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Master your Whizzinator Touch—The Ultimate Guide

Posted in NSFW       19 Sep 2019       637      

If you are planning to buy or you just received your Whizzinator you might be wondering how can you make the most of it. New users can be nervous when they don’t understand the products they are buying. However, you don’t need to worry. We are here to help you master your Whizzinator. How does the Whizzinator work? How do you keep it clean? What different uses you can give to the product? We are here to guide you through it all.



What is the Whizzinator? What can I use it for?

The Whizzinator is a novelty kit suitable for different uses. Mostly used as a sexual toy, the Whizzinator can also be used as an animal repellent or as a prank toy. The Whizzinator is re-useable. It features an ultra-quiet flow system and it can be operated with one hand.


What comes inside The Whizzinator’s Touch box?

*1 Whizzinator Touch (5 colors available)

*New 100% Cotton Elastic Belt with Pressure band

*A refillable Vinyl Pouch with a non-spill refill port

*4 Heating Pads

*1 Syringe

*1 Golden Shower

* Instruction Manual



In what colors is the Whizzinator Touch available?

* White

* Tan

* Latino

* Brown

* Black

The color of your choice doesn’t change the price of the product.


How do I keep my Whizzinator Clean?

The Whizzinator can be kept clean by washing the vinyl pouch after each use. For deep cleaning, ALS offers a cleaning solution—The Whizzinator Cleaning solution—that prevents any bacteria growth.



How real does the prosthetic look?

The prosthetic is the most lifelike prosthetic on the market. Soft and hand-painted, the prosthetic is design for your enjoyment.


Is there a female version of the Whizzinator?

Yes, there is a unisex version—The Whizz Kit. The Whizz Kit is known as the female Whizzinator. It is also a cheaper version of the Whizzinator for those who are looking to save some dollars.


What comes in the Whizz Kit?

*2 Heating Pads

*A cotton elastic belt with a pre-filled bag attached

*4oz of free-toxin synthetic urine



How long has The Whizzinator been on the Market?

ALS the home of the Whizzinator has been on the market for more than 15 years as one of the most trusted brands on novelty items.


Does The Whizzinator Expire?

The Whizzinator does not expire, but the urine does. Please check the expiration date. The Golden Shower urine lasts about a year and a half when stored properly.


Does Synthetic Urine smells and feels like real pee?

Yes, the synthetic urine that comes with your Whizzinator imitates real urine. You won’t feel the difference.


If I don’t have a microwave, how can I achieve the right temperature?

You do not need a microwave to heat the urine. The Whizzinator comes with 4 heating pads that help you achieve the desired temperature (around 98-102 Fahrenheit).


What happens once I used the Golden Shower that came with my Whizzinator?

As previously mentioned the Whizzinator is re-usable. All you need to do is clean the bag and buy more Golden Showers. The Golden Shower is sold individually, but you can get special offers when you buy 3 or more of them.



How to use the Whizzinator step by step.


1. Open your box and take out all the items. Check that the white switch on the Whizzinator belt is closed. When the clamp is up it means it is open, when the clamp is down it’s close.

2. Use your syringe to measure 90ml of purified water. In a cup mix the water with the entire vial of the Golden Shower.

3. Once the mix is completely dissolved, use the syringe again to suck the mixture and inject it into the Whizzinator bag via the refill-port.

4. Grab one of the heating pads, unfasten the Velcro and apply the heating pad on the side that is opposite to the temperature strip. (To activate the heating pad just shake it.)

5. Wear the belt so that the temperature strip is touching your skin and wait till the temperature reads between 98-102.

6. To let the urine flow pull up the white switch and squeeze the tip of the prosthetic.



Remember the Whizzinator is a novelty item and is intended to be used as such. The product is not intended for any illegal purposes. Please be a responsible customer.




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