Ten Facts To Help You Understand What Turns Us On (10 pics)

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Women and men “switch on” differently

When it comes to guys, we’re more or less ready to go the second we decide to “get excited,” especially if we are given a visual stimulus (attractive girl, sex scene in a movie, etc.) Let’s liken it to a light switch. We can get switched on relatively quickly. For women, this arousal process is significantly slower. Let’s liken their process to that of a dimmer, it still turns on, but the transition from dark to bright is much more gradual. To summarize, in a general sense, men get turned on quite a bit faster than women do.

Humor is a turn on for the ladies

It’s no surprise. Girls like a guy that can make them laugh. One study showed that men who cracked a joke to a girl were far more likely to receive a phone number compared to guys who held a conversation without any humor. Humor helps put someone at ease and it also shows signs of intelligence, which is an attractive trait for women looking for a mate.

Women can get “switched off” a lot easier than men

Gentlemen, how many of you have been here: You’re getting some action and you say or do the wrong thing when boom, the mood is gone and she’s putting on her bra faster than you can say “What’d I do?” Don’t worry too much about that, it’s not that you’re particularly terrible, it’s just that all it takes is something as small as the wrong word, move, or any other small issue to turn a girl off. Don’t blame her, though, communication is key. Be sure you know each other’s boundaries and what you guys like/dislike, and you should be good to go.

Cucumbers turn women on

Not like that you dirty devils. Well, maybe like that, depending on the girl. But I’m talking about the scent of a cucumber. The scent increases blood flow to the clitoris which of course leads to arousal. Another few random smells that do a similar job are lavender, pumpkin pie, and baby powder.

The “O” isn’t the finish line for women

For the majority of men in the world, reaching an orgasm is comparable to raising the white flag. You’re done, and you just wanna light up a cigarette and hit the sack. This is because, for most men, an orgasm is followed by a sharp decline in arousal and an increase in sleepiness. For women, an orgasm is simply a pit stop along the way to much more pleasure. A lot of women actually have their sexual arousal increased after an orgasm. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite: “Luccckkkyy..”

Stress can turn men on

One study in the 80’s proved that moderate amounts of stress can actually force men to have an involuntary erection. During the study, men were told that if they were unable to get an erection would be given an electric shock. They had no problems, and the study found that anxiety was something that dramatically increased the chances of a man achieving an erection.

Tears are a no

Studies have shown that the Pheromones in the tears of a woman are a turn off for men. Specifically, it’s the smell of tears that, for whatever reason, stop men from being aroused.

Aroused women find less things to be “gross”

Another study has shown us that when they’re aroused, women aren’t as easily grossed out at certain things that they might be if they weren’t turned on. The study involved women drinking out of cups that were gross and using towels that weren’t particularly clean. The aroused women were more than happy to use these items. When you think about all of the things that sex can entail: sweat, odd smells, weird sounds, you know, it’s nice to know that turned on people might not mind it all as much

Deep voices turn women on

Berry White must have been rolling in the ladies. It turns out that women heavily prefer someone with a deeper voice to someone with a higher voice. It has also been shown that men with deeper voices tend to have more kids. As for women, it’s the other way around, girls with higher voices tend to attract more guys.

Men and women both typically enjoy porn

This isn’t to say that they all ENJOY porn, what I mean is that when it comes to being turned on by it, men and women take about the same amount of time. Yes, this goes against the previous idea that women take longer to get turned on, but this is in a specific instance for a study. The study had women and men both put at a ‘neutral state of arousal’ by watching videos of country scenery for 10 minutes. They were then shown horror movie clips, pornography, and “Mr. Bean” clips. The study found that both men and women took about 10 minutes to get turned on by the pornography.


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