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My buddy used to be a camera guy and his wife the makeup artist on adult films in Chatsworth, CA.

They invited me to come visit. I didn’t know this meant I’d be in a scene. It was called Frathouse [email protected]#kfest and I’m the guy yelling “[email protected]#k her face!” over and over again while eating BBQ chicken.


Not me but, this guy called Joey – was an extra and he was the printer boy trying fix the copier while people having sex on it. His only line was “you know, that’s bad for the paper tray”

My time to shine! A few years back I was offered a role in a porn and as I was excited about the offer I accepted. It was standard uninterested husband/horny wife plot.

I stayed under the covers and pretended to be asleep while a$$ got smashed around me.


A friend of mine got to be a background extra in a porno for an “alt” porn site that was filming at his friend’s coffee shop in Brooklyn after hours. It was supposed to look like the couple was [email protected]#king while disinterested customers just sat in the background. The male actor had trouble staying hard and they had to keep stopping and restarting. He said it seemed like everyone was pretty upset with the whole situation and while they did eventually finish the scene, apparently it was bad enough that the site never even bothered to post it.


Wasn’t an extra but when I was a student and just starting out in photography I lived in Miami I met a model (Anita Dark) who ask me to photograph her. I didn’t know of her at the time It came out later in the conversation that she was a porn star. She was really nice and sweet and asked me to shoot her and a couple of her friends for her website. I was young and single, she was seriously nice and hot so figured why not.

Turned up at her house to find her and two friends nude putting on makeup in the bathroom. Her manager was there along with another girl who was filming with a video camera. After hi’s and introductions I started shooting Anitas two friends who were doing a lesbian scene. During one point while one girl was doing the other with a dildo she looked me right in the eyes and said “it’s been ages since I’ve had a real [email protected]#k”.

I then noticed that the girl with the video camera was filming me. I figured out quite quickly that they were hoping i’d join in. I stayed professional, figured that my family would be really disappointed in me and finished the shoot. Said goodbye, sent them the photos and that was the last of my porn photographer days.


I was an extra. I actually didn’t know it was porn until I got there, my role was I was sitting down at a cafe, when the main two characters met. You see me for like a second. I got $100 pretty easy money, would do it again.


One of my best friends and former fwb ran a website for a low level porn producer. She talked me into being in front of the camera as sort of a fake cameraman who was on camera filming people have sex. I was supposed to be a husband or boyfriend or whatnot who was filming his partner [email protected]#king someone.

It was fun, I guess. Got to join in on the post-shoot hot tub parties, and slept with a few of the girls when they were off duty. All in all, it was a thing I did during my wilder days.


Not an extra, but I have done some background work in porn. There’s a guy in our town who does small time porn shoots. So, just to call myself out as a sexual deviant, I’m into BDSM. I’ve been tying knots on people for almost 15 years. So, this porn guru that I’ll call LL, got my number from a friend who was in one his shoots and texts me about doing some bondage for a few of his films. LL gives me an idea of what he wants and says he’ll pay me per shoot. Because why TF would I say no to that kind of easy money?

So I show up, spend a couple hours tying up girls, stay on set to make sure it all works and is safe and watch a guy rail them. I’ve had to kind of “coach” his male star about where to pull to tighten, where to pull to loosen, how not to actually hurt someone, etc. The shoots lasted each about 4 1/2 hours, give or take. I’ve done this four times for LL now. It’s really awkward. I mean R E A L L Y awkward.

About a week ago, he started texting again asking about sex machines and suspension and I’m not sure if I like where this is going.


Sort of an extra, An ex-roomate of mine from my college days had a “girls gone wild” porn shoot (or something similar) at his house. Eg college girls screwing in the middle of a “house party”. It was authentic in the sense that there were a bunch of college kids playing beer pong and standing around.

It looked like a collegiate house party on film but the girls were most certainly not college students, nothing was spontaneous, camera lights are surprisingly bright in person. My ex roommate charged his frat brothers admission since he wasn’t getting paid by the producers. He made a decent amount. I was barely visible off the edge of a couple shots.

I doubt anyone could pick me out unless I specifically pointed myself out and they knew me back then. This was in the days when a lot of stuff was still filmed in SD so the video quality was poor. It was surprisingly boring after the initial novelty wore off and i didn’t stay for the whole shoot.


