Weight Loss Success Stories (99 pics)

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Losing weight is not that easy, especially when you have too many kilos to lose. But these people were able to transform their bodies completely with a lot of hard work and self-discipline.


The Difference A 70 Lbs Weight Loss Makes On Your Face

1 Year, 110 Lbs

This Couple Refused To Walk Down The Aisle Until They Got In Shape, And 5 Years Later They Married

458 Pounds Down To 180 (278 Pounds Lost Total), 2 Years' Time, One Happy Lady

I Went From About 550 Lbs To 220 Lbs

This Couple Loses A Combined 133 Pounds To Look Super Hot On Wedding Day

I Hit My Ultimate Weight Goal. 130 Lbs Loss. Doing A Size 2 Happy Dance!

July 2010 - December 2011, 133 Lbs Down, Christmas Dress Acquired

In The Last Year I Have Lost Over 200 Lbs (From 420 Lbs To 218 Lbs)

My Mother And Myself! 4 Years Of Hard Work For Both Us

I Am Officially Half The Person I Was 11 Months Ago! From 169 Kg (372 Lbs) To 83.85 Kg (184.86 Lbs)

Me And My Friend Thought, Hey Lets Not Be Fat And Ugly Anymore. I've Lost 110 Lbs, As For Her I Dont Think She Liked Weighing Herself But You Can Obviously Tell The Difference

For Our 4th Anniversary My Wife And I Retconned Our Wedding Photos. My Wife Lost 109 Lbs, And I Lost 129 Lbs (About 1,5 Years)

I Was Over 200 Pounds And Then A Year And A Half Later, I Am Down Almost 70 Pounds

Anything Is Possible, Don't Make Excuses. 112 Lbs Down In Almost A Year

Weight Loss Journey So Far. 308 Lbs To 170 Lbs In 17 Months

One Year Ago I Started This Change. I Lost 100 Lbs In 10 Months

423 Lbs To 245 Lbs, 2007 - 2013

My 70 Lbs Weight Loss Progress (October 2012 - September 2013)

I've Had A Long Battle With Weight Loss, 39 Lbs In 4 Years

From 444 Lbs, To 190 Lbs

140 Lbs Lost In 19 Months And Still Going

My Highest Weight Five Years Ago, And Now. It's Worth It

Been A Little Scared Of Posting, But I Feel Great Today. From 256 Lbs To 155 Lbs

December 2012 Vs December 2013. This Year Has Been One To Remember. 90 Lbs Down And No Longer Am Taking My Health For Granted

I Lost 100 Pounds! From 244 Lbs To 144 Lbs In 1 Year

From 345 Lbs To 187 Lbs (2007 - 2015)

Over 100 Pounds Lost Between These Two Pictures And So Much More Confidence And Respect For Myself As A Person Has Been Gained

Our Family Lost 235 Lbs Together In 1 Year

The Picture On The Left Was Me At My Heaviest - 315 Lbs. Since Then, I Have Lost A Total Of 157,5 Lbs

Exactly 2 Years Between These Pictures, Same Dress. From 352 Lbs To 196 Lbs

5 Years Ago I Was 6 Stone Heavier Than I Am Now

Fitness Saved My Life. 120 Lbs Lost

260 Pounds Gone Forever In 2 Years

One Year. Thank You Running. I've Lost About 50 Lbs Currently. My Highest Weight Was Around 200 Lbs

From 247 Lbs To 143 Lbs In 10 Months

Teena Lost 166 Pounds

5 Years Keeping It Off

3 Years Of Recomp, From Skinnyfat To Fit

9 Months And 150 Lbs Down And Life Will Never Be The Same

Lost 80 Kg (half Of Me) For 14 Months

13 Months And 150 Lbs Lost. Half The Woman I Used To Be

My Mother Is Just Amazing. She Lost 180 Lbs In 4 Years

Before And After, From 220 Lbs To 145 Lbs In 2,5 Years

I Lost Half My Total Weight (165 Lbs) In 18 Months

A Month Ago I Wasn't Sure If I Was Bikini Ready This Summer, But I Decided That I Worked For This, So Being Bikini Ready Is Just Putting On A Bikini ( 150 Lbs Lost)

Dressing Rooms Are Much More Fun When You Are 60 Lbs Lighter. From Size L (185 Lbs) To Size S/XS (125 Lbs)

From 267 Lbs To 212 Lbs In 1 Year

Twin Weight Loss Transformation. 65 Lbs (Left) And 78 Lbs (Right) Lost

Sometimes When I Feel Like I'm Stalled Out, The Facebook Flashback Is A Nice Reminder. From 300 Lbs, To 165 Lbs

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