You Won't Believe These Guys Were Girls Before (30 pics)

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Balian Buschbaum

The former German pole vaulter, previously known as Yvonne Buschbaum, underwent a gender reassignment operation in 2008.

Yvonne before she retired from the sport.

And here is how Buschbaum looks now.

Loren Cameron

This picture shows Loren as a cheerful blonde woman, but those days are long gone.

Today Loren Rex Cameron is a bald muscle-bound transsexual activist and photographer, who makes self-portraits in order to “demystify the transsexual body.”

Lucas Silveira

Lucas was a tomboy during her entire childhood.

While living as a lesbian, Silveira decided to change her gender and started hormone therapy in 2010. Silveira is now a vocalist and guitarist for the rock band The Clicks.

Rocco Kayiatos

Rocco Kayiatos, also known as Katastrophe, is the first rapper to openly declare being a transsexual. However, we don’t have pictures of Rocco taken before the gender reassignment.

Thomas Beatie

Recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the “First Married Man to Give Birth”, Thomas Beatie used to be a woman before he made the decision to change genders. Thomas has now given birth to three children using donated sperm.

Ryan Sallans

Having undergone hormone therapy and surgical treatment, Sallans travels across America as a transgender advocate talking to people about what it’s like to be a transgender person.

Chaz Bono

The only daughter of American singers Sonny and Cher, she underwent a gender transition between 2008 and 2010. Bono’s story is documented in the documentary Becoming Chaz.

Andreas Krieger

Andreas was formerly the German athlete Heidi Krieger and was systematically doped with anabolic steroids since the age of 16. The doping eventually caused a gender transition. Krieger is now married to a former German swimmer, who is also a victim of massive doping.

Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie is a stand-up comedian. He became transgender at the age of 32 and often references being a transgender person in his performances.

Buck Angel

This female-to-male transsexual used to be a professional model before undergoing hormone replacement therapy. Buck now performs in adult movies and also works as an advocate, lecturer and writer.

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holly shieeettt
cubensis 10 year s ago
2012 10 year s ago
Barely 10 year s ago
Ohhhh, be nice!
2012 10 year s ago
AndyOfBeaverton 10 year s ago
“First Married Man to Give Birth”
Not possible to be a man if you have a vagina, you are a hermaphrodite.
Bookmark 10 year s ago
halfsleep 10 year s ago
That is the dumbest thing I've heard. You obviously know nothing about the subject, so why are you even speaking about it?
lolli 10 year s ago
Khysiek 10 year s ago
Why you admins are so fascinated with these ?!
Peanut 10 year s ago
The first guy/girl is good looking.
apalahnakjadi 10 year s ago
halfsleep 10 year s ago
The idiots in the comments obviously don't understand the differences between gender and sex. Sex is what's between your legs, gender is what's in your head.

Yes, you can be a man and have a vagina. Just as you can be a woman and have a penis.

Also, if you're so disgusted, then why did you click on the article? Doubting your own sexuality? Insecure? Pissed because women will find Balian Buschbaum more attractive than they would find you?
james.bones.94043 10 year s ago
They have penises as they have lower surgery done, it is called metoidioplasty or phalloplasty and some have whole vagina removed with the procedure. As for a transwomen it is called vaginoplasty. Please do some research before posting as you will sound stupid and what is with all the judgement and hate for transgender people in general?
graham.ridge1 9 year s ago
Thomas Beattie and Buck Angel to name just two still have their vaginas. Buck Angel does porn and looks revolting.
Can never understand why some people go through transgender ops but don't change the most important thing that makes a man or woman
yamint 10 year s ago
Sex is what's between your legs, gender is what you have to do and your roles in the society according to what you have between your legs, if you do otherwise, there is something wrong in your head.

Surgery can only create fake genitals, not real ones.
Jaynimal0925 9 year s ago
So for all the idiots because of the hirmones(which causes the same process to happen to that of a prepubescent boy) the actual genitals grow and change into a phallus be it small but that doesn't change the fact. Surgery is purely based on preference but a phallus is there save the internal stuff because the same amount of hormones were not introduced in vitro. FYI ALL babies start as females!

Oh yeah and though it develops differently women still have the same structures inside ie women who ejaculate !
graham.ridge1 9 year s ago
If they still have their vaginas, then they are still women.
If a woman has her breasts removed due to illness she does not refer to herself as a man.
It's what we have between our legs that determine are gender.

As for the Thomas Beatie - she may have manly features she is a woman not a man
frank_johnson 9 year s ago
No moron
ggalsman 9 year s ago
Enough of this trans hate!!
You guys, I know that deep inside you don't like trans guys because the thought of biological women actually becoming real men frightens you and makes you question your own gender!! Haha! ;-)

I'll tell you what gender is.

The penis/vagina doesn't make you a man or a woman.
No. What it does is that if you have a penis (and testicles) your body produces testosterone which makes you go through male puberty. If you have a vagina your body produces estrogen which makes you go through female puberty.
If there were something wrong with your testicles so they didnt work properly or didnt produce enough testosterone then you would never go through male puberty and you wouldnt look like a man. And same to women, if there were something wrong in their body they wouldnt developer breasts and all other female features.

So it's not what you have between your legs that makes you a man or a woman. It's the HORMONES that does. Testostrone makes you a man and estrogen a woman!

So trans guys take testosterone which makes them ??? Yes! MEN.
And trans women take estrogen which makes them ??? Yes! WOMEN.

You guys are just scared and confused because you are raised to believe that men are those with dicks.
You've learned that your "manhood" is in your dick. Without it you are nothing. You guys are so damn attached to your dicks it's pathetic!! Your manhood comes from testostrone!!
And when you see men without a dick you start to question things...

And this white crazy world is so damn focused on what you have between your legs. Yes it makes you have babies but not everyone wants that anyway so.

Whats the first thing they say when a baby is born? It's a boy! Or: It's a girl!

It startes out wrong already there. We tell our kids to judje people from the inside and not for their outside but what do many people still do? They judje you for your looks and and they judje your gender because of what you've got between your legs. Like it's any or their business anyway??

We should teach or children that people can be beautiful on the inside and that people are aloud to be whoever they want and gender is expressed individually by each person

We should teach our children to look at other people, different people with love and understanding instead of hate and judjement!

And to do that we have to play good rolemodels for them!
They should be acting as babies. Not us!

And please try to understand people who are not like you because you aint even trying.
pluttenapis 9 year s ago
And one more thing. Maybe you're not only questioning your manhood but isnt it so that you are a little afraid to meet a beautiful girl/woman and then find out she haven't got what you've expected "down there" ;-) and that scares you because you (once again) were teached people with dicks are men and then that beautiful woman you just had your eyes on are... omg a man?? :-O
You panic because you don't understand and she turned you on so that makes you gay?? Omg even worse because you were also raised to believe that homosexuality is disgusting and wrong!!

But the only reason (Until now) parents have been teaching their kids that men have dicks and women have vaginas is because until now it's actually been like that! It's now it's all starting to change and once again that scares the shit out of you!

But Guess what? That doesn't change you!

And that about removing breasts? Biological men do it to. It's called gynecomasty when they develope breasts and mastektomy to have them removed. And then you can't compare men removing their breasts and women having them removed because of cancer. That's just cruel.
Boston 3 year s ago
Lots of pretending going on...
you should know we don’t really care until you try and force us to pretend along with you or you start radicalizing naive children.
Oswald 2 year s ago
It is his or her choice and life. Don t comment if hate is only thing you can produce...
Linda 10 month s ago
why tf does this article use "she" as pronouns for guys?
they're men, so grow some brain and use "he" for fuck's sake

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