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To the attention of all Izismilers!

Concerning racism and insults on the site. Enough is enough, so whoever is throwing insults around or inciting racism on the site will be banned without warning.

Enjoy the picdump and see you tomorrow. Cheers!


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Star 11 year s ago
SuckaMC 11 year s ago
What kind of fun will this be with out insults and racism? I mean those two things along with Porn make up 90% of the internet....... Can we talk about political things.....like fascism?

And what about Mr.Ree?... his social vocabulary will literally leave him with nothing to say but vowels....

Oh Izi.... you have broken my heart.... you n-words...
Brumle 11 year s ago
Racism and insults have no place on a sophisticated site like izismile.
SuckaMC 11 year s ago
I am so very proud of you Iz'ites.... I think it is quite clear that the majority of you are against this idea of banning people for their comments...

I stopped going to the Chive for their douche bag administration... and there are plenty of sites out there like yours...

Your move Izismile admins.... the people have spoken... Please dont cave to the PC zealots..... let us be free.
ALeach 11 year s ago
#10 Get a job you Hobo.
dob48 11 year s ago
My sympathy to the billionaire Muslims in the Middle East. Probably some of the most underprivileged people in the world.
ALeach 11 year s ago
#87 LOL
Cream 11 year s ago
#87 is racist. Ban the guy who posted it!
Book__ 11 year s ago
The end of Mr.Ree at last, Huzza!
orendadude 11 year s ago
#54-love a girl who enjoys a good prick!
laughinggas 11 year s ago
Jewish +25 points and Christian +5 !!!!! Get the fuck out of here.
huh 11 year s ago
how will they ban people when the site doesnt even require a sign in to post?
Faster 11 year s ago
grey pill ofc
Jersey Petey 11 year s ago
Sadly, Mr. Ree, the troll will go on and on. If not here, someplace else. I never could understand that sense of humor. Sure, it's shocking but it's so adolescent. Such a little boy....
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
First off, this site shows racists photos and videos - I just comment on them - I'm not the one posting them. If you don't want the comments, don't post racists items. If you don't want comments about sex and/or tits, don't post pics of pretty girls or scantily clad girls. Here's a thought - do away with commenting altogether.
Bookmark 11 year s ago
How about you stop posting stupid niggers and pure faggotry, and we'll stop insulting stupid niggers and faggots?

Is that a fair compromise?
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
#64 - insulting and offensive to any race or culture that was persecuted by the nazis - please remove this photo so that Jews and other will not be offended.
This is the Internet, gosh darn it and we can't just go around willy nilly hurting peoples feelings! It's so unkind!!!
samthesham 11 year s ago
Mr. Ree doesnt post as a member anyway he can always make variations on the name. Seriously Izi more then half the shit you post on here is racist and insulting. Double standard. Thanks for the picdumps but yall can suck my dick!
drgdrgdrg 11 year s ago
Freedom of speech!
Against censorship!
Ambivalent 11 year s ago
Yeah censorship isn't great, but Ree is a dick. We're relying on izi here to enforce responsibly and make Mr Ree go bye bye but not abuse their privaledges. If they do, then we can leave. I'll be happier not having to read his shit anymore.

It's difficult to define what is offensive, but Mr Ree certainly was, while everyone knows funny videos of Russians driving is fine :-)
drgdrgdrg 11 year s ago
Btw. what is considered racism here?
I would consider a statement like "All n-words are subhuman and should be killed." racist and this statement is not my opinion. But what about stating facts like "Every country, which is ruled by Negros, is a bad place for living." or "In average Negros have a lower IQ than Asians"? Is stating facts considered racist, too?
Oh... I'm pretty sure, I saw pictures posted here, which could be considered racist. You know, like the picture of a picture of a Negro and the picture of a gorilla placed side by side (their noses looked very similar). Is comparing the nose of a Negro to the nose of a gorilla considered racist? They look much more alike than the nose of a white person and the nose of a gorilla.
Oh.. I'm pretty sure I saw the "Africa today" picture posted here, too. You know "Rome 2000 years ago, China 3000 years ago, England 1000 years ago,.....Africa today". Is pointing out which discoveries and cultural advances were made by different races (evolving sub-species of homo sapiens) considered racist?
admin 11 year s ago
Blah blah blah, trolls :)
Thanks guys, we appreciate your opinion.
I won't feed trolls anymore. I think nobody will miss Mr. Ree for the next week.
BTW. Mr. Ree (I'm not quite sure but I suspect the person who comes here under ip 71.!!.!!.234), see you in a week if you dare to come back.
SuckaMC 11 year s ago
Hope you re-read the post admin... If you really do appreciate our opinions then you will just let this banning idea go... I dont think you truly want to cater to "the easily offended"... seems like suicide for your kind of site....

