Celebrities Wish No One Saw These Embarrassing Pictures (15 pics)

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Things Get Hairy – Mo ‘Nique

As a woman, I get it. Shaving can be quite the hassle. Many women choose to forgo this tedious upkeep, especially during those cold winter months. Comedian and actress Mo’nique, who got her start on The Parkers, seems to be one of those women who’d rather go all natural, ditching the razor all together. The public found out about her grooming habits a few years back at the 2010 Golden Globe Awards, where a photographer caught a snap of her hairy legs while she lifted her long gown for a moment.

Since the photo reached public eyes, many have questioned Mo‘nique’s grooming habits (or lack thereof), however she has come out to say that not only does she love not shaving but so does her husband. In an interview with Barbara Walters she said, “He loves the hairy legs, and if Sid likes the hairy legs, there you go.” Mo’nique also explained why she chooses to go natural saying, “I tried shaving one time, and it was so uncomfortable and painful. I said never again would I do that to myself.” Imagine if she’d tried waxing instead!

Hilary Gets Busted In Compromising Position – Hilary Duff

When Hilary Duff’s boo got down on his knees to propose, it seems so did she. Former professional hockey player Mike Comrie proposed to Duff while vacationing in Hawaii with an enormous $1 million rock. Assuming the two were alone, Duff didn’t hesitate to show her man thanks with a little oral appreciation. Did she learn nothing from Britney Spears’ crotch grab back when she was still with baby daddy Kevin Federline? Balconies might offer a great view, but they also give photographers a peak into celebrity bedrooms.

Photos were taken of the actual moment Comrie got down on one knee in their hotel room, as well as Duff taking pictures on the balcony of her new ring likely to show friends and family. Moments later photographers captured a more intimate moment between the couple, where Duff is caught in quite the compromising position. Comrie’s goofy grin makes it pretty clear that Duff was more than satisfied with the ring she got.

Kylie’s Cleavage Fail – Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner may be related to the queen of contouring, Kim Kardashian, but she doesn’t seem to have it down quite yet. The teenager is best known for her full lips which seemed to sprout overnight along with several other surgical procedures that aged her about ten years. While she continues to deny having any cosmetic surgeries and that her breasts are real, the topic is still up for debate. Jenner has attributed her sudden increase in bust size to the Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret, the bra that has about six inches of padding.

While it’s obvious she’s lying about having any cosmetic surgery on her face, her latest contouring fail may indicate that she actually hasn’t gone under the knife to increase her breast size. Practically invented by big sis Kim K, it seems Kylie didn’t have enough practice with this contouring technique before hitting the red carpet for the launch of Nip+Fab just a few months ago. In attempt to give herself deeper cleavage, the reality star seemed to have overdone it on the bronzer, giving her chest an awkwardly discolored appearance that was caught by photographers. Perhaps she should let Kim help her out from now on.

Bieber Spits On The Hands That Feed Him – Justin Bieber

While he seems to be on his best behavior these days, Justin Bieber became more known for his rebellious ways and teenage antics when it seemed fame had taken a toll on him a bit. During this time, Bieber was photographed with his friends on his hotel balcony spitting onto adoring fans below. In town for a performance, the popstar made it clear that he thinks very little of his Canadian fans, laughing with his friends after watching his phlegm wad hit the girls.

Reported just months after Bieber was suspected of spiting in a woman’s water bottle at the gym, this time he can’t deny the accusations. Caught on camera deliberately disrespecting his fans, it’s no wonder the media labeled him a pop brat. Hopefully onlookers didn’t notice Bieber’s actions until it hit the news, as no one wants to be spit on by their idol. Not even hardcore Beliebers.

Taylor Shakes It Off – Taylor Swift

Understandably, most performers have been caught on camera in less than flattering stills capturing them in motion. While it’s not uncommon to get a glimpse at a celebrity’s rear while they’re on the move, it’s a bit more shocking when what’s under their skirt isn’t a pair of cute panties. Likely this shock is what Taylor Swift fans felt when they caught a glimpse of her spanks during one of her performances. Aside from the fact that Taylor is stick thin and has a body far from one that might be in need of these undergarments designed to give fuller figured women a more flattering figure, they kind of gave her diaper butt.

