Adult Movie Stars Reveal Hidden Industry Secrets (6 pics + 8 gifs)

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Male actors are often chosen based on size

“In porn, even I could potentially feel inadequate, but I very quickly remind myself that the actors are often chosen for their large ‘talents’ more than for their pretty faces or acting skills.” -Theo Ford


Anal sex is almost never spontaneous while filming

“No adult film actress wakes up one morning (or afternoon) and says, ‘I’m going to do anal today!’ A lot of the porn that I watch makes it look like the couple just spontaneously decided to stick it in there. They didn’t. The girl most likely had to prep the entire day before.” -Ember Snow


Not all gay porn stars are gay

“Gay porn sometimes exaggerates the sexuality of the actors ― a good amount of gay porn models are straight and use straight porn on set to get hard to perform.” -Pierce Paris


The average penis size stacks up differently

“The world average penis size is about 6 inches, but in porn, it’s often over 8 or 9. Funnily enough, I often forget that that’s the case and am almost surprised if I meet a guy with an average penis size.” -Theo Ford


Gay porn tends to be more exaggerated

“The romance and connection angle you see in porn plots tends to be exaggerated in gay porn. (Straight porn content is marketed as more rough and physical.) That detail might be why gay porn attracts more female viewers than one would think.” -Pierce Paris


Butts are usually smaller than they look

“A lot of people think you have to be very curvy to be in porn, with a nice round bum, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you are often encouraged to be as small as possible and let the camera do the rest.” ―Jade Jordan


Porn stars aren’t always horny

“The funniest misconception is that porn stars are always horny and down to fuck. There are days you have no interest in sex, it does happen, and if not careful, your partner won’t understand why either. We are real people with real lives just like everyone else.” -Kelley Cabbana


Acting in porn is exhausting work

“Porn actors spend hours in the same position to get the shot. You are sore after hours of filming. Being on set, it’s hot and your makeup runs and you get sweaty fast. You work long days and long hours filming to create a 15-minute clip of pure perfection.”

“There are techniques to blow jobs that you learn; it’s not just sucking on a lollipop. The time you spend shooting the same scene over and over truly does happen and you will go home with your jaw sore from sucking and using every inch of your tongue on the scene.” -Kelley Cabbana


Climax shots are… loads of work

“I have seen multiple companies use little syringes and a long tube filled with fake cum lube, like SPUNK Lube. Then, when it comes time to film the magic shot, they have someone controlling the syringe squirt it out … sometimes it takes a few tries.” -Aubrey Kate


There’s prep work before anal scenes

“You have to literally change your diet (if you haven’t already), take a mixture of laxatives and anti-diarrhea medication to clean you out and then stop your bowels from moving. Then you have to clean yourself out the day of the shoot and most of all, prep yourself with lots of lube that the camera almost never shows.” -Ember Snow


Most women are not that theatrical

“Loud orgasms are definitely exaggerated. I haven’t screamed, yelled and ‘put on a show’ since I was 18 and trying to mimic porn videos. No one is that loud and dramatic.” -Lindsey Leigh


The positions and fantasies aren’t common

“In my 10 years of having sex before porn, I never once did the standing missionary (where the girl has one leg on the ground and one leg over the guy’s shoulder), pile driver or reverse cowgirl.”

“I love the absurdity of most scenarios, though. Porn is this fantasy world where all your sister’s hot friends are always DTF and so are the girls at work, college and the beach. Everybody gets laid!” -Whitney Wright


Squirting isn’t so dramatic

“A lot of girls squirt, but not all of them do like you see in your typical squirting scene (where girls squirt from the bed to across the hallway into another girl’s mouth).” -Whitney Wright



Obstacles 3 year s ago
Next you'll tell me that WWE is fake.
Creative 3 year s ago
Thats still gay, to say you have sex with another man but im not gay. Yeaaah still physically gay
salamoon 3 year s ago
"There’s prep work before anal scenes"

well, thank you CAPTAIN OBVIOUS! i think thats normal even in normal life, not even when you [email protected]#$$%k with someone completely strange to you.

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