Even Movie Posters Can Get Banned! (18 pics)

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Pretty much tells you what you need to know; a girl has teeth in her vagina.

The MPAA wasn’t a fan.


This one got banned for excessive nudity. Apparently, there was too much breast and nipple on display and that’s just not okay for today’s youth and movie going crowd (not that kids should be watching this film).

Someone, please think of the children.


This simple poster is just brilliant in how it marketed the film. Too bad the MPAA didn’t really like the severed fingers in the place of the number two, or “II” roman numerals.


This Belgian black comic mockumentary was already under fire for it’s subject matter about a serial killer followed by a camera crew. Then they had to go and put him shooting someone in the poster, and have a pacifier floating through the air. Sure, it implies that he may have shot a baby, but that’s not conclusive.

In any case, both France and the UK banned it.


Between the American flag loincloth, the Christ-like pose and the proximity to a vagina, the censors weren’t a fan of this poster.


It wasn’t the nudity that got this poster banned, but the title. Apparently, it was just too sexually offensive for the UK censors and they thought it was too inappropriate for public consumption.


This Hungarian edition of the poster was banned because the title was spelled out in sperm, or what looks like it.

So, just so we’re all on the same page; movie posters can have blood, but semen is a no. Makes sense.


This ban was totally unnecessary. Anyone who doesn’t understand what’s going on the poster, is too young to be scarred by it. Anyone who knows what they’re looking at, shouldn’t be worried about a little implied oral sex.

It does a body good, folks.


Do you see that tiny little butt in the poster? Look closely and squint a bit – that’s a butt! Holy shit! Ban this poster and burn it to hell.

The thought of a butt, something we all have, on a movie poster. Scandal.


It’s the hint of a nipple ring that got this one sent to the burn pile. Apparently, that’s too much for America to handle.


How else are you gonna make a movie about a serial killer who bakes people in to pies? I’m sure there probably was a more tame way to advertise this film in Australia, but with all the other things down under that will legit end you just for looking at them the wrong way, this poster is too far?


Santa wielding an axe was apparently something the world wasn’t ready to see, and was banned because kids might think that their favourite holiday character was an axe-murderer. Because kids are impressionable like that.


This small budget film lost it’s best idea for a poster, because the MPAA didn’t like the fact that a kid was holding a hunting knife. It’s relevant to the plot, and very important, but they just couldn’t find a way to be okay with the knife.


It’s a movie about a cannibal, who actually carves out, cooks and feeds a guy a part of his brain. But, this poster of a maniacal Hopkins looking like he was cut and sewn back together, is too much.

Okay guys, where’s the consistency?


In some cases, you don’t need blood, nipples or dismemberment to shock the sensors; you just need stuffed animals having sex.

That’ll ban you for life.


Different markets had different reasons for banning it. Some hated the bedazzled gun on his sweater. Others thought the hand placement and gesture was too suggestive. I mean, the implication is dirty, sure, but it fits the spirit of this dumpster fire of a film.


Can you guess what got this poster banned in France, as well as other territories across the world? It took me a while too.

It’s the cigarette. Some censors won’t allow ads to contain smoking, so this one was banned.


This one was banned because it looked like the priest was being put in a sexually compromised position. Apparently priests don’t like being throttled and ridden by vampires, and the censors agree.

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Man Bites Dog: at least in France, they replaced the pacifier by a denture. Because shooting babies isn't OK, shooting elderly people is (I guess).
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