The pop star was twirling around on stage in a royal blue dress that seemed to catch the air in a way that gave the audience a peek at what was beneath the layers of fabric. One fan caught her twirls on camera, capturing the not-so-flattering undergarments Swift chose to wear. Her skin toned spanks made her rear look lumpy, similar to the effects a toddler’s diaper has on leggings and tights. Literally anything else would have been better to wear beneath her dress. Biker shorts. Boxers. Granny panties. Anything else.

Grande Gets Smacked By An Angel – Ariana Grande

Who can forget Ariana Grande’s performance during last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show when she nearly got run over on the runway? Mid-chorus, Victoria’s Secret model Elsa Hosk came strutting down the runway in a ridiculous getup that only a true fashionista would appreciate, taking the opportunity to bump butts with the pop star. Perhaps Hosk forgot about the enormous butterfly wings that were strapped to her back, nearly taking out Grande with them as she continued her catwalk.

Luckily, Grande was able to duck out of the way and wasn’t completely whipped out by the 5ft 10in beauty. Her facial expression priceless, however, and has since been turned into popular memes and GIFs, making the incident one of the most memorable in Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show history.

The accident seemed to benefit Hosk’s career, even though VS models are strongly encouraged not to interfere with the performers and have even been punished in the past for their actions during a show. This may have been the deciding factor for giving Elsa Hosk her wings, as she is now officially a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Thicke Gets Caught Red Handed – Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke seemed to fade from the spotlight as quickly as it found him. It was just a few years ago that he was stirring up controversy and making headlines after his raunchy performance with Miley Cyrus at the MTV Video Music Awards. Soon after that, photos of him playing grab ass with a young blonde went public. Supposedly just a photo with a fan, the two are standing in front of a mirror that clearly shows Thicke’s hand practically up the back of her skirt.

The images seemed to form a rift between Thicke and wife Paula Patton, and the two split when cheating rumors were confirmed. In attempt to win her back, Thicke released an album titled Paula and went on an apology tour. These high school sweethearts unfortunately didn’t mend their relationship, and their divorced was finalized about a year ago. Since then, Thicke has been keeping a low profile and staying away from the cameras.

Kristen Gets Busted – Kristen Stewart

It was the most talked about affair since Brad and Jenn split and Brangelina hit the media. Kristen Stewart‘s fling with her married Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders shocked us all as she’d been with Twilight costar Robert Pattinson for what felt like forever. Worst of all, the news broke after Stewart was caught canoodling with the director by the paparazzi. Speculation came with the news of the affair, as many thought the photos were staged to promote the new movie. Regardless, Pattinson and Stewart split soon after, breaking the hearts of Twilight fans all over the world.

Along with the split between the two costars, the photos also put in motion a divorce between Rupert Sanders and his wife, a fact that might prove the affair wasn’t a marketing technique. Years have passed and fans are still torn up over the end of Stewart and Pattinson’s relationship. They’ve both moved on, Stewart even switch teams and is now in a relationship with another woman.

Amanda’s Wig Fail – Amanda Bynes

There’s no way Amanda Bynes doesn’t cringe every time she comes across this photo of herself. At the peak of her crazy, Bynes changed her wig pretty regularly. This one in particular was in desperate need of upkeep, yet she wore it as if her appearance wasn’t utterly absurd. Supposedly she went straight to court after spending the night in jail, which might be why she looked like such a hot mess. However, she didn’t look much better at her next court date where she sported a long aqua and bleach blonde wig with a tank top and sweatpants. Not exactly the ideal outfit for court, but to each their own.

It was reported that the child star would peek out from behind her curtain of hair throughout the court hearing, asking reporters not to take her photo. Fortunately for us, they did. At least she had a sense of humor about the situation, later tweeting “I need Nicki Minaj’s wig person stat!”

He Can’t Catch a Break – Nicholas Cage

We can’t expect celebrities to always be picture perfect, but Nicolas Cage certainly has got to have one of the least photogenic faces in Hollywood. He just has the kind of face that constantly looks like he was just woken up from a nap. A fan snapped this photo when Cage took the seat next to her on a plane, and for obvious reason it quickly made its rounds on the internet. Is he drunk? Is he high? Maybe he’s just tired? Regardless of the reason for his appearance, many people came to the actor’s defense.

