Porn Star Scandals That Made the News (10 pics)

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These adult actors and actresses made news headlines for being totally scandalous.

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee became known for sleeping with Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock. This tattoo-covered anternative model and porn actress hit the news in 2010, claiming she had texts as proof of their indiscretions with James. Bullock was coming off a win at the Oscars where she had thanked her husband, and then news about her husband probably cheating on her with a chick who has her forehead tattooed hit the public.

Miss Delaware Teen USA winner Mellisa King happened to have performed in porn which got out soon after she got the title. The scandal was nationwide, and it hit international news. Her porn video became one of the most often torrented and viewed videos that year.

A Duke university student made the mistake of disclosing her porn star status to her peer. It wasn't long before the campus knew about Bella Knox, their fellow colleague porn star. It didn't end on gossip, since her story hit the news, with her real name exposed in the process. From a university student doing porn, she quickly became an internationally recognized porn star.

Traci Lords appeared in television shows such as Roseanne, Married with Children, as a regular on the sci-fi show First Wave, and later on Nash Bridges, Gilmore Girls, The Profiler and others. A porn star turned mainstream actress wouldn't be news worthy, except that Traci tuned out to have played in over 100 porn films prior to turning 18. She used a fake ID when she started her porn career at the age of 16. The scandal was international.

Cameron Bay's name appeared in the news because of a HIV infection scandal she took part in. Bay contracted HIV from her fellow porn actor, during a shoot. Four other actors, and Bay’s boyfriend, contracted the disease as a result.

In late January 2013 Ron Jeremy suffered an aneurysm near his heart that almost killed him, and kept him hospitalized for weeks. It was international news and fans from different countries cheered for him to return to his health. Later he spoofed Miley Cyrus' Wreckingball, and the video to his song cover went viral.

Jenna Jameson retired from porn, and married UFC fighter Tito Ortiz. Domestic disputes, custody battles over their twins, and accusations of drug use fueled the on-screen drama, which was more than enough to appear on national news.

Max Hardcore's house was raided by the FBI for obscenity in 2005, with one agent accidentally discharging a weapon. Max hit the news, and some people would try to defend him, while others were disgusted by the videos he was charged for filming.

Sasha Grey has made news several times over a few years, but the most amusing was the furor her appearance at a kid’s reading program caused among the “general public.”

Mia Khalifa is an Lebanon born American, and a porn star who became a celebrity overnight. The scandal she was involved in was a porn shooting where she wore a hijab. She has received death threats from Muslim religious nut jobs, which didn't discourage her from her line of work. On the contrary, it boosted her popularity to ridiculous proportions and made her name appear all over the news - both national and international. Her name is the most searched porn star name of 2014 and 2015.

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