Porn Industry Is Not As Happy As We See It

31 Jul 2018


I’ve got two friends who worked for a sex-text company. Horny dudes send texts to a number from the back of a magazine with some hot lady in the photo, my friends flirted back, with a side-order of trying to get them to call the (presumably more profitable) phone lines.

They’d talk about what they were wearing, what the men would like to do to them, how horny the text from the customers made them.

Both of my friends were dudes. -Grimdotdotdot


I’ve worked behind the scenes of numerous scenes where during the sex, the filming had to stop because the female (or male depending on the scene) had to “clean up.” Which is going to happen every now and then if you’re doing anal sex, but professional sites make you think that it’s always perfectly clean and free of any #2 incidences. Not the case. – maryjaynesroom


Friend and his gf did camming from home. The payment system was set up in quarters of $500 so you had to make $500 in order to cash out. They didn’t get enough clicks, ended up working a ton and never got paid. I assume this is how sites keep so many newcomers in and out. Some stay, of course, bc they get popular but it was pretty sleazy. Buddy was just trying to make an extra 250 before rent was due. -ninetofivehangover


Secret #1: There are so many girls that try to get into this underaged!!! He was a stickler for IDing and if you even forgot your ID the day of filming you were out.

Secret #2: There could be a film studio in your apartment complex, next store neighbor. Like it’s not exactly fancy studios here. He used a rented apartment, next to his real apartment. It’s funny you’d walk in and it’s all done up with lighting, various well-made leather bondage equipment… Looks all normal from the outside.

Secret #3: There is ‘paid prostitution’. He had one client that would request sex from various girls on the website, after interviewing him and deciding his demeanor he decided to ask the girl’s permission. Everything was good and I know she got like 3k+ USD just to sleep with the guy. Like I said before the guy that runs this is overall a good dude, he made sure the girls got paid and were safe. -tigerclawmeow


I’ve worked for a fetish clips site for about 7 years now. I have been involved in producing a handful of times mostly doing camera work, but sometimes being a slave for a clip (very light stuff like a foot or armpit worship). One time I was doing camera for a trampling clip where the two dommes were standing on this slave in stilettos, but having a casual conversation as if they weren’t even aware that they were standing on some dude’s face and stomach and junk. At about mid-scene one of the girls changes her footing and steps a little lower on the guy’s abdomen and they guy instantly lets out this huge fart PRRRRRRRNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEEEEEE

We all just died laughing and had to take a break to gather ourselves. Easily the funniest thing that ever happened to me while filming a clip. -l3ane


It all started out pretty innocent (as far as porn goes). I didn’t even take my clothes off for the first few weeks. The slow escalation made me some good money. Thanks, anticipation!

Soon enough, I gained a stalker. He managed to get my personal information from somebody on the site and I had to deal with it myself with local PD. Nobody from the site had my back and I got fired when I told them I’d be pressing charges on ‘one of their biggest contributors’. The charges went nowhere and as far as I know he is still a frequent client on the site. -CrushingPowerOfWaves


We lie to you. We’re selling a product – the sex, the persona, whatever. Like actors do press tours, everything a porn star (or any other kind of sex worker) does on social media is advertising to convince you to buy. So we tell you we love it, that we’re all a happy family, that we think you’re great and thank you for supporting us. Anything to make you click and pay. You would think I wouldn’t have to say this but unfortunately, you’re wrong. It’s not really a huge amount of the time. We are paid to lie and behind the scenes, it can be very pressurized if you even let a little bit slip that makes things sound less than 100% happy-go-lucky sluts. It’s incredibly stressful if you experience a scene you don’t want to do but can’t really tell anyone because people get pissed off when you ruin their fantasies or they don’t believe you because of the lies the industry sells that we’re all about sex all the time. -anonymous


I dated a girl a few years back that did online porn for a small company based out of Florida. It was run by a couple in their late 30’s. She only was supposed to do solo stuff; showering, self-pleasure, fake pov, etc. But they began to pressure her to do stuff with the owners on cam which she was completely against. She got out of the business and had to take the company to court to have all of her videos and pics pulled from their websites. -gil_beard


If she’s on her period, doesn’t matter. They literally shove a sponge up there (not a tampon, an actual sponge) and keep shooting. I’ve read horror stories of actresses who forgot the sponge was up there for a few days until the next shoot, and everybody gagging when it comes out. -Edymnion


My ex was a cam girl. Never really bothered me. Was kinda hot to me that my gf was on cam being wanted by all these guys. One fan of hers’ figured out where we lived in CA and we didn’t know how he knew until AFTER. He left her REALLY sick notes on her door. One was the last straw for me. He pretty much promised he’d sneak in her house and make her fantasy come true (she did a kinda of AMA on her cam one night and admitted to her kink of it). For 2 weeks I never left her side. I’d drive her to work (her normal 9-5) and pick her up. One night a week was her “girls night” where’d they’d meet up and just hang out. That got cancelled. This dude fucked up our lives during this time. In 2 weeks we got NOTHING. No letters, no messages on Social Media. So she thought he moved on. One night she went out in my car. I’m sitting on the couch when I hear footsteps upstairs. Turns out dude knew I was there and was watching our cars. When my car left he thought she was alone. Mind you I’m 6’2 225 and in the military at the time. I beat this dude senseless. Cops come along. They arrest him. At this point I find out HOW this fuck figured out where my then gf lived. It was the cam sites owners brother in law. Dude would sit in girls cams he liked and pull up their info and find girls that lived nearby and try to hook up with them. -Doc-Psycho


9 is really 7. 12 is 10 (more likely 8.5). Very few 10 inch dicks exist but in porn that’s marketing table stakes. Many women in porn are tiny and matched with small, lean, men everything looks as big as we pretend it is. People forget a 9 inch dick is supposed to be 50% larger than average. Given an average 5’10” human male that’s akin to being 8’9” tall. -WVYVW


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