I am going to go back to commenting freely... and just so you are aware... you are about to make a Martyr out of Mr.Ree..... good luck with that.....
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
Most people don't really know what racism is but they use the word anyway. Here's a fairly accurate definition...

"It's prejudice when Mr. Smith feels unhappy when Mr. Johnson moves in next door because he doesn't like Mr. Johnson's skin color or ethnic identity.
It's bigotry when Mr. Smith refuses to invite Mr. Johnson into his home or offer him friendly waves of greeting.
It's racism when Mr. Smith uses threats and intimidation to attempt to drive Mr. Johnson and his family out of the neighborhood. "

A racist is also someone who wants to eliminate or kill all of a certain ethnicity or religious belief.
Nazi's were racists.
Many Muslims are racists.

I'm a bigot. Al Sharpton is a bigot. Jesse Jackson is a bigot.
The people that run Izismile and make the decision(s) what to post on the website are bigots - this is shown by many of the photos and videos they post.
However, they are also hypocrites as they choose to show racially insensitive or derogatory material, but are now telling visitors that they cannot comment in the same way (insensitively or derogatorily).
Think what you may about me, I don't give a shit, but I stand behind what I post and am an equal-opportunity offender as I have made negative comments about blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians, Women, Jews, old people, disabled people, gays, and many many others. In essence, Fuck you all!
Another thing, the 'Mr. Ree' name is not just one person - there are seven of us that share the moniker, using different locations and computers. That's why the style of the posts varies at times. Of course, this doesn't include all the fake 'Mr. Ree's' that post some of the more offensive material. Plus, I/we didn't invent the name, "Mr. Ree" - there are 1000's of them on the internet.
So, Izismile can try to ban 'Mr. Ree' but with the use of various ISP's, computers, and proxies, is it worth the efforts?
If the owners/moderators of Izismile would care to discuss this, open up a thread to do so.

Still here.
drgdrgdrg 11 year s ago
@Ambivalent and all
Well, I personally saw Mr. Rees posts as a counterpoint to the omnipresent political correctness. So sometimes I loled. Political correctness sucks. E.g. in my country it's forbidden to publish the nationality of a criminal in the news. If it is true, tell the truth. Also we are told all the time how "cool" and normal it is to put ur weiner in another mans asshole. No! If one wants to put it in another mans asshole or if one likes to have his asshole penetrated, fine. Their weiners, their assholes, their choice. But don't tell me it is normal. It is just as normal as "two girls one cup", it isn't. I don't want to see it, I don't want to hear about it. I don't shit in the streets, I don't tell people about my diarrhea and I certainly don't tell people, that my diarrhea is normal, just because other people have diarrhea, too. Diarrhea is a disease, sadly it is "normal" that people have diseases, but the disease itself is not normal. I consider homosexuality as evolutionary variance in the human population, transgenderism as severe mental disorder.

I have to admit, that I was trolling you a little when I used the word "Negro", but well "Negro" means just "Black". So...
But would you be so kind, to address my questions regarding the two pictures I mentioned? I'm very sure, I saw them posted here more than once and I visit your site since dilidoo times...
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
I would like to make a suggestion: if the owners of Izismile want to control the comments section of the website, I recommend that they require registration for all those that wish to leave comments.
That is how it's done on a gazillion other websites.

Izismile moderators - how in the world can you post the following video and not be considered bigoted? Do you think this portrays African-Americans in a positive light?
Are you trying to make Izismile into another Ebaum?

drgdrgdrg 11 year s ago
@ Mr Ree and admin
I see the requirement for registration as hindering the communication. I would not have made my comments if I had to register first.
It is your site, but it is not like there are hundreds of posts in every picture thread, the spam rate is very low and the occasional racist trolling... well, I consider it as freedom of speech and I liked this place because it was possible to read the uncensored, unfiltered opinions of all kind of different visitors posted from the security of anonymity ... something you don't have often in the net. Most other forums are either political correct mainstream or if not political correct than extreme right wing. This is one of the few places where different opinions meet without being censored.
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
"This is one of the few places where different opinions meet without being censored."

