The List Of Countries Where Prostitution Is Legal (15 pics)

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Denmark – Legal As A 2nd Job

An area with a population of just over 5,500,000, the country of Denmark certainly has some interesting views on prostitution. First and foremost, it’s legal…as long as it isn’t the woman’s sole means of income. You heard that right, apparently, Denmark believes “it ain’t trickin’ as long as you don’t have to.” Or something along those lines. Clearly a controversial set of policies, apparently prostitutes in Denmark must daylight as substitute teachers and such. Either way, the government of Denmark has determined that prostitution is fine within reason. Nevertheless, these policies are not without opposition. For instance, there is presently a debate surrounding this topic in which people with disabilities are asserting that it is their right to lead a “normal” sex life, even if that sex life involves the hiring and transporting of prostitutes on the dime of taxpayers. Obviously, there are many who disagree. Some of these opponents of prostitution are trying to put a stop to prostitution altogether as they argue that it promotes the inhumane treatment of women.

Brazil – Fun, Sun, and Skin

A country that has a semi-controversial stance in regards to this topic, Brazil has come to be known as an excellent vacation destination and this is largely due to its large amounts of beautiful women. Nevertheless, given that the country is technically eligible to receive AIDS assistance (yes, like the disease) there has been pressure placed on them to denounce the legality of prostitution as a means of stopping the spread of the disease. However, in an act of defiance, the country has opted to forgo some $40 billion in as the country asserts that the AIDS issue is overblown. Either way, this is certainly not settling news for anyone who is looking to visit the country strictly for a good time. At any rate, everyone has free will in life, but I would be remiss if I didn’t advise you to bring an array of birth control options and contraceptives on this getaway.

Bangladesh – Putting the “Bang” in Bangladesh

A country with a set of lax policies in regards to prostitution, the legality of sex work in this nation certainly puts the “bang” in Bangladesh. A nation that embraces female prostitution while condemning the male kind, it seems that “sex work” in Bangladesh is synonymous with “woman’s work.” Nevertheless, it is said that male prostitution is actually a common, virtually unchecked occurrence within this country. On a more disturbing note, the country has been less than vigilant in its fight to prevent children from getting caught up in the life of prostitution. It is said that up to 10,000 minors have been used within the sex industry in this country and very few offenders have actually been prosecuted. Even more disturbing, government corruption is said to be a large part of the reason why these conditions persist. Either way, if you’re going to Bangladesh any time soon, I would check ID’s (and maybe even conduct a short background check) on anyone I planned to hook up with… I’m just sayin’.

Bolivia – Sex Workers Have Organized

A country with an interesting track record in regard to sex work, Bolivia may not exactly be your go-to for a prostitute-filled excursion. In fact, the sex workers of this area actually went on strike in recent years as a means of protesting the fact that citizens of the country had just carried out scathing attacks against brothels and sex workers as a means of shutting down brothels located within 3,200 feet of school, but the government failed to prosecute those who carried out the violent attacks against the workers. A country that seems almost as confused as Americans are on this topic, although the sex work industry in thriving in Bolivia, the workers themselves are often shunned from general society and treated as scapegoats in regards to issues such as AIDS, broken home rates, and more. Either way, the country does seem to cater to majorly healthy, consenting adults. Therefore, a bachelor weekend or two might work out just fine. However, I would call and inquire about the strike before traveling all that way for naught.

Belize – No Law Against It; No Law For It Either

The land is known for its beautiful women, but unfortunately the massive grey area that comprises the sex industry within the country of Belize is at least 50 shades. Although there is no law that allows prostitution, there is also no law that forbids it. Therefore, rather than taking a strong stance one way or another, the government essentially turns a blind eye to the matter of prostitution by ignoring things such as one the street solicitation, brothels, and the like. However, the troubling part is that some of the women are victims of sex trafficking. Being trafficked from neighboring countries, many of the women were forced to live in substandard conditions in the bars in which they worked and some of them even had their passports confiscated by their new horrible bosses. Either way, if you’re taking a trip to Bolivia, it might make sense to begin every conversation with, “Blink twice if you are here against your will…”

Cyprus – Mrs. Right Does Not Live Here

A country that is sadly said to be a go-to for those in the sex trafficking trade, the land of Cyprus is certainly not the place for anyone seeking a legal, consensual hookup. Often taking on young girls from countries in Eastern Europe, Cyprus has been an area of concern in regards to the sex trafficking trade for quite a while now. Nevertheless, this is a good place to go for those who are into forcing themselves on women in exchange for money. Granted, not all of the sex workers are being held against their will so, if you happen to come across an eager participant, then by all means… Other than that, if you are traveling to the country of Cyprus, pay attention to the expressions of the women and children you come across. You may find Mrs. Right or you just may save a life…I mean, if you are into that sort of thing.

Belgium – Supported & Profitable

One of the first nations on the list to embrace both prostitution and brothels, Belgium is actually a decent play to visit for those interested in…well, you know. Either way, Belgium is actually the home to one of the most sophisticated brothels in the world (known as the House of Pleasure). A country that has been a trailblazer in the fight to legalize prostitution, visiting Belgium for a dude’s getaway could include a visit to high tech brothels such as this one. With the goal of taking the danger out of the sex trade industry, sex workers in Belgium enjoy decent pay, working in a safe environment, and an endless selection of customers to choose from; not to glamorize the lives of the sex workers. Nevertheless, these conditions are clearly far superior to some others that have been mentioned within this post thus far.  The work may seem a little bit on the skeezy side, but at least it’s safe and legitimized.