First posted on Reddit, people blamed his appearance on the fact that he was sick of taking photos with fans. Another photo of him looking slightly more presentable in the airport with a different fan was also shared around social media, so it’s possible that he’d been harassed a bit before the photo was taken. Considering how his career has been going these last few years, shouldn’t he be glad he still has fans? Just saying…

Courtney Gets Wasted – Courtney Stodden

Hardly a celebrity, Courtney Stodden took a night off from her “blossoming” career to have some drinks in London with some pals. It seems those few drinks turned into many, and Stodden was practically carried out to the car. Along the way she was surrounded by photographers and regardless of her intoxicated state, still didn’t hesitate to stop and strike a pose. With her eyes half closed in a drunken stupor and her double D’s falling out of her dress, Stodden blew kisses at the cameras with a much older woman by her side. Her grandmother perhaps?

Never one to shy away from the cameras, perhaps her not-so-flattering exit from the bar will keep complete with muddy thighs and exposed panties will change her love for all this attention. Likely she has calmed down a bit since her trip to London since she’s now with child. It seems her creepy old husband Doug Hutchinson and her have patched things up and are expecting a baby!

Katy’s White Tush – Katy Perry

While Katy Perry has been known for her pop lyrics and unique sense of style, she’s also known for her sexy curves that she certainly hasn’t been shy about showing off. Several years ago her bum made a less than flattering appearance in the media when her bottom kept slipping off while she spent her time in a wave pool with friends. The only thing worse than an old man butt is a pale butt, and sorry Katy, but that tush is ghost white.

Still a nice butt, onlookers got a pretty nice view of her rear before she was able to compose herself. Fans took dozens of photos of the pop star splashing around among the rough waves, seemingly getting little attention until her bathing suit started shifting. Luckily Perry had a sense of humor about the situation and laughed it off. One thing’s for sure, she keeps her skin looking young by staying out of the sun!

Tori Gets Work Done…Again – Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling is no stranger to cosmetic procedures, and anyone who was a fan of 90210 might say that she has gone a bit too far. That hasn’t stopped her from getting more work done though, and just a few months ago Spelling was spotted leaving the spa with a severely red and blotchy face. So what was the cause of her disturbing appearance? Likely she received a fractional CO2 laser treatment according to a dermatologist interviewed by US Weekly. This is a treatment that’s used to remove the top layers of the skin to prevent aging and wrinkling.

Dr. Barry Resnik also suggested that it might be some kind of chemical peel that caused her skin to react this way, a procedure that has similar effects as the laser treatments. While the redness likely didn’t fade for a few hours, Tori was photographed out for a run the next day looking fresh-faced and completely normal.

Farrah’s Ugly Cry Face – Farrah Abraham

Teen Mom cast member and up and coming adult star Farrah Abraham is best known for her lack of motherly skills and “sex tape” titled Backdoor Teen Mom. While she has dozens of embarrassing moments caught on camera, her cry face has to be the most ridiculous one out there second to Kim K. It’s so similar, in fact, that many have wondered if she took a page out of Kim’s how-to book on becoming a reality star, intentionally producing the sex tape and hilarious facial expression during sob fests.

Her crocodile tears are well known on the reality star circuit, especially among Teen Mom fans. Hardly an episode goes by that she isn’t whining about how terrible her life is and starting unnecessary arguments with her mother that always end in someone crying. Certainly the most notorious member of MTV’s cast, her claim to fame has caused nothing but tension between producers of the show and the other, more respectable, Teen Moms. Hopefully both her nasty attitude and ugly crying face will appear in season two of Teen Mom OG, which premieres next week. If she has taught us anything it’s how to keep an audience entertained

Nicki’s Butt Tells The Truth – Nicki Minaj

Big butts have been in for decades, and the bigger the butt the more recognition a female seems to get. But are big butts still fashionable if they’re man made? Rumors have been flying about the authenticity of Nicki Minaj’s butt for years, and when a photo hit the media of her performing in jean shorts that might have revealed the truth, fans were furious. While using a chair as a prop, Minaj’s shorts rode up a bit high showing off the strange proportions of her rear to her thighs.

The bottom of her butt juts out at such an unnatural angle that there’s no doubt that something is off. Whether she was wearing some kind of padded tights or had a procedure done is still up for debate, however a plastic surgeon was contacted to weigh in on the subject. Dr. David Feldmar was quoted saying, “It looks like she had gluteal implants placed, or perhaps got fat injections.” Ummm…ya think?

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