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26 Mar 2018

ZombieDarwin 5 year s ago
#87 If you were really a veteran, you would know that the military doesn't call it an assault rifle, either. The only ones who call it an assault rifle are the media and others who know nothing about guns. Which one are you?
mynona 5 year s ago

Of course "AR" does not mean "assault rifle" but its officially classified as an assault rifle, see Wikipedia:

"Since 2010, AR-15 style rifles have become one of the "most beloved and most vilified rifles" in the United States, according to the New York Times.[4] It has been promoted as "America's rifle" by the National Rifle Association. It has also been the weapon used in many of the largest mass shootings in the United States,[4] and is often legally classified as an "assault weapon" due to its "military features", removal of which allowed some makes to be classified as "sporting".[5] "


"In 1956, ArmaLite designed a lightweight assault rifle for military use and designated it the ArmaLite Rifle-15, or AR-15.[8][9][10] "

to be precise its a "lightweight assault rifle" ...
ZombieDarwin 5 year s ago

So which one are you, a member of the media, or someone who doesn't know what they are talking about? Because the point you think you are making, isn't really being made.

1) I said nothing about how the AR-15 got its name. You are right, the company that first made the rifle named it the Armalite Rifle-15, shortened to AR-15. But again, I didn't say anything about how the AR-15 got its name. My point is that the military does not, has not ever, nor will it ever call it an "assault rifle". Why? Because it does not fit the military's definition of what an “assault rifle” is. Someone who was in the military, as the guy in the picture claims to be, would know that.

2) Quoting from Wikipedia? Really??? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh, that's too funny! Why don't you ask Jairo Valos Rodriguez, the internationally known yo-yo champion, how accurate Wikipedia is? Or Alyse Squillace? Or Morgan Dee Voon? They'll all attest to how accurate Wikipedia is!
Ha ha ha ha! Wikipedia! That's hilarious! Maybe you could get a job with Wolsebuse Games, too!
Maybe explain how inflammation is caused by the body's release of rhyolite?

3) “to be precise its a 'lightweight assault rifle'”.
Called that by the media. Or by those who don't know what they're talking about. But for those who are/were in the military, and those of us who know what we're talking about, it's not called that. The dividing line is clear and well-defined. Remember that discussion above about the AR-15 not fitting the definition of what an “assault rifle” is? There it is.

Here, I'll give you a hint.

While it is true that Armalite designed the AR-15 to be a lightweight assault rifle for the military, the AR-15 of today is much different from the AR-15 of 1956.

This was your one and only hint. Use it wisely.

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