Confessions Of Shame: People Share Their Most Embarrassing Sex Moments (15 GIFS)

Posted in NSFW       18 Sep 2023       1859      

“I was having stomach issues, me and my GF at the time had sex, we were over her place. After we finished, she left the room to go wash up. I was laying on the bed, my stomach was rumbling, and I decided to trust a fart.. I Sharted on the sheets. It was pretty embarrassing. I ended up stripping the bed and throwing the sheets out before she got done in the shower. I told her what happened and she never let that one down. She was a good sport about it, shit happens.”


“When I was 16 I ejaculated almost immediately “during” sex and told her I saw a ghost in the room and lost my erection because I got spooked.”


“One time when my ex and I were completely wasted, we were having pretty aggressive sex, and I wanted to say ‘ How do you like my dick?’ but what I said was ‘ How do you like my pussy?’ and dude she laughed so hard.”


“I was getting a nice BJ from my wife. When I accidentally thrusted my hip out of “heat of the moment” right at the same time she went down and i speared the back of her throat. She fought with her acid reflux and ultimately lost as she runs to the bathroom in true projectile geyser fashion.”


“Queefing and the dude stopped and all I could say was “that was a big one”


“A friend and I in college got lucky with two of the hottest girls in our dorm building and wanted to have a four way. Basically us taking turns with each of them. Literally two girls I’ve been dreaming about. Once the moment came and we all were naked and I started with girl one, I couldn’t get it up.”


“He didn’t let me use the washroom, and instead pinned me and went down on me. It felt good for a few minutes as his tongue hit the right places, but in a blink I lost control and peed all over him and also soiled the bed.”


“Was having sex in a bathroom stall with my co worker pulled out and came but It went everywhere. We went back to work and when we were in the break room with other co workers someone pointed out she had something on her neck…. We just stared at each other. I think they knew …”


“Got a hand job from a girl when I was 16 at a party, in a bathroom at a friends house. It was the only private space available at the time. When she took her hand out if my pants it was covered in blood, and basically she’d torn my foreskin. It wasn’t painful but it was an ‘oh shit!’ moment while we worked out where the blood was coming from.”


“My 18 year old daughter at the time walking in on my husband and I, he had me tied up against the steps and was fucking my brains out.”


“My wife was on top and it slipped out and rammed full up her ass. Neither of us like the idea of anal. She couldn’t fuck for a week.”


“My wife and I were about to have sex and as we took off our clothes, I felt a fart building up. Our little dog was nearby watching, so I thought it would be funny to fart in his direction. Never trust a fart. As I opened fire, I quickly realized it was more than a fart and turned around to see a very confused dog with a small splatter of excrement on his face. He just sat there looking quizzically at me, unsure of what just happened as I cleaned him off.”


“I was so ready, that when she took my penis in hand to help guide me in, I spunked in her hand.”


“Finally after months trying to get this girl who is really hot in bed, i nutted putting the condom on:(“


“69ing with a woman who squirted (a lot) directly into my mouth. I knew she was squirted, but I wasn’t prepared for it to go in my mouth. I reflexively, immediately and forcefully threw up. Diluted by the mouthful of bodily fluid I had, the vomit went everywhere including onto her pussy.”






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