Truth Is Always Brutal (22 pics)

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Sounds brutal, but it’s true. If you’re suffering from pain, or loss or depression; you’re not alone. Everything you’ve ever felt, has already been felt by everyone around you. It’s time to realize that your pain isn’t special or unique; it’s just a part of being alive. And it’s up to you to find a way to help yourself.


Not everyone has a talent, but if you do have something you’re exceptionally good at, go do it. If you throw away your talent, you might as well throw everything else away too.


You know who controls your thoughts, words and actions? You do. Everything you say or do comes from you. Own it. Be responsible for everything you represent.


Stop worrying about death, or how you’ll be remembered. Death is death. You’re gone, why do you care what people think then?

Care about now and live life before you go.


Stop running from your fear, anxiety and pain. Know that you’re flawed and you feel things you don’t want to feel, then feel them.

The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll be at peace with it all.


So stop trying. Make sure you become friends with the most important person in the world; you.


Don’t let money stand in the way of living your life. You don’t need a full bank account to make the most of your day. Just give yourself and those around you time.


Happiness is everywhere. Be mindful and present in every moment of your day. Appreciate the little things, instead of chasing something and missing what is.


If you’re not happy on the inside, what does all the money matter? Happiness comes from inside.


Don’t make your life about grieving loss and worry about the day they die. Celebrate your love ones and focus on now.


All that time you spend building a fortune, working for the man and ignoring your health and loved ones, doesn’t matter. Dying alone and sick, but rich, is an empty fate.


You’re you, you beautiful bastard. Forget the anxieties, stresses and worries. Define yourself however you want, and surround yourself with things that makes you smile.


Your time is the most valuable thing you can give a person. If you invest in your community, your partner and your kids, you’ll give them more than any dollar amount could.


As tough as things might be, there is someone out there who has it worse. Find something to be grateful about, and celebrate it. It could be a person, a good meal or a warm bed at the end of the day.


You spend 45+ hours a week making a fortune for someone, who shares a tiny portion of it with you. Is that really worth it?

Time is the true currency. Invest it wisely.


Anyone can have grand ideas, but if you spend all your time planning and not doing, when you’re wasting your potential. Just fucking start somewhere small and accomplish your dreams.


Just accept that life is gonna throw curveballs and lean into them. It’s such a small part of your entire life. Just stay calm.

Our motto is “KCCO” for a reason, you know?


You can only live one life as yourself. After you’re gone, there is no ‘you’ left. So make this you the best one. Invest in yourself physical


Everything you know; every insight, lesson and tip is useless if it dies with you. Let others stand on your shoulders, so they could reach heights you never could.


Yesterday is done, and tomorrow is unwritten. But today is the only thing that matters. Live it.


It doesn’t exist in a uniform manner. So stop chasing it. Just be happy with you and fuck every single person that harshes your fucking mellow feeling.


Just accept it. You’re gonna die at some point. Stop waiting for it, stop putting things off, because it’ll come for you soon. Just live every second the best you can.





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