These Are Not The Most Popular Sexual Opinions… (14 pics + 9 gifs)

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“There’s nothing wrong with liking ‘vanilla’ sex and not being into kinks.”


“The bed is by far the best place for sex. And it’s not even close.”


“Reach-around handjobs are massively underrated. Easy access to nibbling on neck and ears. Mmmm.”


Sharing intimate details of your sex life with your friends without your partner’s consent is a huge violation of their trust and privacy.”


“Shower sex sucks.”


“Aggressively fingering my pussy is a huge turn-off and it hurts. Cut your [email protected]#ken’ nails and don’t think that just because in porn girls “seem” to enjoy it we all girls do too.”


“Missionary sex doesn’t deserve all the hate. I think it’s the second-best position when it comes to angles and actually hitting good spots. The first position is doggy style.’


“Married 41-year-old female here with the unpopular opinion that married, middle-aged sex is the best sex. I do not long for my younger years.”


“Sex is one of the main reasons for anxiety… Men worry too much about their performance and size and women worry too much about their bodies and how fit they are….”


“I am a guy and I have zero interest in putting anything in my wife’s a$$. She still thinks after 15 years that I’m going to ask for anal out of the blue one day.”


“Don’t do oral unless you actually want to. Don’t go down on your partner if you don’t actually enjoy doing it. Everybody is nervous about their genitalia at least to some extent. Taste? Smell? Is it okay? Are you sure? If you’re going to half-a$$ paying some special attention to it, don’t bother.”


“Most people can’t handle threesome. 90% of the time someone’s feelings get hurt. They feel betrayed and drift away. Another is most men who think they want to see their wife have sex with someone else don’t. It crushes them once it’s actually happening.”


“Lasting long is not always a good thing. After a while, I just want the guy to finish cause I’m getting tired and the friction is becoming uncomfortable.”


“There are things my woman can do to me with her hands that I can’t. If you don’t like handjobs, your woman is doing them wrong. Handjobs are a-mazing.”


“I can only enjoy it if my partner is also enjoying it.”


“Joking and laughing during sex is amazing and way more intimate than just going at it or kissing during or whatever.”


“Calling me daddy is extremely creepy. I kinda just go along with it because I’m usually balls deep at that point but making me think about Freud’s theories mid-coitus turns me off quick lol.”


“Women need to communicate better. We live in a world where you’ve made it abundantly clear that no means no and silence isn’t consent. It’s now your responsibility as a woman to communicate that you want to be [email protected]#ked. I’ve never not communicated my consent, and women who don’t do so are wrong.”


“Both partners should initiate every now and then. Not just one of the other. It makes both people feel desired and sexy, and if you’re in a relationship, it feels like less of an obligation.”


“Sometimes, masturbation is better than actual boning.”


“If you lay it all out on the table first, you have a better time of it later.”


“People who build their entire life and identity around their kink are no different than those people who build their entire lives and identities around watching anime or building model railroads.”


“You should not be labeled as a pervert/whore if you have a very high sex drive. It’s ways less easy than it looks. It even shatters couples sometimes. A happy sex life is normal. If your happy sex life means doing it one or several times a day, then it’s okay there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Eudoris 3 month s ago
So where is the unpopular part?
Percival 3 month s ago
As I've watched my owners have sex, I've often wondered "why get mad at me for humping the cat" but they can hump each other, I have needs too ya know.
Next time they are having sex, I'm going to bark so loud "bad humans, stop that".
The pug has spoken.
Cedric 3 month s ago
I can't find anything wrong with these opinions...



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