Women Share Sex Tips That Men Should Really Take To Heart (15 GIFS)

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Anal sex: SLOWLY. Use lube. Use A LOT of lube. If you think you’ve used enough, use more. Then, go Slowly. In fact, at first, just provide the cock. Let the ass happen to you. After that, we’ll show you how fast/how hard to go.

I know way too many girls who hate anal sex because they’ve had some guy just jam his dick up the ol’ leather cheerio and that shit HURTS… but when done right, anal is AWESOME and can be INTENSELY pleasurable.

-to take the time to pleasure every inch of our body. Our vaginas, boobs and asses aren’t our only erogenous zones

-tease us… no need to rush. Take your time on each spot and pay attention to how we react to know whether you should move on or stay there a while longer

-don’t rush straight for the clit. You need to warm us up first. Our entire vulva is sensitive to touch. Lick, kiss, nibble, stroke, blow on, and flick your tongue over each and every part of it. And hum/make noise! We don’t care how stupid you sound, but those vibrations that travel up from your throat and onto our bits feel like the best vibrator ever (1/3)


-speaking of the clit… it’s not just that nub that pokes out from under the clitoral hood. It’s wishbone shaped, so stimulate all of it, not just the button.

-jackhammering away at us does feel good, but only for so long and after a good while of warming up with the less intense thrusting.

-simply thrusting your cock in and out won’t do much for us. It’s all about angles try to thrust towards the g-spot or the anterior fornix but also see what other angles you can get and spots you can hit on us. (2/3)


-don’t be lazy with your hands. Touch us! Whether it’s our face, breasts, bums, stimulating our clits, holding us around the neck (gently unless she asks for you to be more aggressive)… it feels amazing when a guy is doing more than just using his penis in us.

-If there’s something you want us to do, ask. Sadly, we can’t read your minds

-tell us how great it feels, how sexy we are and let us know when we’re hitting the right spots — maxxsters (3/3)


I hate it, when a guy is completely silent while he’s fucking me. It’s a turn on when he moans and expresses himself to me during sex. Talking dirty or just telling me how good I feel and how he has been wanting me all day or something like that. Also if a guy comes really loudly like a horny, euforic bear, it’s so hot it will make me come in a burst.


Be able to laugh in bed.


Every girl is different. This applies to how they get off, what positions they like, how they express their orgasm, etc. If you’re with a girl that has to touch herself during sex to achieve orgasm, it may very well be because her anatomy makes it difficult to reach orgasm through penetration alone. This is not a failing in your abilities. It’s just that regardless of who she has sex with, it’s not easy for her to cum without the aid of fingers or whatever. Guys need to realize this. I have to touch when I’m having sex. I always have and I always will. Doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel great and it doesn’t mean that you’re less of a man somehow. It means that my clit is just a teeny bit too far away from my vaginal opening to get much stimulation through intercourse. Don’t take it the wrong way!


Just because you’ve come, doesn’t mean I stop being horny and am ready to be done. I know you might be tired, but don’t just automatically assume I’m finished when I give you a little lull to get back into the action.

Let’s make sex enjoyable for both of us; this doesn’t mean we both have to come every time, just be satisfied with the sexy times. So talk, tell, ask, communicate with me and makes sure we’re both getting what we need/want.

(I think that it applies to males and females, so please don’t read it as one or the other)


On occasion, try progressing slowly. Cuddle, snuggle, kiss, caress, tease, then fondle, lick, kiss more. Start out innocent, then show us how much you want it. The buildup feels so good. You may get us to the point where we are begging for it.


I HATE IT when boys finger by going in and out fast. If I wanted you to fuck me, I’d ask you to use your dick.

INSTEAD swirl your finger in a circular motion- you hit places your dick never can, and my god. the results are phenomenal.


Act like you give a fuck.

Flex your kegel muscles while you’re inside. Because holy shit

Please don’t press down on the clit like you’re trying to defeat a Final Fantasy boss. Be gentle at first. Also, clip your fucking nails. Seriously. That shit hurts.


Thumb to the asshole while doggie style.


One of my exes did this AMAZING maneuver and I’ve been waiting to encounter it again ever since.

He would put me right on the edge of the bed, get on his knees and start licking my clit while fingering me. Just as he could tell that I was reallyyy getting into it and was almost about to cum, he would stand up FAST and shove his dick in and start fucking me as hard as he could. I don’t know how he did it, but it felt like there was almost no pause in the action, it was so surprising.

The whole fingers-and-mouth to dick move just drove me wild every time.


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