What It's Like To Have Two Vaginas? (19 pics)

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Aaand, they are both functioning well!

So, what's it really like to have two vaginas? To understand the following story, you're going to want to have a solid hold on what it's like to have ONE vagina -- you know, the norm. Check out this diagram for a refresher, and to feel like you're in health class again.

Aright, so now that you've got a handle on the one vagina thing, here's what it's like to have two. The condition is known as uterus didelphys, and one Redditor claims that she has it -- and also took the time to explain what it means

To have this condition isn't just about having a double uterus. Nope, she's got two uteri, two cervices and two vaginas. Basically, two of everything. Have questions? So do we.

For starters, the diagnosis took a lot longer than she thought. She never thought of this on her own, and she found out when she was 16. She said she cried when the doctor told her the news.

The diagnosis came with some other stipulations as well, but some thing were normal. And although doctors told her to use two tampons at a time, she wrote that she only uses one. "I have two fallopian tubes, one connected to each uterus," she wrote. "I menstruate once a month."

And then there's the matter of telling her sex partners. She said that most guys are usually disbelief. Luckily, she's found a guy who's more than happy with all her extra parts.

Her boyfriend also joined in on the Reddit conversation. When her boyfriend was asked what his first reaction was when he found out about her two vaginas, he thought, "This sounds fun."

There are a few subtle differences between the two. Like the old saying goes, no two vaginas are created equal.

It does make sex a little bit weird, and sometimes, uncomfortable. According to her, it depends on which vagina she used. The one on the left is smaller, so it can hurt during intercourse.

And digital intercourse (aka fingering) seems strange as well. The most popular question for her partner was how fingering went for the couple. Did he stick a finger in each vagina? Apparently, that's exactly what happens.

For all things sexual, she says she prefers her right vagina. Her and her partner aim for the one on the right, because it's bigger and feels more comfortable.

Then there's the matter of orgasming. She says that she can only have clitoral orgasms because the septum that separates her two vaginas covers her G-spot completely.

Otherwise, their sex life is pretty normal. In other words, there might be one more vagina at the party than they invited, but it doesn't stop them from having a good time.

And if she's riding solo, she simply gets to choose. When asked about masturbation, she said, "[It's] not much different. I just get to choose which vagina."

She also got a lot of questions about pregnancy. She can definitely get pregnant, and there's even a chance that she can be pregnant twice at once, one baby in each uterus.

But no matter what, she'll have to give birth via C-section. Since she has two uteruses instead of one, natural birth would present too many complications. "My uteri are smaller than normal so I am at risk for miscarriage, intrauterine growth restriction (small babies), and premature babies," she wrote.

Despite her rare condition, she claims she's as happy as can be. Her boyfriend also backed her up, saying both are incredibly happy with their relationship, including the physical aspects.

There's only one more burning question that people seem to be asking. And admit it, you were wondering, too.


No, her boyfriend does not have two penises. "Last time I counted there was just one," he wrote. But I haven't checked in a while and I'm not very good at counting."

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all women have two vaginas,

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