Never Leave Your Child With Dad? These Dads Don't Agree! (50 pics)

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Single Dad Couldn’t Do His Daughter’s Hair, So He Went To Beauty School

My Daughter Turns Four Today. This Is My First Attempt At A Cake As A Single Dad. I Hope She Likes It!

I'm A Single Father. My Favorite Color Is Green. And My Daughter Knows When I've Had A Hard Day At Work

Single Father With His Daughter, Dressed As A Fairy And Princess

This Is My Best Friend Aaron. He Became A Single Father At The Age Of 19

After Wife's Death During The Delivery, People Helped This Single Father To Recreate Her Recordings So Their Baby Could Listen To Mom's Lullabies. Jarred Also Plans To Complete Wife's Bucket List Together With Son James

Dad For The Win!

This Single Dad Is Making Heartwarming Illustrations Of Everyday Life With His Daughter

I'm A Single Dad. My Daughter Asked When I'd Teach Her How To Shave Her Legs. Well, Today Was The Day

As A Single Dad And Pilot, I Fly Passengers So I Can Go Home And Feed My Kid. I Also Often Take Her Around The World With Me

This Funny Single Dad Takes A Daily Selfie Right After Waking Up His Daughter. Her Reactions Are Priceless

I Can't Wait To Pick My Baby Up From Her First Day Of Kindergarten

A Little Over Two Years Ago My Daughter Made Me This Bracelet. It Was A Complete Turning Point In My Life And Never Leaves Me

As A Single Dad, She Loves Our Halloween Nights

Oh, You Know, Just A Little Spa And Movie Time With The Girls

As A Single Father, I Try My Best Even When Having Tough Times

After Becoming A Single Dad, He Learned How To Do His Daughter’s Hair And Now Teaches Other Dads

I Had Always Planned On Doing Something Like This For A Woman, But I Realized The Most Important Female That Deserves My Attention Is Already Right Here Beside Me. – P.s. She Said Yes!

I'm A Single Dad. Daughter Asked Me To Give Her Stuffed Bunny A Bath. She's At Her Mom's So I Sent Her This

I Raise You Single Father Dress Up Time

It's A Wonderful Feeling To Be The First Man To Give Her 2 Dozen Roses And Show How Men Are Supposed To Treat Ladies

Built A Box Fort For My Son Today

My Uncle Is A Single Dad. This Is What He Came Up With When His 3-Year-Old Asked For Non-Circle Pancakes

My Son Turns Five Tomorrow. I'm A Low-Income Single Father, So I Couldn't Buy The Cake He Wanted. This Is The Cake My Nine Year Old Daughter Made For Him - Captain America Cake

As A Single Father, My Son Always Makes Me Something For Mother's Day. This Year's Drawing Is A Turnip Arm Wrestling A Puma

It's Not Always Easy Being A Single Dad But Sometimes I Get To Experience Some Things Other Dads Might Not

So Close, Even Shaving Together

I'm A Single Dad Of 3. This Is Me Sending Off My Only Daughter To Her First Day Of Kindergarten

Young, Single Dad, Minimum Wage, And College. This Is The Only Thing I Need To Be Happy

Single Dad Here, This Happens A Lot. For Real

Working Out Together

Single Dad - How'd I Do?

After Divorce This Single Father Knew He Would Have To Learn To Cook In Order To Raise His 6-Year-Old Son. Not Only Did He Learn The Art Of Cooking, But He Also Wrote A Cookbook Together With His Now Grown-Up Son

First Halloween As A Single Dad, My Girls Wanted Me To Sew Them Toph And Katara Costumes. Ps. Hair Loopies Are Hard!

An Acrobatic Single Dad, Who Quits University To Join Circus, And His Adorable 3-Year-Old Son

As A Single Dad, This Pretty Much Sums Up My Life Right Now

This Is How Single Fathers Handles The Situation When His 6-Year-Old Decides To Check If Tooth Fairy Is Real

I'm A 23 Year-Old Single Father Of 2 And This Is My First Attempt At A Hula Girl Cake For My Little Girl's Birthday

Getting To Spend Some Special, One On One Time With My Oldest Before We Pick Up The Other Two

Single Father's Life: Home From Work With My Sick 5-Year-Old

As A Single Dad I Try Extra Hard To Make My Kids Eat Healthy On Halloween

Even Though Single Parenting Is Tough, Those Hugs And Love Are Totally Worth It!

My Princess Passed Out On With Me

This Single Dad Was Left With His Baby Girl When She Was Only 2 Months And Was Very Afraid Of Failure. Gladly, An Online Fatherhood Community Helped Him To Gain Strength

My Son & I On His Very First Day Of School. I Plan On Having K-12 Pictures Of The Same Pose And Will Gift To Him On His Graduation Day

How Lucky Am I To Get To Scratch This Baby's Back Whenever She Wants Me To

This Single Dad Is Raising 3 Daughters In A Single-Wide Trailer

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One Of My Many Joys In Being A Single Dad. Taking Care Of My Princess!

Going Everywhere Together





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