Heidi Klum Revealed Her Elaborate 2020 Halloween Costume In A Special Video (37 PICS)

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Over the last 20 years, the German supermodel has proved to everyone that dressing up for Halloween is an art

Goth Pippi Longstocking, 2000

When Heidi Klum first held her now-iconic Halloween party in 2000, she never imagined that her fete would be the most awaited event in New York nearly two decades later.

Heidi, who has been crowned as the Queen of Halloween, told the Hollywood Reporter that “the costumes get bigger and better every year.” This is due to the fact that she is strict on her no costume=no entry policy, which means that “guests know they won’t get in unless they bring it.”


Lady Godiva, 2001

Betty Boop, 2002

Gold Alien, 2003

Red Witch, 2004

Vampire, 2005

Forbidden Fruit, 2006

Cat, 2007

As you may suspect, Heidi puts a lot of devotion into creating the show-stealer look for her yearly Halloween bash. In fact, she starts thinking of ideas as early as November 1st, right after the party is over. “The morning of Nov. 1, I start thinking, ‘Maybe next year, I’m going to do that one that I didn’t do this year.’”


Goddess Kali, 2008

Crow, 2009

Superhero, 2010

Throughout the year, Heidi looks for inspiration in movies, places, and things she experiences. “For example, when I was the robot in 2010, it was because I had been inspired during a trip to Disneyland. I saw the parade and saw all these people walking on stilts. I was like, ‘Ooh, I want to be on stilts!’”

Heidi took the idea of walking on stilts further and she became a superhero robot for the next Halloween bash. It meant she had to learn to walk on stilts, but nothing is impossible to the queen of transformations.


“Bodies” Cadavar, 2011

Ape, 2011

And Heidi has been keeping the costume bar high since 2011 when she employed a team of professionals to help her out with creating the intricate looks.

One of them is Mike Marino, Prosthetic Renaissance founder, who worked on cult films such as  2001’s Planet of the Apes and 2010’s Black Swan. Marino used his skills in prosthetics to create Heidi’s 2011 gorilla and 2015 Jessica Rabbit costumes.


Cleopatra, 2012

The most important thing for Heidi is that people go full-on into their transformations. “I love it when people are unrecognizable. I love it when people don’t go halfway.” That means that every little detail is important, and there should be no room for error.

In that sense, Heidi has established a new kind of Halloween game that’s really not about dressing up, but about becoming your very own character.


95-Year-Old Heidi, 2013

Butterfly, 2014

Jessica Rabbit, 2015

Herself, 2016

The Werewolf From Michael Jackson’s Music Video “Thriller”, 2017

Princess Fiona, 2018

Alien monster, 2019

This year, Heidi decided to do something special

Where the family acknowledge how crazy 2020 has been

Heidi made her kids’ costumes from hoarded toilet paper

Only for the Halloween spirit to transform them into undead mummies

So she did her best to avoid them without leaving the house

After all, many traditional Halloween activities can be high-risk for spreading viruses

The quirky video is a PSA on staying  safe in the midst of the pandemic

And it’s really well made, tooAnd it’s really well made, too

Heidi also shared behind-the-scenes footage of the video on her Instagram account

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Rosalinda 5 month s ago
anything to keep the fear porn going eh
staying safe in the midst of the pandemic
Samyra 5 month s ago
If everyone had that kind of money to flush down the toilet and waste on a costume, we all would have bad ass fucking costumes every year...Nothing "special" about this waste of time and money other than showing off how much money you have to waste by basically telling everyone fuck you with your costumes LOL



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