When Sex Goes Horribly Wrong… (9 PICS + 10 GIFS)

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"Got puked on while she was on top straight-up exorcist shit. Then I threw up. (Turns out we got bad sushi)"


"This was with a regular hookup. The sex was going great, until one vigorous thrust tore my frenulum.

Stinging pain, lots of blood. I wince and tell the girl something’s up and we stop and look. Girl freaks out thinking the blood is coming from her and runs to the bathroom. I go to the other bathroom and shower, attempting to see where the pain was coming from. I tell her what I find, we research and discover what a frenulum, aka banjo string, is.

We end up laughing about it, I apologize for freaking her out and making her think it was her. She stays the night anyway, end up dating, I heal up, pick up where left of and get married five years later."


"It was my first time, and the guy I was with just shoved his dick in my ass. No going slow, no lube. Just thrusting himself right up in there."


"One time she was dirty talking to me and said “You’re going to end up in a hospice and die alone”. The mood was absolutely ruined and I left, never spoke to her again."


"She shit all over my balls and thighs."


"My first and only hook-up. He got half the tip in, finished, and cried in the bathroom. I tried telling him it was kind of a compliment, but he didn’t want to hear it. He wouldn’t come out til I left and once I did, he blocked me on everything so it is what it is, I guess."


"Girl that initiated but was just completely rigid when we were having sex. Wouldn’t really spread her legs so it was like trying to fuck a pallet jack."


"We kissed for maybe 15 seconds then he tried to put it in. told me I was dry and should probably see a Dr about that when I told him I needed more than a kiss to get it started he was offended.

I pulled out some lube instead he was in there for 30-45 seconds He came, got embarrassed and walked out shortly after. texted me 3 days later telling me I was “mid” I blocked him after that"


"One of my exes was really into bondage. I mostly embraced the experience with him and actually found myself enjoying the dom part of it. We started with shackles, eventually got to the rope until he had the bright idea to try these plastic zipper cable binders.

I even told him that I don’t think that’s a good idea, considering how sharp they can be on the edges. Anyways… I tied him to the bed frame and we really got into it until I noticed that parts of the bed sheet turned red. I looked up and realized that he was basically cutting himself with the zip ties and started to bleed from ankles and wrists.

I stopped and wanted to cut him loose but he didn’t want to. In fact, he seemed to enjoy it and begged for me to go on. I did not… I cut him loose, got dressed and left. I like my sex without someone bleeding all over the place, thank you very much."


"My first time hooking up or doing anything he went down on me. He decided it would be hot to blow a raspberry on me down there like you would blow on a baby’s tummy. Then asked was that good for you? No J, it was not."


"Probably the time my partner tore a muscle during and we had to go to the ER."


"Nothing too crazy, but one time I hooked up with a tinder match. Her dog was laying on the bed next to us while we were in missionary (dog was above her head from my POV). The little dude kept staring at me with a look like, “can you please stop? “.

So I got turned off. Thanks a lot, dog."


"Around 18, I was a virgin, my girlfriend was more experienced than I was. I was the most nervous I’d ever been, and because my girlfriend quite liked me, she was also quite nervous (me losing virginity, or something like that). We’d been together for around four or five months before we took things to “the next level”.

We had sex and it was incredible – but I lasted around 45 minutes and didn’t jazz, had to stop due to sheer exhaustion… she ended up crying for the rest of the night telling me how bad she was and how I didn’t find her attractive, which somewhat ruined that first experience, and was also untrue, but there was nothing I could do or say to console her, other than tell her how much I wanted to keep going!

She ended up breaking up with me the day after, and eventually moved away. Fucked me up for a while."


"Kinda goes in hand with my second time. First time she was on her period, so I thought that’s how sex was always supposed to go. Imagine my surprise the second time, and she wasn’t on her period."


"I was hitting it doggy style and we were really into it and just when we were about to Finish… This SHARP CHARLIE HORSE SHOT UP THE BACK OF MY LEG, like a Muscle spasm… That put the brakes on EVERYTHING… I’m trying to stretch out and shes laughing…"


"First time ever, and the guy refused foreplay and just tried to shove it in. When it wouldn’t worked, he suggested I have a shower to assist in getting me wet.

I explained that I just needed a bit of foreplay and he shoved his fingers into me for about 10 seconds and then tried ramming his dick into me again. Probably went in about 2cm before he just gave up. It was like he was trying to go down a dry slip n slide. 1/10 would not recommend"


"After we finished she broke up with me and said “You know what it’s like to have sex with someone you don’t love anymore?” It felt like someone had just kicked me in the stomach."


"Didn’t even try to make me come, just fucked me, then pulled out, got the condom off, and came in my eye. Threw him out on the spot. It was 3 am and he was complaining he was lost in the sticks and it’d be hard to get a taxi. Respect your date next time, cunt."


"One of her friends kept ‘accidentally’ walking in on us, because of jealousy. If Friend wasn’t getting laid, no was got to have sex."


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