Funny Picdump (25 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       18 Apr 2012       17447
Funny Picdump

Weird Folks (116 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       10 Jan 2011       21855

These are some very strange people. They are weird because of what they are doing or what they look like or both. Apparently, these people have an awful lot of extra time on their hands and we are glad they do because they are so amusing.


Weird Folks

People Sleeping Everywhere (40 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       21 Apr 2010       26837

Sometimes when you are tired, you are tired! You can’t control it and you fall asleep…
So, here’s an amusing selection of people sleeping in weird places.

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People Sleeping Everywhere (40 pics)

Strange Body Modifications (20 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       1 Feb 2010       54871
From weird tattoos to the most unusual body and face piercings these photos have it all. I personally think it is nothing short of ridiculous but to each their own I suppose. From split tongues and special cosmetic dentistry to face tattoos and multiple face piercings that turn normal looking people into something from another planet, these photos depict the truly weird.

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Strange Body Modifications (20 pics)

Compilation of the best banned ads (34 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       29 Sep 2009       35602
Some of those ads are really weird, disturbing, chocking… while some others are funny or clever.
Whatever your feelings are concerning those ads, I’m sure you’ll understand why they have been banned.

Compilation of the best banned ads (34 pics)

Jet black pyramid as home in Saijo, Hiroshima (18 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       13 Jul 2009       16882
This pyramidal house designed by the architect Makoto Tanijiri is quite unusual and non conventional, that’s not something you see everyday! At first, you could think that it’s a house from the future but on the contrary, it’s a house inspired by the earliest houses in Japan architecture.

Jet black pyramid as home in Saijo, Hiroshima (18 pics)

People (59 pics)

Posted in RANDOM       10 Apr 2009       31092
People are different, funny, crazy, weird etc.
Very amusing collections with people in different situations ))

People (59 pics)
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