These Were The Craziest Sex Stories Of These People’s Lives (5 pics + 7 gifs)

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“My girlfriend’s parents were away, so we tried our hand at naked cooking. My girlfriend was only wearing an apron while I fucked her from behind, over the oven. We got our mixed bodily fluids on the food when I pulled out, but we decided to eat it all anyway (I mean, why waste good food?). Afterward that, we got a bit creative with the dessert and made a real mess as we had sex on every single horizontal surface in the kitchen. Let’s just say that I wouldn’t want to shine a blacklight over her kitchen pretty much ever.”

“I got really into fisting porn and would practice stretching myself. I tried to have a couple of men fist me, but their hands were just too big. I craved the feeling of a full hand filling me up, so I posted a Craigslist ad for a female to fist me. We didn’t exchange names or photos – just met at a local park and I hopped in her backseat. Once I started to get wet, she inserted her fingers one by one. Then she started to work her palm in. The pressure was out of this world and I almost came instantly. With the help of lots of lube and patience, she was finally able to start pumping it in and out of me quickly. I came twice, got out of her car, and we parted ways.”

“I met a U.S. soldier on Whisper. He shared a detailed fantasy where he wanted to role-play coming home from war and having his girl there to ‘properly thank him for his service.’ We met on a quiet nature trail, him in his camouflage uniform. As soon as we got out of our cars, he started making out with me. He was so passionate. His hands were at the base of my neck and then started to wander all over my chest, stomach, and down the back of my skirt. We walked down the path to find some more privacy. We laid down, and he started fingering me as we made out. Then he lifted my skirt and licked me until I came. He unbuttoned his pants and fucked me while he was still in his uniform. It was the best, most passionate sex with a stranger I’d ever had. We actually hooked up a few times after that too.”

“I had a fling with one of my bosses before, and one time he made me stay late to finish an assignment. The next day I put on a skirt with lace underwear because I wanted to get back at him for making me stay late by riding his dick so hard. When everyone was gone, I got on my knees and sucked him until he wanted to fuck me. We fucked on the conference table. It was angry sex but it was so sensual at the same time. I even left a bite mark in his neck. We did everything: 69-ing, anal, reverse-cowgirl. It was like a porno. My boss looked like McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.

“My boyfriend and I were spending the night at a friend’s apartment. In the middle of the night, everyone thought it’d be fun to go for a swim. They didn’t have a pool, so we walked across the complex to another person’s pool and hot tub. As the night went on and people started to leave, things got hot between my boyfriend and me. One thing led to another, and we had the best sex EVER in the hot tub. I had never felt so excited, alive, or turned on. I’ve have always craved another experience like that.”

“I once had discreet sex with my girlfriend in her dorm room while we were in the middle of a conversation with her roommate. This took place in the middle of the day, with several people coming in and out of the room. My girlfriend and I just kinda snuggled up under the covers, both facing her roommate, and mid-conversation she leaned back and whispered ‘I want you inside me.’ I obliged and maneuvered things to make it work. I had to smile and nod my way through the rest of the conversation with her roommate while very subtly doing the deed.”

“I met a guy on Tinder who was honestly the best looking man I’ve ever seen. Our conversation was casual at first, but out of nowhere he started telling me all the sexual things he wanted to do to me. This was literally my fourth time having sex, so I figured I’d give it a shot. He came over, and I offered him something to drink. He declined and then got behind me and whispered, ‘the only thing I want is to eat that ass.’ I froze, and before I knew it he flipped me over his shoulder, threw me on my bed, and started doing just that. I rode his face for a long time. We then went to the bathroom and fucked on the counter, finishing off in the shower. We hooked up for three hours and would have lasted longer, but he had to leave for work. It was easily the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“I was in the French Alps for uni, and I went back to the apartment of a guy I had slept with before. He was sharing the apartment with four other guys. During the night, we started to have sex in his tiny bed, with two more guys sleeping on the loft, and two more downstairs. If I reached out my hand, I could have touched one of the sleeping guys – that’s how close the beds were to each other. It was thrilling. The guy I was sleeping with had to hold his hand over my mouth to prevent me from making any sounds and waking the whole apartment.”

“My then-boyfriend sent me a text that said he was 30 minutes away and I needed to shower, lay naked on the bed, and blindfold myself before he got home. So that’s what I did. I laid on the bed, on my back, with my head toward the door. I heard him come in and put his stuff down and fiddle with something. Then I heard his footsteps come into my bedroom. I could feel him standing close to my head. The next thing I knew, he put his penis in my mouth. That’s when I realized his dick was covered in Nutella. It tasted so good. Whenever I see Nutella, I get this huge grin on my face and nobody knows why.”

“My guy friend and I were in Mexico for the weekend and went to a strip club. I was the only girl at the club who didn’t work there, and I wanted a lap dance from one of the girls. One blonde agreed, and she gave me a private show while my friend watched. It was my first time with a woman, and she had the softest body. While she was on top of me, I decided to ~go for it~ and spanked her big ass until she moaned. She took my clothes off and we ended up taking turns on the chair, licking each other. It was amazing because we both have big breasts and soft skin. I wanted my friend to join us, but I was having too much fun with the stripper.”


“An ex and I were out for a friend’s birthday. She bought panties that you can put a remote-control vibrator in, so all throughout dinner and the club I’d tease her with the different settings, speeds, and intensities. When we got into our Uber to leave, she discreetly pulled her panties off and put them in my pocket. I fingered her all the way back to my place, while trying to not alert our Uber driver what was really going on. There was a massive wet spot on the seat from her when we left. We probably had the best sex of our relationship that night.”

“My boyfriend and I had been dating for a few months and decided to go to a bathhouse ‘just to check it out.’ Neither of us touched anyone else while there, but it was fun. Jump ahead a couple months to when my boyfriend was out of town, and we were both horny as fuck. So we decided that I should go to the bathhouse alone and have another patron use my phone to FaceTime my boyfriend while the guy went to Pound Town on my butt with a big dildo. Then I got into a sling while several men took turns fucking me and others sucked and jerked me off, all while my boyfriend watched. It was very fun and I definitely learned a little about myself.”



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