Same Weight, Completely Different Look! (40 PICS)

4 Mar 2021


"There Is Only A 3 Lbs Difference Between These 2 Pics. I've Pretty Much Always Stayed Around 140 Lbs But Have Dropped 7 Pant Sizes Because I Changed My Body Composition"

"I did it by losing fat and gaining muscle."



"These Pics Are 7 Years Apart And I Weigh The Exact Same (140 Lbs) In Both. Isn’t That Crazy? My Body Looks Completely Different But The Scale Reads Them As The Same"

"Just remember that the scale weighs your fat, muscle, water, blood, organs, everything! My body fat is WAY less on the right and has much more muscle, but the scale doesn’t care."



"I Only Lost 2 Lbs. 2 Lbs Total. How Much Weight Of Fat Did I Lose And How Much Weight Of Muscle Did I Gain? I Can Only Guess"

"Relying on the scale is a dangerous game, likely to leave you hurt. Instead, find other ways to celebrate you and the transformations you go through!⁣"



"Same Weight, Different Bodies. 125 Lbs In All Of These Pics. So It's Not Always About The Scale"


"2 Year Difference And The Same Weight In Both. That’s Right I’ve Gained Weight. But Baby That Smile And Confidence I Got Now Is Something I Dreamed Of Two Years Ago"


"145 Lbs In Both Pictures"


"Same Weight, Different Body Composition"


"Proof You Can Weigh The Same And Look Completely Different. 200 Lbs 4 Years Ago And 200 Lbs Today"


"I'm At The Same Weight I Was Last December"


"The Same Person, The Same Weight, But The Two Bodies Are Different. Age 34 To Age 36, Both At 63 Kg"


"Don't Think You've Changed Much Because Not Much Weight Is Coming Off? Pull Up An Old Pic And Compare It To The Same Shirt Today"


"Why More People Should Focus On The Weight They Lift, More Than The Weight They Lose. Left - 2014, 53 Kg, Right - 2021, 54 Kg"


"I Took The Picture On The Right Today And Compared It To A Picture When I Was The Same Weight. Left And Right Are At 185 Lbs"

"I’ve been stuck lately. Stuck between 180 - 185 lbs. My lowest has been 175 lbs. I have toned and gained so much strength since the picture on the left. Just when I thought I wasn’t making progress I’m actually killin it!"



"For Some Reason My Scale Showed I Gained 5 Lbs Overnight, Instead Of Freaking Out I Took Progress Photos To Show Myself My Progress Has Not Been Lost"


"140 Lbs To 140 Lbs. On The Left I Was Binge Eating, Drinking Way Too Much And Had The Worst Mindset When It Came To Food And My Body"


"A Year Difference In The Same Sports Bra, Same Underwear, Same Weight"

"Changed some of my eating habits. Hitting the gym 2-3 times a week. I have weighed myself almost everyday for the past YEAR & my weight NEVER fluctuated. Stop looking at the number on the scale & look for the differences in the way your body looks & feels. You’d be amazed. I never realized how much my body has changed until the picture on the left came up on my Timehop the other day. No matter how many times you fall off the wagon, get back on & keep pushing!"



"In Case You Didn’t Know... The Scale Is A Liar! There Is Exactly A One Pound Difference Between These Two Pictures. One Pound"

"This, my friends, is precisely why you shouldn’t measure your progress by the scale. Go by pictures and the way your clothes fit."



"Five Years At Least Between These Two Photos And I’m Probably About The Same Weight In Each"


"In All These Pics I Am The Same Weight (116 Lbs)! Only Difference In The Pics On The Right I Was Eating Clean And Lifting Heavy Weights"

"Also, I was nursing my son at the time. should explain some of the obvious differences"



"Would You Believe Me If I Told You I Was About The Same Weight In Both Pics? Body Composition Is Everything"


"130 Lbs In Both. The Number Isn’t What Always Matters"

"We put so much emphasis on being a certain weight, a certain pants size, a certain BMI... But ultimately it how you FEEL in your own skin!"



