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2019 Was A Year Of Some Curious Sexual Kinks (10 pics)

Posted in NSFW       8 Jan 2020       4485      

A fetish object is something that is intimate that, for whatever reason, turns you on. For men, it may be a nice set of high heels. For women, perhaps a pillow or a pair of suspenders. It literally could be anything- and if that’s your jam, then be open and honest in the bedroom about it, as it just may be the spark you and your partner were looking for.


Yeah, you read that right. There are people out there who fetishize the idea of having sexual interactions with non-human entities. Be it a “furry”, a ghost, some sort of mystical creature, a cartoon character (think Cosplay), it turns out that this kink exists and is fairly popular. It is essentially role play but taken to the extreme. Whatever floats your boat, though. Just don’t be doing any sexual s@#t to actual animals.


Group sex, threesomes, non-monogamy, cuckolding, cheating, all fall into this category. For many people, the idea of either watching their partner have sex with someone else, or engaging in sex with other people is a huge turn-on. As long as you are clear with your intentions and boundaries, these acts can actually bring couples closer.


Anal penetration, teasing, slapping grabbing, and even… scat play. Yep, poop play. That’s obviously on the extreme end of the spectrum, but it’s no surprise that anal play is a popular kink across the globe. With tons of nerve endings in that area, anal play can really crank up the heat in the bedroom.


Like anal, restraint play is a non-surprise to find on this list. More and more people are engaging in BDSM sex without even realizing it. “Bondage is as simple as holding your partner down on the bed and as complicated as doing beautiful Shibari rope work,” says Kayla Lords, a sexpert for JackAndJillAdult.com


Whether it’s being seen engaging in sexual acts out int the open or doing so through the internet, it’s the being seen aspect of it all that gets a lot of people off. With how common it is for people to enjoy pornography, it’s no surprise that seeing other people have sex is a big turn-on for many. Whether you’re into voyeurism or exhibitionism, this kink might be the one for you.


Domination/submission, power dynamics, punishment, and humiliation all fall into this category. Whether it’s light dirty talk or heavy humiliation, this sexual kink has been rising in popularity for quite some time.


When we think of roleplay, we typically imagine the classic “naughty nurse” type of deal. While this absolutely falls under the category of roleplay, it now extends even further than that. When engaging in roleplay with a partner, ask about certain scenarios that they’ve always fantasized about, and go from there. The thing about roleplay is that you both have to commit, otherwise, it’s just awkward and kind of humorous.


Sensation play is something that everyone engages in during sex. From licking to pinching, all the way up to choking and slapping, this kink is one of the most common kinks on earth. However, it is definitely worth it to talk to your partner before ramping things up- you don’t want to slap him or her across the face and ruin the whole night!


Surprise surprise, the foot fetish has arrived. Coleen Singer, BDSM/Fetish expert for wasteland, says “I can say without a doubt that foot fetish is by far the most popular and pervasive in the kinky culture community,”

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