve got good friends like Paige Tiziani and Bryana Holly posing in your photos regularly, that’s what we call “a bonus.” | Follow Olivia on Instagram (@livmae)

Sydney Maler

We first learned about Sydney from the site LifeWithoutAndy, so you’ll have to forgive us if you knew about her in 2013. That being said, there are few women whose IG account we enjoy creeping on more than Sydney’s. She had a great 2014 so we’re guessing her 2015 is going to be even better. | Follow Sydney on Instagram (@SydneyAMaler/)

Paige Tiziani

Yes, we first featured Paige in “On Your Radar” in very early 2013, but truthfully we were way ahead of the curve. Only now in 2014 is she getting the credit she fully deserves, shooting with big name photographers and working with some awesome brands. We’ll leave you with one final thought. Legs. For. Days. | Follow Paige on Instagram (@paigetiziani/)

Danielle Lo

Truth be told, we knew about Danielle in late last year because she used to be a Hankook model along with some of our favorite models, but she’s really blown up on Instagram here in 2014. | Follow Danielle on Instagram (@DanielleLo/)

Emily Palos

Emily Palos, good friends with Kelsey Norris also on this list, posts incredible photos whether she’s with her bff or by herself. In addition to having one of the best bodies on IG (an accomplishment in its’ own right) she’s never wearing much clothing. | Follow Emily on Instagram (@EmilyPalos/)

Luci Ford

Luci Ford is another one of those models who’s been killing it on Instagram before 2014, but she gets a pass because the Luci Ford account is new to this year (she used to go by Lindsay Hancock). It also helps that she’s smoking hot. Either way, you should not go into 2015 without giving Luci Ford a follow. She’s totally bad, in a good way. | Follow Luci on Instagram (@Luci_Ford)

Anna Faith

Anna’s going a slightly different (read less outright “sexy”) route than some of the models we’ve put on this list, but that doesn’t mean she’s not one the standout new models of the year. You’ve no doubt seen the Elsa lookalike photo on the web, but you might not know that Anna’s dabbled in some swimwear shoots. Follow her ASAP. | Follow Anna on Instagram (@AnnaFaithXOXO)

Galinka Mirgaeva

Yes, Galina has been posting photos since before 2014 but she really started getting into this year. Of course she clearly knows what she’s doing because homegirl is sitting on over a million followers, but if you’re not already adding to that number you should be. | Follow Galinka on Instagram (@Mirgaeva_Galinka)

Madi Edwards

Normally we’d say that over posting and oversharing on Instagram is a bad thing, but when you’re as hot as Madi Edwards you should throw those rules out the window. She’s one of Australia’s finest exports. | Follow Madi on Instagram (@Madi_Edwards)

Julia Friedman

Don’t ask us how we first came across Julia, just be happy that we did. She’s hot in the streets. Julia’s been uploading great photos to her IG account since 2012, but only in 2014 did she really start embracing the modeling life, posting some serious bangers. | Follow Julia on Instagram (@JuliaFriedmann/)

Abigail Ratchford

Abigail had an absolute breakout year in 2014, making her IG account a must-follow. She regularly posts new videos and photos, often busting out of whatever clothes she’s trying to wear. | Follow Abigail on Instagram (@AbigailRatchford)

Galina Dubenenko

Besides posting some seriously sexy photos, we actually have no idea what Galina Dubenenko does besides modeling. Part of it is the language gap, yes, but these photos should be in other places besides Instagram! | Follow Galina on Instagram (@Galina_Dubenenko/)

Amber Leigh West

Amber Leigh West is one of our favorite new follows in 2014. She’s still got relatively low number of follows, but that just means you can join us in staying ahead of the curve. | Follow Amber on Instagram (@AmberLeighWest/)

April Love Geary

April Love Geary is the model that everyone’s talking about because she’s rumored to be dating Robing Thicke. Well guess what, even when that relationship crumbles into dust we’ll still be following the 19-year-old model because she’s, like, really really hot. She’s got one of the best bodies we’ve ever seen on the internet. | Follow April on Instagram (@ApriLovee)

Amy Jane Brand

Amy Jane Brand is one of those models we mentioned who’s actually been in the business well before 2014, but only really started blowing up on Instagram this year. Of course, now she’s sitting at almost 250K followers but you get our point. You should also get her photos on your phone by following her on the link below. | Follow Amy on Instagram (@AmyJaneBrand)

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