...not for much longer, it seems...
DarkWolf 11 year s ago
I'd think it a sad and shallow place without Mr. Ree. Love or hate them, once in awhile their posts are insightful and actually thought provoking.
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
If Izismile admin would like to contact me, email me at:

[email protected]
GOODSTUFF4U 11 year s ago
Internet vigilantism is on the rise. So far, digital avengers have more or less limited their activities to shaming and exposing pedophiles, con men and giant douchebags. However, one can easily see a future where the moral-minded folks dish their harsh citizen justice out on anyone who steps outside the tight parameters of their idea of acceptable behavior.
frankgel 11 year s ago
#26 you're doing it wrong
#46 Forever alone
#49 ...and hot enough
and to all of you, stop the stupid discussion, if you don't like the posts or the comments, FUCK YOU!
Gun 11 year s ago
racism is bad and you should feel bad
Mr Lee 11 year s ago
People come here just for some smiles. Most people that comments here add some extra smiles. Why ban? I think like and dislike button are doing its job.
izzimyfizzi 11 year s ago
What's next? Banning all the titty and slut photos? I think not.
If you're going to stand up about one thing, then you'll have to do it for all the people who are offended by the material you post on here Izismile.
I think you're actually trying to play Ghod.

I actually like Mr. Ree's comments. Far more amusing than some of the other dribble that dickheads leave.
Barely 11 year s ago
Ban the trolls! Ban them with fire!
Mr. Ree 11 year s ago
For those that support free speech, thank you.
For those that don't, go fuck yourselves!
orendadude 11 year s ago
Well said Mr. Ree, well said. As a poster here on Izi who, from time to time, upsets someone's alppecart, I also throw my support behind you. To this day it amazes me how whenever we raise valid and articulate points that do not support political correctness, the sheep of the world who have drank the new world goverment koolaid, band together and follow as if they are being led by the nose with a ring in it.
As a canadian, I am proud to be able to present my opinion and am quite comfortable with people who do not agree with me. That's how it is supposed to work! I don't give a rats ass if someone does not like my point of view. The difference between them,and I beleive you and I, is we respect their right to not agree. Apparantly that only goes one way though when it comes to the sheep. I will not apologize for my opinions as I feel the sheep promote racism and bigotry by their constant efforts to suppress people like ourselves. If you don't like my country, don't come! If you don't like my country, get the fuck out. If you don't like the ability to have free choice and free opinion, stay in your fucked up, archaic country and kill eachother off. Leave me the fuck out of your religon, politics and complete lack of moral fibre when it comes to other people around the world. I, for one, am fed up with bieng buttfucked by passive aggressive, self righteous no minds who don't have the balls to stand up for what they believe in. Lastly, I think you are funnier than fuck. Keep the faith brother!
Mission 11 year s ago
guys, racist or not, its better laugh at each other than sit in a dark corner and cry yourself to sleep because of it.
Lacesso 11 year s ago
It's about time I was sick of seeing that in the comments on everything I looked out. Didnt' you guys have anything better to do?

The pictures are light-hearted fun and can't really be considered racist....you people take it too far in the comments for a public site without any age restrictions.
nocensoringallowed 11 year s ago
well, hells bells..
Making fun of Mr Ree's postings is/was a good way to start my day..
I'd miss the hell out of him and that orendadude character, too..
clyde 11 year s ago
Good on you izi. Make a stand against the mindless muck. The world does not need any more of that garbage.

If your head is full of disgusting and childish thoughts it is your choice, dont blame Izi. That is like the morons that would rape a girl and blame her because she wore a short skirt.

Racism, Sexism, not funny not humorous. Its destructive and stupid. And again good on you Izismile.
rob12 11 year s ago
Mr. Ree is funny
vv 11 year s ago
yellow pill... yeah, yellow
random_integer 11 year s ago
this banning business is just dumb. Most of Mr. Rees comments have been so over the top that they're just funny.

If people are insulted by his comments, I can't understand why they would visit this site that provides alot of pictures that are more insulting than what he writes
ptpie 11 year s ago
dosen't bother me... I can deal with it or not ... ta da
Fenrisulven 11 year s ago
So... How do you guys define racism then?? And does this mean I cannot insult idiots any more?
2Cool4Ice 11 year s ago
did any body else notice that the girl in #1 was not even under the water..
Sigh 11 year s ago
#71 what a pile of crap.
mouseman 11 year s ago
free speech? sure, but where is the question.
this is a private site, not a public place.
the admins can censor whatever they like.
trolls that like free speech so much can go and spew their
bullshit in front of their own house.
Krull777 11 year s ago
#8 Now kiss.
#43 Yellow
#66 This is America and we'll talk however the freak we want!



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