Chile – South American Prostitution Haven

Although the country of Chile has been known to be a land filled with desirable women, the sex work industry has helped expose the fact that this land is far from paradise. Given that a higher official recently resigned after governmental involvement in an underage sex traffic ring was uncovered, it is fairly safe to say that Chile’s sex work sector is far from the safest. Nevertheless, the area does allow prostitution among consenting adults and, since uncovering the underage ring in 2009, the country is taking great strides to help make sex work as safe as they can for everyone. Either way, this might not be your ideal location for a bro vacation. However, if you are feeling a little frisky and feel the need to try it out, be sure to get some ID and make sure the woman has not been forced into the industry in any way.

Ecuador – It’s Ok, But Stricter Rules

Yet another area that is committed to doing things as fairly as possible, Ecuador allows prostitution as long as the parties are over 18 and they are doing business with a reputable brothel that is in compliance with the country’s regulations. An area that has faced issues in regards to sex trafficking, Ecuador has sense taken the steps to ensure that the sex industry is as safe as possible for all. In the past, victims had been subject to shady practices, such as kidnapping, as a means of acquiring new sex slaves. In an attempt to undermine this issue, the government allows women to work in the sex industry on their own free will and have actually taking steps to outlaw the pimping and abuse of sex workers. Thus, this actually isn’t a bad destination, provided that you are capable of leaving your pimp juice back in the states as it is sure to be frowned upon.

Finland – Only Outlawed In Public

Given that it is one of the world’s oldest professions, it makes perfect sense that Finland would experience a boom in the sex work industry following a recession in the 90’s. This sparked a national debate which called to question the matter of the legality of sex work. In the end, they decided that sex work should be totally legal as long as the act does not take place in public. Moreover, also taking step to support the sex workers themselves, prostitution involving victims of sex trafficking is explicitly prohibited. Moreover, although it seems that many women opt to do so for protection, the pimping of women is also strictly prohibited. In essence, this is a decent area to travel to for those looking to have a bit of guilt free fun. The area is known for housing businesses such as sexually-themed restaurants and even has a thriving presence online.

Columbia – Designated “Tolerance Zones”

Unless you have been living under a rock, you are likely aware of the fact that Columbia is said to be an area with some of the most beautiful women in the world. Moreover, given that prostitution as well as brothel ownership are legal, the country goes great lengths in order to ensure that the sex work industry is safe for all. However, given how wide spread the industry has become, the country has made attempts to restrict prostitution to designated “tolerance zones,” which has proven to be more difficult than it seems. On the downside, sexual tourism and trafficking have been an issue in this country. Despite the fact that the government is aware and making efforts to eliminate this behavior, the threat remains ever-present and thus, those who participate in the sex work culture must do their absolute best to help ensure the general safety of themselves and others.

New Zealand – Even Pimping is Legal

For those looking to venture to an area in which prostitution is legal and at minimum risk, New Zealand may be a good option. Given that prostitution was decriminalized a little over a decade ago, the ideas and practices regarding the sex industry have been drastically shifting in this country. At this point, not only must prostitutes be at least 18 years of age, brothel owners must also be at least that old. However, serious criminals will likely be denied the right to operate such a business (rightly so). In addition to that, pimping is also legal, which, can be a bit of a double edged sword, to say the very least. Either way, there is still a large conservative presence in the area that is starkly against the legalization of this industry. In other words, mind your P’s and Q’s in New Zealand as it is likely just as easy to make sex worker friends as it is to make sex worker enemies.

Costa Rica – Beautiful Women, Legal Prostitution

Yet another area heralded for its notoriously gorgeous women, Costa Rica just may be one of the best areas for those looking for legal sex work. First and foremost, prostitution and brothel ownership are both legal. Moreover, in order to participate in the sex industry, sex workers must be over the age of 18 and carry a card that ensures they have been recently tested and are disease-free (awesome!). Essentially a paradise for those looking to have fun without strings attached, Costa Rica is listed as one of the top countries on this list for a reason. Nevertheless, the country does seem to have polarizing views on many things. For instance, the subject of public nudity is also ping-ponged among sex workers and the lawmakers of the land. This also means that despite the fact that prostitution is legal, there may also be areas in which this behavior is shunned completely. In short, if you’re going to have some fun, be sure to get a room!

Singapore – A Legal “Red Light” District

Although this area has had some sex work issues in the past, they have raised the legal age of consent to 18 years old (from 16 years old). Now, the country of Singapore is a popping area for those interested in legal prostitution. Complete with its own legal “red light district,” Singapore is a great area to seek refuge in if you’re interested in this level of drunken debauchery (not that there’s anything wrong with that). The laws dictate that all sex workers must be legal and must regularly comply with health care checks. Interested in taking a “holistic view” of the sex trade industry as a whole, Singapore has promised to continue to create/alter laws to ensure they are in the best interest of both workers and patrons alike. Moreover, public solicitation and pimping of sex workers is strictly prohibited. Therefore, if you’re looking for a good time in Singapore, ask someone to direct you to the district, they will surely take it from there…

Netherlands – Sex Workers Are Legit

An area that legalized prostitution in the year of 2000, the Netherlands has quickly become another go-to destination for legal prostitution. Moreover, given that worker must be over 18 and clients must be over 16, this location is certainly ideal for older teens who are looking to find ways to ruin their lives at a young age (I kid…kind of). In the interest of upholding a thriving industry in which workers are fairly compensated and feel they are acting in accordance to their own free will, the Netherlands is taking measures to crack down on the matter of sex trafficking by holding those who patronize illegal brothels accountable. Sex workers are required to both register and pay taxes, this ensures that there is a database of all workers in order to keep up with matter such as health concerns and other safety risks. The bottom line, despite mounting pressures from surrounding countries to put an end to the sex work industry, the Netherlands goes great lengths to provide sex workers with a safe environment to ensure that everyone is capable of earning a living as safely as possible.

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