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Men Give Advice To Men (16 gifs)

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If a friend doesn’t drink, be a bro and support that [email protected]#t. Peer pressure isn’t cool anymore.


Don’t ask her where she wants to go to eat. Ask her to guess where you’ll be eating, then go to where she guesses.


If someone sends you a link or a meme that you’ve already seen, just reply with ‘classic’ or ‘old favorite’ instead of telling them you’ve already seen it. They get your appreciation without feeling the sting of wasting your time with an old meme.


Jerked it and got the painful trapped pee feeling in your [email protected]#k? Take a shower.


For something to be a prank it must cause no long term damage and be found funny by all parties otherwise it’s called being a [email protected]#k.


Tell people if they have food in their teeth


In a group, if someone gets interrupted when they’re talking, and couldn’t get to complete what they’re about to say, ask them to continue what they were saying. This’ll make them feel valued.


If you’re going to a party with a friend and they appear to be drinking heavily, keep an eye on them. When it comes time to leave, don’t abandon them, as they probably need your help.


Always have gum on you. How many moments have you experienced where you wanted gum but didn’t have any? Everyone has far too many. For all those times you eat onions or just want to feel fresh inside and out. Always have gum on you. Buy the big boxes of gum with multiple packs and grab a pack in the morning before you leave.


If you like to drink nice beer and plan on getting drunk, get a 6 pack of nice beer then buy a 12 pack of cheap beer. After the 6 beers you wont know the difference anyways and save some money.


Gym Etiquette – Re-rack weights and return all other equipment and accessories to their proper locations after using them.


Think twice before making negative judgments about the behavior of a new employee at your job. Unemployment can be an incredibly stressful and depressing time for some people. Give them time to pay bills that may have accumulated, and let them grow back into their true selves before judging.


Either you are trying to get a bf/gf, applying for a college or for a job remember this small “jedi” trick Remember the following, you know a person is liking you if they imitate your gestures (it is a subconscious process). You can manipulate them into finding you more appealing by doing the following, imitate them first, do as follows:

Wait for them to do a gesture, count to 5 and repeat it, then do this process two more times.

After doing this 3 times most people are imitating you already. Presto, now they like you at the subconscious level.


Just because someone doesn’t express their love/feelings the way you expect, doesn’t mean they’re not there

My girlfriend would always use partial expressions of love such as “love you” or just “love” and it would make me anxious because of how much I had “I love you” on a pedestal. I saved a lot of stress and anxiety when I talked to her about it and realised that just because she expressed it differently than I might have wanted, or expected, didn’t mean it wasn’t there at all. Everyone is different and expresses things differently, and that’s OK!


Avoid embarrassing yourself when you don’t recognize peeps and forget that they’re people that you’ve actually already socialized with.

Default to, “Nice to see you,” as opposed to, “Nice to meet you,” in general. Make a habit of it. When your bar hopping at your regular spots you’ll drunkenly run into the same people and partially or completely forget the encounter. Doesn’t mean they did though.


If you’re thinking of dating a friend’s ex, ask them if they are ok with it first.

Even if they aren’t, they’ll appreciate that you took their feelings into consideration. Also, even if they aren’t ok with it, they most likely will say it’s fine anyway.

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Action 8 month s ago
some Gems in there drinks
Girl 8 month s ago
#2 Genius. ...#5 Resounding YES! ...#8 Also yes; glad to see that recognized as necessary. ...ok there are too many great suggestions; go with all of these - except @13. That is pop psychology, which may work on people who are already inclined to like you; but if they really don't like you - especially if you give them good reason not to like you - this won't work, and can actually backfire. Focus on being good and doing the right thing instead of some Dr. Phil kind of circus trick.
Close 8 month s ago
#2...save that one for the /next/ time..take her to her 2nd guess



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