Our Bodies Are No Less Than Impressive! (10 pics)

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The human eye is an incredible, finely tuned, motion detecting, sexy looking piece of engineering. To function properly and be completely useful, your eyes and brain work together to calculate direction, rate of change, motion and more, all in three dimensions. Your eyes also have a function known as “smooth pursuit” which is why, when trying to slowly scan a room, you can’t help but lock onto objects. We evolved this ability to easily spot prey (or predators).

Your brain also handles the complex function of erasing the motion blur associated with moving your eyes and head quickly. It’s not a perfect process, but it works incredibly well, when sober at least.


The human immune system is a seriously bad bitch. She doesn’t win all her battles, but she kicks some serious ass without you even knowing. Every day, your body is fighting and destroying cells that would otherwise go on to be cancerous. Considering the fact that the mutant cells that cause cancer and the cells that fight it come from the same place, it could be argued that everyone gets cancer, some just never get far enough along to be recognizable.


Animals like the Cheetah and Gazelle get all the press for their ability to run like the wind. In reality, a human can outrun just about any animal on the planet for distance. This is because of our incredibly efficient cooling off systems and two-legged running style. This unique ability is known as persistence running which basically states, humans can regulate their own heat while running whereas most animals cannot. Take a cheetah for instance, they run like cartoon characters, but only for short bursts, otherwise they overheat.


If you can find a more profound piece of organic engineering than the human hand, please enlighten me. There’s that whole opposable thumb, for one thing. On top of that, you have the insanely intricate highway of dense nerve cells that make it immeasurably sensitive to the smallest of signals. A human finger can feel an object as slight as 13 nanometers. All of this amazing architecture and your fingers actually contain no muscle—they’re controlled by muscles in the arm and palm.


I’m sure you have no idea what breast milk tastes like, but that’s beside the point. Breast milk and the production of it in humans is actually incredibly sophisticated. For instance, were you aware that breastmilk changes its composition based on the needs of each individual baby? This even holds true when a mother is nursing two babies of different ages. The milk will customize itself to the individual needs of each child. Breast milk also includes specially engineered antibodies specific to the needs of baby and mother.


Let’s get the creepy shit out of the way first. Mitochondria are like little hitchhikers just along for the ride. They have different DNA than the human body, which is weird as hell. Why does this matter? Well, those mysterious little parasites are also responsible for all the energy production in your body. They’re like microscopic Red Bull cans. They use gradients to produce ATP, which your body uses to do just about everything. It’s like the jack of all trades of fuel.


Reproduction is pretty remarkable in its own right. That said, the fetus itself has some incredible abilities while in the womb. If a pregnant woman suffers organ failure, the fetus can send stem cells to the concerned area to help repair it. Doctors have seen a much higher rate of recovery in heart failure from pregnant women than any other subgroup. It’s not just the heart, though. This phenomenon holds true for other organs as well including the brain, lungs and liver.


Fear, as a response, is simply your body trying to survive. When you’re afraid, your senses are sharper, your immune and digestive systems shut down to conserve energy and adrenaline courses through your body at inflated levels. SURVIVE it screams. You essentially go Super Saiyan.


Perhaps most remarkable about the human body, is how hard it will fight to stay alive. Your body will legitimately digest itself in order to save vital organs. If cells in your body sense that something may be wrong with them, they will sacrifice themselves for the greater good. That instinctive drowning response you have, that’s actually a system your body kicks in to do anything to keep your head above water so you can keep breathing. Then there is that whole “fight or flight” response during which your muscles will work themselves unchecked. This has led to some pretty super-human feats—like people lifting cars by themselves.


I’m sure you learned a long time ago never to trust a fart, but you still do. If you think about it, it’s incredible how your body knows to suppress the poop and let the gas escape—usually. I really don’t want to go into the specifics of how you actually have two sphincters that work in unison, along with a sensitive skin-like material between them, to keep you from shitting your pants when you rip ass, but there you go.

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