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Adult Movie Workers Get To See Some Nasty Stuff (8 pics + 10 gifs)

Posted in NSFW       9 Aug 2019       6065      

“I’m going to leave out names for obvious reasons but I saw a well known male pornstar miss a facial and instead of cleaning it up with a towel he licked his own semen off of the floor”


“My time to shine.

Once I saw a tapeworm come out of her ass. I noped out.”


“We don’t film, but I run a kink club. Nothing excessively weird, but the utter SMELL of people in the orgy rooms. I cannot stress how bad the smell is. Imagine the smell of sweaty ballsack x100


“I worked in porn for about six years. The grossest thing I heard of happening was actually from my housemate who was trying to break into the porn industry – she decided to do anal to try giving herself that extra ‘boost into the spotlight.’

She arrived. She had prepped. She was stunning, so I had no doubt she’d do great. This big black dude put his [email protected]#k in her ass, and on release – she prolapsed.

Cue A&E, lots of medical check-ups and no more anal for her after the surgery she needed to have to put her [email protected]#hole back inside.

Real gross.”


“Actual Mother-Daughter…”


“A friend of mine used to do cam work and had a regular who would pay her upwards of $600 dollars a session to: 1. Tie her hair up in pigtails with orange ribbon 2. Cover the room in orange balloons 3. Wear orange lingerie 4. Squeeze oranges over her boobs. Yep. Six hundred dollars.”


“You see girls that deep throat vomit all the time”


“I used to be an adult actor and a buddy of mine was on a boat for a film shoot, high on mushrooms. The director asked him if he would [email protected]#k a dwarf. He didn’t want to, so he told the director an absurdly high price. The director met that price.

There he was, tripping balls and balls deep in a little person, and somehow, I never found out how, the boat began to sink. They ended up getting rescued by the coast guard. I think this may have scarred him.”


“My friend is the IT guy in a porn production company.

One day he got an email/blackmail claiming that they know he’s watching porn at work, and unless he pays up they’ll tell his boss.

His response was ‘I work in the porn industry. If I’m not watching porn at work I’m not doing my job'”


“I’m a cam model so I do private sessions with people. The strangest requests I’ve had is to shove a dirty toilet brush bowl up my hooha or ride a plunger handle stick. (those were an absolute HELL NO from me)

The strangest thing I’ve seen is the guy who likes to suck his own [email protected]#k.”


“I was an adult actor in the 90s and oh god the smell. We were often in the San Fernando Valley, in summer, in an un-air-conditioned warehouse.

Let’s just say it sometimes got ripe.”


“I’ve done a couple cam shows before. Weirdest was a guy who took me on private while he was smoking meth, wearing nipple clamps, and jerking off. He wanted me to control how long he held his hits for. I actually didn’t even do or show much myself and probably made about $50 off having him there for 10-15 mins.”


“I worked for a big 90’s pornstar in 2005 and the first time she told me to bring her to set, carry her bags and kiss her goodbye, just to show everyone a male presence. We walk in and a girl is bent over with a yolked out dude behind her. The director finished telling them the scene as I walked in. The girl walks towards me absent-mindedly and farts. Then lets out an almost orgasmic sound. The guy walks by and says ‘Oh god, I don’t know if I can do this [email protected]#!'”

Disbelief shattered, all magic lost.”


“I had a friend who worked a sex hotline in Halifax, NS and she said this old guy would call in regularly to talk dirty specifically with his Alan Rickman impression.”


“I’m an erotica photographer I’ve seen a lot of things but nothing THAT bad. My first photoshoot ever was to a girl dressed as a baby, she used a massive dildo and a pacifier. Another one started her period and I had to tell her because she didn’t realize. That was in my house. I had to clean after. I had to tell a girl she forgot to take off her tampon, that was awkward. Another masturbated furiously with rose petals and it was so violent I got nervous.”


“My neighbor used to be a camera guy for an OLD production company. He said that when anal sex started making its way into straight videos nobody knew about “cleaning up” before a scene. Apparently one actor randomly starts screaming in the middle of a scene, removes himself from the actress, runs over to a trash can, and proceeded to pee poop. He and his co-workers affectionately refered to it as ‘Poop Noodle.'”


“Overheard a director get mad because one of the actors got a boob job between filming and hated the inconsistent scenes.”


And with that, my friends, Jesus has left the building.

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