Random Facts about the Porn Industry (25 pics)

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Jenna Jameson hasnt starred in or been featured in a porn movie since 2007 yet she remains the highest earning porn star grossing 30 million in 2012. The second highest grossing porn star is Tera Patrick at only 15 million. Needless to say, it isnt even close.

If you have A-Cup breasts or smaller, dont worry about getting seen in Australia. They have a ban on pornography featuring women with tiny breasts. There is def a good Australian porn joke in here somewhere.

The majority of porn websites, free and paid, feature videos and clips they purchased from other developers. A small percentage of porn sites actually include original content.

Women watch porn. If a woman tells you she doesnt, she is lying. More people are watching porn than Hulu, Twitter, and Facebook combined. It isnt just the bros out there doing the porn watching, women are too.

Porn controls digital media. A great example was VHS. Before everyone was on board with VHS, Betamax was fighting tooth and nail for control. Porn chose to use VHS tapes as its main source of distribution and the rest is history. Same can be said for Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. Porn chose the former and now you can buy HD-DVDs for a dollar.

Porn does and doesnt lead to sex crimes. That is a fact. Wait There are about 4,000 studies proving one side or the other and not one of them is conclusive. So, until otherwise noted, porn doesnt lead to sex crimes. Or maybe it does. We might not ever know.

Rule 34. If you ever wondered about what it stood for, wonder no more. It basically states that if anything exists, there is porn for it. For example, if you love to see women dressed as Mario having sex with guys dressed as Elmo, according to Rule 34, there is a porn out there for it.

Jackie Chan didnt get his start in porn but it did help. Back in 1975, he was struggling to break into the movie business so he did a couple adult films that featured little fighting and lots of crotch shots.

If you thought having a family member starring in porn was awkward, try having both of your parents starring in it. Movie star Thora Birch knows the feeling as both her parents started off as porn stars and even had roles in the porn classic Deep Throat.

Thanksgiving is the least popular day of the year to view porn. The most popular day for porn viewing? Sundays.

If life was a porno, nothing would ever get accomplished. It would just be a world full of people having sex. Everywhere.

People in South Korea have to use their version of a Social Security number to access any porn material online. BigBrotherProblems

North Korea pretty much s#cks at life anyways but if you are caught viewing porn the punishment is death.

It is tough to research how porn affects a mans love life because almost every single man watches porn. Someone from the University of Montreal tried conducting a study but when he tried to put together a control group of men in there 20s that havent consumed porn, he couldnt find a single one.

Which state in the United States has the largest consumption of porn per capita? Utah. Thats right folks, that was not a typo. Utah has the largest consumption of porn per capita in the US. Bet you didnt see that one coming.

Almost 60 of Mississippi is white but the number one most searched porn term is ebony followed by gay black. Did we just end racism in Mississippi?"

The largest porn network in the world sets up shop in Canada. Really? Those crazy Canucks had to be good at something else besides hockey and it looks like we just found it.

Even if it is illegal to broadcast pornography in some countries, if you stay at a hotel, they are exempt to satisfy all international visitors. Besides, close to 70 of room service revenue comes from ordering porn. So dont be bashful, everyone is doing it.

For every man that thinks he can start a career in porn, nice try. Unless you have connections or a smoking hot woman willing to join you, guys chances of becoming a porn star are slim to none. There is one other way but you need to ask Ron Jeremy about that.

The most searched porn related word in America is MILF. The second most searched is Teen. Unfortunately for all the betters at home, anal comes in at tenth.

What feature on the female body do you think men focus on during a porn viewing? It isnt the ass, breasts, or legs. It is the face. Of all the body parts to stare at during the moment, men would rather chose to look at the womens face. That is a bit ironic, dont you think?

At any second of the day, worldwide, almost as much as 30,000,000 unique visitors are viewing porn. So when you are sitting around the house during the day and think you are the only person creepy enough to be porn surfing, think again. In fact, for a 30 second porn clip, almost a million people have joined in on the action.

Male porn performers do not bring home all that much bacon. They can make more money performing in gay porn than straight porn, as much as three times as much per film. The term you are looking for is gay for pay.

Just about half of the Internet is made up of porn or porn related content. Think about that commies before you go all Red Dawn on boycotting pornography on the Internet.

In 2001, there were around 70,000 adult websites. Today, just 12 years later, they are more than 4.2 million pornographic websites in the US alone. It does not take a math major to figure out that increase is tremendous. Either people are lying about porn or people are lying about porn.

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chewie402 8 year s ago
"I'm fairly sure if they took all the porn off the internet, there'd only be one website left, and it'd be called 'Bring Back The Porn'" -- Dr. Cox from Scrubs.



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