Looks Like Celebrities Can Be Fabulous Even Without Photoshop

9 Mar 2017


Ronda Rousey

The UFC fighter was sent a picture of an appearance she made on Jimmy Fallon's show to share on social media. Except it was altered to make her arms look less buff. Rousey was having none of that, and posted the original and retouched pics side-by-side, vowing that she's proud of her body, and it won't happen again.


Khloé Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian released this un-retouched image from a 2015 photo shoot with Complex Magazine after critics called it out for being photoshopped. In an Instagram comment below the image she says, "Give me an ounce of credit for my daily workouts!" She basically looks the same (damn girl!) in both photos.


Britney Spears

BritBrit released unretouched pics from a 2010 Candie's campaign to demonstrate the pressure put on women by the media to look perfect. The non-airbrushed pics revealed that she had been significantly slimmed down and that her back tattoo had been removed.


Jessica Simpson

After everyone and their mother started commenting on Jessica Simpson's weight gain in 2010, she decided to go un-airbrushed on the cover of Marie Claire as a way to point out society's unrealistic expectations of women. It only sort of worked: She still managed to look unrealistically attractive, even without airbrush wizardry.


Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's un-retouched pics in a 2009 edition of Life & Style were meant to make some sort of statement, but the only statement they seemed to be making was, "I'm still hot without Photoshop." Can you still call your look "natural" if your face is caked in makeup?


Beyoncé Knowles

The Beyhive went cuckoo in early 2015 when a Beyoncé fan site released unretouched photos of Beyoncé in her natural, true-to-life form. The photos were from a 2013 L'Oreal campaign - you can see the finished ad on the right. So she has some blemishes... who cares?


Faith Hill

Jezebel uncovered this un-retouched photo of Faith Hill from a July 2007 cover of Redbook. You can see where editors spruced up the already stunning country singer. Basically, they slimmed her arms, lightened her hair, thinned her smile, and generally made her look like that robot that she played in The Stepford Wives.



Her Madgesty lost a bit of her regality when un-retouched photos from Interview magazine leaked online in 2010. Maybe she's not as ageless as we think.


Kourtney Kardashian

Annoyed with OK! magazine's obvious Photoshopping of her post-baby body in 2010 (at right above), the new mom released un-retouched photos to the media to give a more realistic impression of what she looked like.


Lena Dunham

In 2014, Jezebel leaked un-retouched versions of the photos from Dunham's Vogue photo shoot. Among many changes they pointed out was the fact that though Dunham was completely redone, Adam Driver's face and body were left untouched.


Jessica Alba

It's not clear why the digital wizards behind this Campari ad felt the need to photoshop Jessica Alba, who is already an above average looking woman. She looks perfectly fine in the un-retouched photos, which leaked online in 2008.


Jennifer Aniston

Jezebel fought to keep this un-retouched picture of Jennifer Aniston on its site as a way to make us think about how magazine editors expect even beautiful people like Aniston to submit to digital touchups. The un-retouched image is from a 2009 issue of Australia's Madison magazine.


Jamie Lee Curtis

In 2002, Jamie Lee Curtis, unofficial spokesperson for old people's digestive issues, appeared in More magazine without digital alterations. Her appearance is probably the bravest one on this list, considering the fact that she doesn't have a freakishly perfect body.


Claudia Schiffer

This preternaturally attractive supermodel appeared nude and un-retouched in Tank magazine to show what an "average, realistic 40-year-old body" looked like. Her words.


Bethenny Frankel

When people started complaining about Frankel's unrealistically glowing appearance in an anti-fur ad she did for Peta, she got fed up and released un-retouched photos from the photo shoot.


Jennifer Lopez

When unaltered (but still gorgeous) pics from J.Lo's 2011 campaign for L'Oréal surfaced, they did nothing to calm anyone's insecurities about their own bodies.


Demi Moore

When people started murmuring about Demi Moore's unrealistic-looking legs on the cover of W magazine in 2009, she released her "original" pics to the media to prove that her shoot had not been altered. Unfortunately, the original pics (at right) look almost exactly the same and don't really prove anything.


Jennifer Hawkins

When you're Miss Universe 2004, is it really brave to show up unaltered and nude in a magazine? Or are you just rubbing your hotness in everyone's face?


Anjelica Huston

Un-retouched photos of Anjelica Huston appeared in celebrity photographer Johnny Rozsa's 2010 photo book Untouched.


Carmen Electra

This unaltered photo of Carmen Electra appeared in Untouched along with Anjelica Huston's picture.


Marion Cotillard

Cotillard's un-Photoshopped appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair is one of the most beautiful of this list.


Catherine Zeta-Jones

Another beauty included in the unaltered photo album Untouched was Mrs. Michael Douglas.


Daryl Hannah

Daryl Hannah looked smoldering in this unaltered photo from celebrity photographer Johnny Rozsa.


Holly Madison

Hugh Hefner's ex, Holly Madison, appeared in Life & Style in all of her unedited glory, which basically meant that there were a few more wrinkles on her than usual.


David Duchovny

This untouched pic of David Duchovny appeared in the book Untouched, suspenders and all.


Sandra Bernhard

She's never been conventionally attractive, but Sandra Bernhard looks shockingly beautiful in this un-retouched pic from Untouched.


Daniel Day-Lewis

Johnny Rozsa's muse for Untouched's cover photo was none other than Daniel Day Lewis.



Zendaya posted this side-by-side look on Instagram after Modeliste Magazine used photoshop to slim the 19-year-old's thighs and waist. Modeliste has since taken down the photoshopped image at Zendaya's request.


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