Lisa Ann Might Teach You Something About Sex

21 Mar 2018


As you may have imagined, I kinda like it all when it comes to sex, but everything is very situational. There are times when the foreplay can be almost as good as the sex, as foreplay relies on more chemistry than just sex. So I find the more into someone I am, the more foreplay I want. When I mention situational… let me give you an example: if you are having sex in, let’s say a taxi, then there may not be as much time for foreplay. You could also use the taxi cab for foreplay only. I just have a thing with sex in taxi cabs.



Mistakes during sex…. Wow.., I personally have seen quite a few of them. I may have to start a blog to actually list them, but the ones that I think can be fixed I will discuss. Don’t be too quiet, but be careful before you are too vocal. Get to know what things are within the comfort level of what you have together. If you are gonna pull hair (something most of us love) Grab the hair at the nape of the neck, weave your fingers in the hair at the scalp, grab and pull. Don’t grab hair and yank it, that hurts, and not in a good way. Slow down, just slow down, enjoy the moment, find the groove, lots of touching, kissing, grabbing. There is no reason to NOT ask questions the first couple of times with a new partner. Don’t go through a routine. The same things you have done in the past may not be working, since clearly you are with someone new. We all want to please each other, and we also want to be pleased. I have no problem looking up from between my partners legs and saying “Tell me what you like.” It works, trust me.



The best sex I have ever had is with the man I am the most connected with. He and I have a passion that is so intense I sometimes can’t breathe. It has been like that since our first time and 2 years later, it is even more intense. I realize now it is, for me, about a connection on many levels, to have that dripping wet I can’t wait another second for you feeling. I have and still have a lot of GOOD sex, HOT sex, on and offset with men and women. I love the variety in my sexual life, but I now know that a different sexual level is out there.



Girls are into a lot kinkier things than you would think. We love toys and love a guy that will play with toys and us. Many girls have told me they have fantasies they would be afraid to try to act out, I get to do it on set, in a safe place, so they live through me. Girls think more like guys than you think. We just hide it more.



Men and women both make mistakes during foreplay. Listen up everyone, this is a key piece of information for you: foreplay is the time when you can close out the world and start to listen. Listen to breathing, sounds and study. Study your partner that you so badly want to please. It is the time where you can map out all of the favorite spots your partner wants and needs to be touched. It is the perfect time to fall into each other and focus on the only one goal that matters, orgasms, for both and as many as possible.



Communication. Communication and patience is everything when you are trying to expand someone’s sexual boundaries. There are a lot of online work shops and trade shows now where a couple can go and start the dialogue about different fetishes and sexual cultures. I say take some adventures, make some conversations and when it is time to take a chance with something, a shot of Jameson never hurt!



I know you have heard this before, and you will shake your head and say I am full of it, but personality. Personality is what starts it for me. You can be a totally random guy, I have no stats for what I am looking for, no requirements, just be cool and I might be inviting you into a cab. One more thing…this one is a real panty dropper for me…a good vocabulary – a wordsmith, as I like to say – I don’t know why but a good vocabulary with the proper use of words just melts me…everywhere.



This is a thing that I feel is as important as religion. Discuss this in the dating phase. It is something that can leave someone feeling like they are not enough for their partner, and that it’s not good nor will it bring more sex into the relationship. I say put it out there, in the dating phase, and if it is addressed properly it will be fine. If porn is important to you, let it be known, and if your partner is willing to be eased into it, get online and start looking together. Start slowly and gradually build into different types of scenes. This may not be something you put on your profile, but it is a sexual part of you and all sexual needs are important. So be real with who you are and what you like when you are dating. If she can’t handle it, then she can’t handle you!



Bad attitude. Leave that for me, you get to have none. Anyone that knows me knows that I like to be nice to everyone, everywhere. So if I am on a date and my date is not nice to our server, I kindly say I am going to the bathroom and I catch a cab home. Sounds harsh, but why waste my time and be embarrassed. So be nice or our date could end before you know it!

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Jehu 9 month s ago
Foreplay is good within reason. However I was dating a girl years ago that had a size fetish, she wanted incorporated into foreplay. It was new and weird to me, I didn't do well with it. I was to pretend or imagine that she was small (like a Barbie doll). I did try, however my imagination only goes so far. And I didn't find this scenario sexy interesting or normal. I stopped dating her because of this. Her insistence on this "roleplay" every time was stressful and odd. Its a shame really because she was smart very pretty with an awesome personality. I think of her often.

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