Sex Advice For Every Man Out There. From Women Themselves! (5 pics + 12 gifs)

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Moaning sounds are sexy so don’t hold it in. We need to know that you are enjoying it too.


Don’t go straight for the breasts and vagina!!! Explore and tease other erogenous zones (eg. wrists, inner elbows, inner thighs, neck) slowly first, and you’ll both have a way better time as things progress. I can’t emphasize this enough!



During foreplay, if anything, go slower and gentler than you think you should. Girls will find it more comfortable to say ‘faster/harder’ than ‘stop it/slow down, youre hurting me’. I’d say 8/10 guys will overcompensate how rough or hard they think they should be.


If a girl is bouncing on your dick shes trying to get you off… But if a girl is on top of you and scooting back and forth shes trying to get clitoral stimulation so she can get off.

We want orgasms too guys


When having sex grind into her every once in a while, don’t just pound her like you’re clapping.


Sometimes men get so wrapped up in their egos and how they want to “be good at sex,” that they don’t pay attention. Stop treating it like a contest, and enjoy the other person. It’s a beautiful way to connect and have fun.

Don’t start right away. Make her want you. That’s a great lubricant I’d say.

There have been a lot of times where I wasn’t totally in the mood to begin with, but the right touching and teasing can change your tune. I’ve literally been woken up from a dead sleep by touching, thought “there’s no fucking way,” and then ten minutes later was completely amped up and ready to go. Those middle-of-the-night activities would never happen if he jumped right into it.


Listen when we say “don’t stop” or “just like that”

Don’t get upset if a girl starts playing with herself while you’re having sex. It’s a good thing.


Fingering. One finger doesn’t do much. Also stop doing that whole super fast in and out thing. It’s more about the pressure on the sides of the vagina.


If you have dry, rough, cracked hands, please for the love of God do not put that in my vagina.

Would you like it if I touched your dick with sand paper?


Pillow under her lower back for missionary or under you when she’s on top. Thank me later.


Basically, just like men, all women have different builds, so please don’t assume we all have a G-spot at X location, the position you’ve been applauded for by countless women is the “best position”, or that we want to have sex at Y:speed, Z:depth and X:position.


Be receptive to change. So many guys get super offended if you they to tell them non-critically that what they’re doing isn’t working for you. They take it as a personal failing and double down on trying to make you like what they think you should like. Don’t be that guy.


How about a nice kiss before you go STAMPEDING TOWARD THE CLITORIS, Watson.


Have lube handy and don’t judge women or take it personally if they can’t get very wet. Many women struggle to get super wet all the time, and others have vaginal dryness during certain parts of their cycle. Lube makes everything better, and I can guarantee if you take her not getting wet in stride and just comfortably get out some lube, it will go a longgg way towards making her feel better, possibly getting her naturally wetter, and likely it will lead to her finding you more emotionally and sexually attractive.


Nipples, don’t forget to play with my nipples.


Albert 6 days ago
Sorry I'm not going to take advice from izispicy or izismile.
CookieDevourer 6 days ago

why are u here then?
Reg 5 days ago
Because they wanted to see what kind of stupid things izispicy/isizmile puts up.
Why are you here, would you take advice from someone online?
Gretchen 2 days ago
years of experience I do not feel the need to take advice on something I am good at, thanks anyway



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