Pics That Are So Poignant and Fascinating (55 pics)

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Track cyclist  Robert Forstemann’s Legs

Meet Matthias ‘Hellboy’ Schlitte, star arm wrestler with ‘Popeye’ arm

Meet the Belgian Blue, the cattle version of Arnold Schwarzenegger! This is a prime example of the genetic power that selective breeding holds.

The Belgian Blue’s sculpted, heavily muscled, bodybuilder-like appearance is known as “double-muscling”. The condition is heritable and results from an increased number of muscle fibers (hyperplasia) rather than the normal enlargement of individual muscle cells (hypertrophy).

The increased muscle tissue is due to a natural mutation in a gene that is involved in muscular hypertrophy. This gene is responsible for the expression of a protein called myostatin (“myo” meaning muscle and “statin” meaning stop). You probably guessed it right, myostatin inhibits muscle growth. Essentially, the breed produces less myostatin and thus produces more muscle tissue than the average cattle. Furthermore, the same mutation apparently interferes with fat deposition, resulting in very lean meat.

Shaggy, The Pirate Bay’s co-founder

Right now, 5 million people are in a rally for the main opposition candidate against Turkey’s presiden Erdoğan

Hospitalized Turkish woman is being carried to the polling station to vote for the historic election. Voter turnout is expected to be over 90%.

Scientists Find A Frog In Costa Rica That Looks Just Like Kermi

A giant bent and burned spoon sculpture was placed on Purdue (Oxycontin) drug makers doorstep

New Banksy in Paris

1950s resume that landed 12 job offers

Saudi police officers hand out roses to female drivers. (Today is the first-day women can legally drive in Saudi Arabia)

Disney clearly designed a Hillary animatronic first and had to repurpose it for Trump

The Face of a Man Who’s Just Been Cleared of a 17 Years Long False Conviction for Murder

The amazing scale of the Pillars of Creation

A Mandarin duck, top view

A python swallowed a slipper and it required surgery (don’t worry, they turned out fine).

Rabbits’ strongest competitors

More evidence that cats are a purring form of liquid

Discipline to the 100th degree

On the threshold of a big world

A yoga lesson with a horse

The portrait mode on this camera blurred the top of the beer glass.

A 2-headed albino California Royal Snake

It seems that something important has happened because they had to ask both the Winchester brothers and the Scooby-Doo team for help.

The cutest coffeehouse on wheels

A device for scratching your nose in an astronaut spacesuit:

A penguin paradise

A sunset at the Monastiс Lake in Beshtau City where bog-flowers are in bloom

This is how coffee blossoms:

This cutie has already been given the name, A Rissole by internet users.

The snow settled only on the outline of the bricks in my friends driveway.

“My M&M is cylindrical.”

This McDonald’s has only one arch.

Square donuts

“I saw an apple tree that had no leaves but plenty of apples.”

“I didn’t pick my lettuce and it grew into a mini Christmas tree.”

An African girl with an amazing eye color

“My mom made the tiniest popcorn I’ve ever seen from bird seed.”

People aren’t the only ones who decorate their homes.

Found this chili with a perfect “mild to hot” gradient

A Japanese ¥1 coin is so light it won’t even break the surface tension of water.

Ants drinking water

There are baby snakes.

Layers of the road

Fanta in a salty watermelon flavor

“My mussel contained a tiny, half-eaten crab!”

The whirlpool in this stream collected foam and created a perfect circular foam wheel.

“My grape is long.”

This African child has 2 different color eyes!

Black toilet paper!

A baby albino gorilla with his friend
The shore
This is all just one picture...
A chain for a wheel
Quite possibly the best example of a mushroom cloud




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