The Sexiest Girls of James Bond Movies (22 pics)

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Cecile Thomsen – Tomorrow Never Dies

She had a minor, minor role, and that’s the only reason she’s at the bottom of this list, cause Cecile is one of the hottest blondes the Bond franchise has ever seen.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta – The World Is Not Enough

Blink and you’ll miss her, Maria has a brief scene as an assassin. Either way, she was so eye catching, even if it was only for a couple of minutes, that she earned a spot on this list.

Claudine Auger – Thunderball

Fun fact, Claudine Auger was so hot back in her day she came second place in the 1958 Miss World contest. A chick who was once considered the second most beautiful woman on the planet deserves a spot on COED’s list.

Akiko Wakabayashi – You Only Live Twice

I’m not going lie and say I’ve seen this one — it came out in ’67 so it’s a little dated, but Akiko might make me go back in time and check this one out.

Madeline Smith

I gotta show some love to the original movies, so that is why Ms. Smith finds her way on to this list.

Teri Hatcher – Tomorrow Never Dies

The 90’s Bond movies might have been horrible, but they might have had the best collection of women. Hatcher played Bond’s ex, and dated the bad guy. Not exactly creative character arcs, but Hatcher looked good doing it.

Shirley Eaton- Goldfinger

She’s the one who was painted solid gold in Goldfinger, so that’s reason enough to put her on this list.

Eva Green – Casino Royale

Casino Royale brought Bond back from the dead that Pierce Brosnan put him in. With a new found sense of grit and reality, Bond had finally found his stride. A large part of the success of that film was Bond’s relationship with his ally Vesper Lynd, played by Eva Green. It established Bond as a man capable of showing women compassion, unlike previous iterations of the character. That shower scene established a Bond that would be far more complex then we’ve ever seen him.

Rosamund Pike – Die Another Day

Rosamund Pike, of throat-slashing Gone Girl fame, was looking hot long before that in Die Another Day. Yet again playing the psycho b*tch, it’s clear that Rosamund has a clear gift for playing crazy hot chicks.

Britt Ekland – The Man With The Golden Gun

Google her, and she isn’t lookin’ too good these days, but back in her Bond girl days, Britt Ekland was as good as it gets.

Barbara Bach – The Spy Who Loved Me

You know how you learn something new everyday? While making this list, I learned that Barbara is married to none other than Ringo Starr. She’s hot and she’s married to a rock legend, so number 12 it is.

Sophie Marceau – The World Is Not Enough

Remember her awesome name? Elektra King. Bond is tasked by M to protect her at all costs. Those costs included Bond gettin’ some (obviously) so that sounds like a fair deal to me.

Olga Kurylenko – Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace is the most forgettable of the Daniel Craig Bond flicks, but not Olga. I remember every last scene she was in, and you should too.

Gemma Arterton – Quantum of Solace

Again, another entry from Quantum of Solace. Average movie, A + Bond girls. You might recognize Gemma and all her sexiness from Prince Of Persia, where she essentially played a Middle Eastern Bond girl.

Denise Richards – The World Is Not Enough

Dr. Christmas Jones is one of the all time Bond girl names. Some may not remember, but back in the 90’s, Denise Richards was one of the hottest people on the planet (ever seen Wild Things?). While lately she has gone on to become famous for being both Charlie Sheen’s and Coach Marty Daniels’ (Blue Mountain State) ex wife, there was a time when she was on top of the world. This was it.

Caterina Murino – Casino Royale

She isn’t in the movie very long, but her scenes are memorable one. Even though Bond straight up plays her for information (like a boss), he never gets to seal the deal, which in my expert opinion, was a huge mistake.

Halle Berry – Die Another Day

Halle Berry was a huge get for Die Another Day. Coming off a Oscar award and that super famous nude scene in Swordfish, Halle Berry was on top of the world. The movie was a mess, but Berry was anything but.

Ursula Andress

She was in the first James Bond film, Dr. No. Ursula Andress was a sex symbol back in her day, and her role as Honey Ryder only solidified that. Interestingly, she also won a Golden Globe for this role.

Famke Janssen – Goldeneye

This chick knows how to play a crazy, badass, but mainly crazy chick, as she is also famous for playing Jean Grey in the X-Men franchise. One of the things I remember most from Goldeneye is Famke’s character choking the hell out of dudes, and looking sexy as all hell doing it.

Izabella Scorupco – Goldeneye

Further proof that while the Pierce Brosnan Bond flicks were awful, their Bond girls were the best. This Swedish bomb shell was actually one of the good guys, and helped Bond defeat Sean Bean’s (Ned Stark!) character. On second thought, Goldeneye was pretty decent.

Monica Bellucci – Spectre

The newest Bond girl in the franchise, Monica Bellucci is unquestionably one of the hottest women to ever appear in a Bond movie. I haven’t even seen Spectre yet, and I know she’s going to kill it. After stealing scenes in minor roles (remember her in that red leather dress in the Matrix Reloaded?!) , Bellucci finally got her chance at a major American blockbuster with Spectre. Let’s hope she sticks arond.

Bérénicee Marlohe – Skyfall

She’s French, she’s a little bad, a little even more mysterious, and a whole lot of sexy. This was a hard list to put together, but my number one choice was easy. Plus, Skyfall is the best Bond movie our generation has seen.

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