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The Further You Read, The Weirder These Sexual Fetishes Get (11 pics + 9 gifs)

Posted in NSFW       12 Sep 2019       3538       1

“I really find it hot when a guy cums super fast. Not sure why, but there we go!”


“I am a boss lady and I have always loved the thought of being eaten under an office desk while I hold a conversation with someone and try and keep a straight face.”


“Eating a girl out while she’s on the phone. Pretty much watched the scene in House of Cards and immediately went, “Oh, this is totally my thing.”


“A girl wearing a thong. If an ass were a block of marble, then a thong is the Michelangelo that forms said a## into a sublime piece of art. My chisel quakes at the mere thot.”


“Wearing a compression garment and stuffing it with raw pizza dough. Bloats and surrounds the body for hours and hours. It’ll make you cum just by walking around with it in. And no, it’s a different strain of yeast than the strain that gives you an infection, so save your breath.”


“I have what is called a stuck fetish, which means I get off on seeing women get their feet stuck in glue. The main appeal is the helplessness of it, seeing them trapped and unable to free themselves. I also have a foot fetish, which I always assumed is why I get off specifically on seeing women get their feet stuck.”


“I don’t know why, but the simple thought that a girl masturbates/is masturbating to me gets me going. Example: if someone texts me, “I’m wet just thinking of you” I will immediately become erect. It’s flattering and hot in a strange way I guess.”


“Shy, inexperienced, and overwhelmed men. Seducing and directing them, maybe some denial, subtle humiliation or forced orgasm.”


“Eight hours of sleep, good mental health and clear skin.”


“Teratophilia, aka monster fetish. Demons, aliens, robots, werewolves… the more monstrous the better. And don’t give me any of that weak-ass “monster girl” [email protected]#t where you just slap horns and some fangs on a boring anime character. That’s the coward’s path.”


“A little late to this thread, so I doubt this will get any traction but: I’ve always found moles and other skin blemishes to be really attractive. A lot of women are really self-conscious if they have one that’s really prominent in a visible area, but I honestly can’t get enough of them and I think they look so hot, especially if it’s on a woman’s neck, chest, or abdomen. I don’t know anyone else that feels the same way as I do, but I also haven’t told anyone since I don’t want to be seen as weird.”


“As a claustrophiliac, I get turned on by being in tight space or having my mobility restrained, like I am the biggest bottom I’ve ever met. I really like when a girl is on me, thus crushing me wich feels good, I also like having my face crushed my either tighs or ass. And I’m a bit into bondage if I’m the one tied.”


“Having a girl dress up in real gold and jewels and [email protected]#t like that. Elaborate [email protected]#t. No clothes, just jewelry. Maybe fur. Makes me feel like goddamn Kublai Khan. I can’t really do it like I want because that stuff is expensive.”


“I [email protected]#k cars. In the tailpipe, between the seats. I [email protected]#k rentals, loaners, my cars, my friend’s cars, hell sometimes I even break into cars and [email protected]#k them like the dirty little rust buckets they are. The point is that I [email protected]#k cars and if I get a chance I’ll [email protected]#k yours too.”


“I like bondage, but not in an overly dominant, hardcore, or strenuous way. I just like the idea of someone being comfortable and secure enough to be happy and relaxed when they’re tied up and gagged.”


“Waking up to my wife blowing me.”


“Highly aggressive women who might not let me say no.”


“Being mostly clothed during sexy times. I really like clothes. Clothes turn me on. I’m a danger to society, I know.”


“An average cucumber is 8cm long. The large intestine is about 1.5m. In theory, I should be able to fit at least 18 of these bad boys up my ass, but anything beyond 10 just wouldn’t get in anymore. So yeah, that 11th cucumber.”


“It’s super specific, but the napes of girls with long hair. Picture this: A beautiful woman with long hair suddenly grabs her hair and pulls it up to tie it into a ponytail or whatever, exposing the back of her neck in the process. I don’t know why but it’s just perfect for me.”

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