"She Weighs About The Same In Both Pictures! This Is A Prime Example Of Why The Scale Cannot Be The Only Way You Measure Progress"


"That Number On The Scale Is Only A Number. I'm The Same Weight In Both Of These Photos"


"The Difference Between These 2 Pictures Is 5 Lbs. No, I Didn’t Lose 5 Lbs I Actually Gained Them"


"2 Years And Only 5 Lbs Difference But The Body On The Right Has Been Totally Transformed From The Inside Out"

"My whole life I have battled with the scale, I have had 100% reliance on it as a reflection of my self-worth but I'm slowly moving beyond that unhealthy relationship! Left Aug 2014 - 128 lbs vs. right Saturday - 123 lbs."



"Same Weight, Not Same Body. 74 Kg In Both"


"2 Years Ago Vs. Now"


"Feb 1st 2019 - Apr 12th 2019. Happy With The Changes I’m Seeing Weighing Exactly The Same 22 Stone"


"This Is Your Friendly Reminder That The Number On The Scale Is Not Important. Picture On The Left: 73.9kg, On The Right: 73.4kg"


"I’m 140 Lbs In Both Pics Again. I Went From 140 Lbs And A Size 9/10 To 140 Lbs And A Size 2/4. Something Like That Can Happen By Changing Your Body Composition"


"Would You Believe Me If I Said I Weighed The Exact Same In Both Of These Pictures?"

"Listen, the scale only measures your relationship with gravity. Here’s what it doesn’t measure: lean muscle mass, body fat, your energy level, your stress, how well you sleep, how you feel about yourself."



"Progress Photo 5 Months Apart... Same Weight - 140 Lbs"


"Decided To Take The Leap To Prove A Point - The Scale Lies. 2014 - 97 Lbs vs. 2016 - 97 Lbs"

"Never thought I'd ever share the first picture with anyone! I barely recognize myself! In the first picture, I had been training for a marathon. In fact, it was taken in Santorini just after finishing the Athens Marathon with my hubby (amazing race, btw). Because this was basically our second honeymoon, I'd agreed to let my husband pick out a bathing suit for me, naturally, it was the tiniest one he could find. I was less than comfortable in letting anyone see it - even him! You can imagine what that lack of self-confidence was doing to our marriage. While I was proud that I had gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I still wasn't excited to wear a bathing suit (skinny-fat girl to the T) and I had been fighting hard to look good for this trip! Lol! Clearly, I was doing it all wrong."



"Watch What's Next"


"Same Weight, Different Fit. You Can't Increase Your Natural Pelvis Size, But You Can Compensate For The Shortcomings With Exercise To Create The Body You Want"


"Same Weight But 2 Years Apart"

"I've been discouraged lately because my weight loss has been much slower than I expected but after making this observation, I've realized that I've just been too focused with the numbers on the scale."



"16 Months Apart, Difference Of 5 Pounds On The Scale, 7 % Decrease In Body Fat. I Lost 5 Pounds Of Fat And Exchanged 11 More Pounds Of Fat For Muscle"


"Same Weight In Both Pics. This Is Why We Don’t Get Emosh Over Scale Weight. Glutes & Waist Though"


"I’ve Been Keeping Track Of My Progress Since I’m Officially In Wedding Countdown Mode. Compared These Two Photos Took One Month Apart. 0 Lbs Lost"

"Don’t get discouraged over the number on the scale. Take that progress photo and clap for yourself for working towards your health."



"Proof That The Number On The Scale Does Not Always Reflect Progress. There Is A 2.5-Year Difference Here, But The Number On The Scale Is The Same - 130 Lbs"

"I’ve finally learned what foods make my body feel better and how to workout smarter not harder. So if the scale isn’t moving, don’t get discouraged!"


Randy 3 year s ago
Nicely done.
Lydia 3 year s ago
*Newsflash* muscle tissue is more dense than fat tissue, which means it takes up less space at the same weight.

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