Odd And Bizarre Bits Of Knowledge About Sex (25 pics)

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According to The State University of New York study, semen can help fight depression. Semen contains chemicals that elevate mood, increase affection, and induce sleep. It also contains cortisol, which is known to increase feelings of affection in the brain.

Researchers at Rutgers University used MRI imaging to find out exactly what happens in your brain when you’re aroused. What they found is that different regions of the brain become activated in response to stimulation of the vagina, cervix, clitoris, and nipples.

The average female orgasm lasts twenty seconds—fourteen seconds longer than the male orgasm.

During sexual intercourse, in addition to the genitals and breasts, the inner nose also swells.

-321° F is the temperature at which sperm banks store donor semen. At this temperature semen can be stored indefinitely.

While giving birth, some women have been known to experience orgasm.

Besides humans, bonobos (a type of chimp) and dolphins are the only animals that have sex for pleasure.

It takes two tablespoons of blood to get the average penis erect.

Despite many people using it as a common excuse to avoid sex, sex can actually relieve a headache since it releases the tension, which restricts blood vessels in the brain.

Studies have shown that eighty-five percent of men who die of heart attacks during intercourse were cheating on their wives. Hmmm, guilty consciences I suppose.

Greek couples have sex an average of 138 times a year, placing them at the top of the world sex league. Japanese couples have sex just forty-five times a year, which puts them in last place.

During an average man’s lifetime, he will ejaculate approximately seventeen liters of semen, which amounts to about half a trillion sperm.

When a man ejaculates, the initial spurt travels at twenty-eight miles an hour—faster than the world record for the 100-meter sprint, which currently stands at 27.49 miles an hour.

For both men and women the heart rate averages 140 beats per minute at orgasm. That’s considered a tachycardia.

Marilyn Monroe, the most celebrated sex icon of the twentieth century, confessed to a friend that despite her three husbands and a parade of lovers, she had never had an orgasm.

A teaspoon of semen contains approximately five calories. Half an hour of intense sex burns off an average of one hundred to two hundred calories.

The vibrator, a common sex toy for women, was originally designed in the nineteenth century to fight the anxiety-related symptoms of hysteria. There was even a play about it, In the Next Room (also known as The Vibrator Play), performed in 2009.

A chicken egg could accommodate the number of female ova necessary to repopulate the earth to its present population.

The earth could be repopulated to its current level using the amount of sperm that could fit in an aspirin capsule.

In the Aztec culture avocados were considered so sexually powerful that virgins were restricted from contact with them.

Chocolate contains phenylethylamine, the same feel-good chemical responsible for the ecstatic high people experience in sexual attraction and love.

Researchers have repeatedly observed female penguins exchanging sexual favors with male penguins that aren’t their mates in exchange for pebbles they will use to build nests for their babies. Yep, female penguins engage in a bizarre form of prostitution.

The earliest known illustration of a man using a condom during sexual intercourse is painted on the wall of a cave in France. It is dated between twelve thousand and fifteen thousand years old.

In ancient Greece the common slang for oral sex was “playing the flute.”

During World War I members of the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) discovered you could use semen as invisible ink. They stopped using it after they realized how badly it smelled when it got old.

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