Drive-Through Workers Get To Witness Some Weird Stuff (17 gifs)

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A baby Kangaroo. To clarify, I live in New England and this is not normal. To be honest I was just out of view of it, but it caused quite a clamour.


I once saw a woman roll up to the Window and she must have been a dominatrix as she had a man in the back in a leather outfit and a rubber pig mask. I can only imagine that was his kink to get embarrased at a KFC drive through.


When I was working at McDonald’s, one time a woman pulled up with 3 monkeys and ordered them each an ice cream cone. I still think about that from time to time


Once had a hearse complete with coffin pull through followed by family and friends in the cars behind. They said the guy in the coffin always enjoyed McDonalds, so it was his final wish to be visit one more time.


One time someone just snorted cocaine right in front of me.

That and one time someone had a duck in a towel in between her boobs.


A giant, industrial-sized trash bag FULL of nachos. It pretty much took up the entire back seat.

When I asked the guy where he was going to get enough salsa for those chips he genuinely seemed disappointed because he hadn’t thought of that.

Apparently the Mexican restaurant next door was throwing them out and the guy asked if he could have them because he was stoned and it seemed like a good idea at the time.


A lizard chilling on someone’s dashboard being fed veggies. A cat was also in the same car.


A woman came through with no passenger side seat. It had been pulled out, and in its place hung a giant metal ring with an enormous Cockatoo sitting on it. Thing was going mental when she pulled up,


My mother used to work the drive thru at Burger King when she was a teenager. She told me that a man used to come through some nights completely naked except for black see-through stockings.


A tortoise that took up the whole passenger seat.


Worked at McDonald’s, specially in drive thru.

Saw a hoarder who could only go to our McDonald’s because we didnt have a sharp turn into our parking lot. Her car was too filled she couldn’t use her steering wheel.

Had someone with a pet pig and duck. Gave them free ice cream.

Some dude was getting head. He was the driver. Couple sitting in the backseat were also doing sexual things. He was fingering her and kissing her neck.

A cardboard cut out of (I s@#t you not) Danny Devito

Good times.


One time I was working drive thru and I could hear the bass coming from this really expensive looking Jeep with those blue under lights. We were curious as to who would pull up, it was 4 guys dressed completely like the blue man group, music blaring, they didn’t say anything. It was weird.


Working night shift at Burger King had a group of girls flash me for free food. Seemed like a fair trade at the time.


I once had a lady come through the drive thru and just ordered water, which isn’t that unusual. Then, I saw her water her large basil plant in the passenger seat, seat belted into the chair.


A lady in labor, in the driver’s seat, by herself, ordering food. She was literally having contractions and doing the weird breathing thing that women are supposed to do to help with the pain. She said she was on the way to the hospital but she wanted to get a burger, fries, and a soda before she went.

There wasn’t even anyone with her, that lady drove herself to the hospital while having contractions and chowing down on a goddamn burger.


A man pulls up with I assume his college aged daughter in the front seat and I assume his wife in the back seat, with a pacifier, bib, and pajamas, crying her eyes out. I was so freaking confused. He asked for extra napkins for the “baby in the back.” I had no idea what was happening but I just went along with it.

Handed the guy the napkins, he says thanks cause she makes a big mess when she eats and drives off. Still super confused, I just continued my day.

Six months later, I’m at a family reunion and my cousins are talking about some huge international scavenger hunt they participated in and show me the list of items and “Go through a drive thru with an adult dressed as a baby in the back” is one of the items to complete.

It all came together but man I was confused when it was happening, because I genuinely didn’t see the daughter filming which I assume she was cause it said you need video proof. I’ve looked for the video with me in it but can’t seem to find it





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