Porn Stars Reveal What Celebrity They Would Like To Hook Up With (12 pics)

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Tasha Reign

“My celebrity crush is Kim Kardashian. She’s stunning and I love her body. I enjoy her show and I think she’s helped normalize pornography in an indirect way; I can’t say enough! (Yes, people make fun of me for it.)”

Joanna Angel

“Carrie Brownstein. She’s in an awesome band that I have loved for a very long time. She also writes and stars in one of my favorite TV shows. I’m not sure if I want to have sex with her, or want to be her, or a bizarre combination of both.”

Nina Hartley

“I don’t like to say because they likely won’t take it in the spirit in which it’s offered. I think well of those whom I’d like share naked fun time but I don’t believe they think well of sex workers who want to do that.

That being said, I love Rachel Maddow, as she’s queer and a big policy geek. I love Neil Degrasse Tyson, again for his sheer mental power and ability to communicate complex scientific facts in ways the lay person can comprehend. Plus, they both have good senses of humor. One couple I would dearly love to see make love: Sophia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. I’ve not seen a more spectacular example of heterosexual masculine and feminine beauty in years.”

Chanel Preston

“I’ve always loved Angelina Jolie. She’s a badass and incredibly beautiful. I love that she has a wild side and an altruistic side as well.”

Jessica Drake

“It changes, but I lean towards guys like De Niro, Pacino, Nicholson, Clooney, Depp, and DiCaprio. ‘Why’ is the easy part. I like older men and the experience they bring.”

Kendra Lust

“I would have to say the Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson because, well look at him! Plus, I’ve always loved the WWE.”

Sophie Dee

“Keira Knightley is very cute. She seems quite geeky and sexy.”

Jessy Dubai

“I’ve always been attracted to Ryan Reynolds. There’s something about him that drives me crazy every time I see him.”

Tanya Tate

“I’m a big fan of WWE wrestling. I would love to cast some of my favorite wrestlers Sheamus and Wade Barrett in a feature movie. Capturing sex both in the ring and backstage action with hot female WWE divas Becky Lynch, Natalya and Charlotte. That movie would sell!

I also have a crush on Lynda Carter, the original Wonder Woman. She was hot back in the ’70s and still today she looks amazing and is a fabulous singer. I got to see her twice when her band played in a jazz club in Los Angeles.”

Kelly Madison

“Jeff Goldblum. I fell in love with him in the ’80s because he always played smart, sexy nerdy roles. I think I first fell in love with him in the remake of ‘The Fly’, he was hot even while he was metamorphosing into a bug! I tend to like smart, sexy nerdy guys.”

Jillian Janson

“In high school I would always say Channing Tatum. I loved ‘Step Up’ and his later movies always proved to be sexy. He knew how to handle himself. Now I think the sexiest man alive is Chris Hemsworth! But I’m sure it will change again in a few years.”

Gia Moore

“Colin Farrell. Hands down.”




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