Boys Never Mature Fully! (45 pics)

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During A 12 Hour Flight Delay My Boyfriend Wandered Off. When I Found Him He Was In The Middle Of A Pixar Movie Marathon With A Group Of 5-Year-Olds. He's The One For Me

We're Adults And We Get To Decide What That Means: The Home Depot Edition

He Gets A Little Bored On Fridays

There Was A Storm During The Eclipse So He Improvised

Today My Boyfriend Bought A Label Maker

My Boyfriend Ordered 500 Googly Eyes "For Reasons" And This Is One Of The First Things He Did

He Got His Head Stuck In The Porch Yesterday Whilst Trying To Feed A Dead Bee To A Spider That Lives In The Bushes

My Dad Thought He Was Home Alone. I Had To See Why He Was Laughing So Hard

My 90-Year-Old Grandfather At His Battlestation. He Was The Person Who Introduced Me To Several Tech Things, Such As A PC, An iPad, And A Tesla

This Is How My Boyfriend And His Cat Catch Bugs Together

Heard My Husband Telling The Dog To Stay Still In The Kitchen, Walked In And This Greeted Me

My Boyfriend Is A Seller On Amazon. This Is What I Came Home To

Caught My Husband Red-Handed. Thought He Was Working Out

Look At All These Kids

My Husband Is No Longer Allowed To Go To The Craft Store Alone

We Did Our Duty. Let No Man, Woman, Or Child Suggest Otherwise

Printed And Attached To Wife's Spraying Air Freshener While She Wasn't Home. Spits Acid Every 30 Minutes

My Wife Called Me Immature For Taking This Picture. Anyone Else Immature?

I Got Married Last Week, My Wife Wanted Me To Only Take Serious Pictures With My Groomsmen

My Wife Bought New Couch Pillows You Can Draw On. Immature Me Couldn't Resist

My Friend's Dad Is In Boston Sightseeing Today

Saw This Man Sneakily Blowing Bubbles In The Train Station. When I Made Eye Contact With Him And Smiled, He Came Up To Me And Whispered, "No One Suspects The Adult"

One Of My Best Friends Married His Girlfriend Yesterday. Our Other Best Friend Was His Witness

Farting Boyfriend Causes Neighbors To Call Police

My Friend And I Were House-Sitting And The Owners Asked Us If We Were Doing Anything Fun. Queue The Man-Child Photo Shoot

My Buddy Wins Father's Day Today. - "I Woke Up Today With A Missed Call From My Mom And About 15 Tags To Beat The Cheerio Stack Record. 10 Hours Later It Has Been Broken"

Boyfriend Knocked Over His Orange Juice, Waitress Brought Him This

What Happens When I Send My Husband To The Store And There's An Ice Cream Sale

My Father-In-Law Is A Contractor. This Is Him Installing A Mirror

He Keeps Placing This Around To Scare Me

My Mates Dad Is Officially Having A Mid Life Crisis! He Ordered This From Thailand

I Let My Boyfriend Choose A Shower Curtain And Now We Have This

I Did Laundry At My Parents House And My Dad Found My Onesie

When Your Husband Cleans The Kitchen And Rearranges The Fridge Magnets

Our Mexican Christmas Tree... Well For 3 Minutes. Wife's No Fun

Fixed Our Bathroom Picture. Wife Is Not Amused

He Really Wanted To Swim With His Turtle

Had Sparklers At My Wedding Reception Last Night. I Think They Won Over My Father-In-Law

Some People Never Grow Up

When You Ask Your Boyfriend To Take Your Photo

When You Leave Your Husband Alone With The Garden Decor

3 Years Ago He Unknowingly Bought A 2 Person Child's Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized. And He Still Took It To The Festival

My Boyfriend's New Favorite Game - Machine Gun Kitten

My Boyfriend's New Favorite Game - Machine Gun Kitten

So My Boyfriend Had To Pull Over To Take A Pic Of This




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