In the ‘80s my dad owned a video store and was approached by an adult video production company to shoot the intro to one of their movies in his store. He agreed and on the day of the shoot they informed him that they needed one of the employees to be in the scene as the video store clerk. So there’s probably 10 seconds of this hour-long movie with my dad showing these two women to the adult section of the store.

Cut to a few months later, the production company wants to do a soft core cut of the movie for cable channels and my dad’s scene is in the preview for it on the playboy channel. He gets a call one night from his sister yelling at him about how he’s in a porno. Apparently her husband liked to watch the playboy channel and saw it. My dad had to explain how he wasn’t actually “in it” etc. he got a lot of calls while that preview was being shown.


I used to DJ at a [email protected]#k club (swingers bar, or what ever you call them in your area). Not quite the same, but you just stop noticing the naked after a (short) while.


Actually me. Friend worked for a major company whose logo you will see on memes, got invited to be an extra and did so several times. Got paid a flat rate of $100/shoot. Some would last longer (parodies involving costumes/makeup such as zombie) others would last just a couple hours (often played the Bf who got cheated on). Talent was always super friendly and nice, no terrible stories.

Sometimes a lot of waiting around while they shot the sex scenes sometimes they would cut just to focus on female talent, saw male talent outside studio doing what he could to maintain stiffness. Some talent and extras would be using stimulants but nothing terrible drug wise. It was a job for everyone. Pretty professional and fun.

They would often buy lunch for everyone on longer shoots. Easy cash and fun times, female talent would be overly flirty. Did a zombie parody and Star Wars one amongst other shoots where my girlfriend had sex with the teacher to get out of failing grades for both of us or she had sex throughs glory hole in a changing room whilst I waited outside.


I was assured it wasn’t a porn (just an ‘erotic film’) by the guy who introduced me to the project but a few things tipped me off:

Every other actor there was a porn actor. We had an ‘alibi’ if the owner asked us what we were shooting. The title was a sexy riff on a well-known TV show. The director had exclusively directed porn for 40 years. Saw them shooting a scene where a dude was actively jerking off to a naked woman dancing.

I just played a cop and never had to drop trou. Highest paid acting gig I’d ever gotten up to that point in my life. When they asked me what I wanted to credit myself as, I realized I couldn’t put my name on it, so I chose my friend’s name–to whom I owed some mild revenge.

It’s still on his IMDb profile. Sorry, Mike.


I was an extra for a Public Disgrace and an Upper Floor shoot for It was super cool! For Public Disgrace they had an open bar, but if you chose not to drink you could actually play with the model during a couple parts of the shoot. This one chick jumped in at the first opportunity and just went to town finger banging the model lol.

The Upper Floor shoot was basically a fancy sex party with a porn being shot in the background. They had an open bar, delicious appetizers, sex toys and furniture to use. In the outside halls they had giant oil paintings of crazy kink shoots placed in golden ornate frames. It was the most posh sexy thing I’ve ever done!


I had a roommate in college who was a bartender. One night when I was about to start studying for midterms, I got a call asking if I wanted to come watch a porn. Bartender roommate said ‘They’re doing some porn shoot for kink for public disgrace, and need people to just stand around in the background. There’s free booze’ So obviously me and the other roommate go.

Now, I was unaware what Kink was, but the site has…niches, to put it lightly, and public disgrace is what it sounds like. Girl shows up, gets [email protected]#ked in public (with some bondage aspects. We arrive, and I decide not to drink, because I have midterm test the next day, and the director told us “So ya’ll can grab her, but can’t insert anything. And if you want to masturbate, that’s fine, but keep it off the actress, only tested actors can insert, or get anything on her’

The rest of the shoot was uneventful. I made it into the trailer just looking bored in the background. So that’s pretty funny. I started a slow clap after the finale, but they edited to everyone just applauding. Slow clap would have been funnier.


I signed up for a porn shoot, thinking I would get to [email protected]#k some Lena Paul kinda girl. Turned out that I was the boyfriend the girl cheated on. It was the kinda porno where I’m across the table and she’s hiding underneath and sucking his [email protected]#k. I could see everything but I wasn’t allow to get hard cuz it would ruin the shot.


Apparently they were shooting something on the Balcony at Tricou house in New Orleans during Mardi Gras. I was in the background as I was nextdoor doing work for nola live.


I was an extra in scores of adult videos for one of the bigger websites.

I did scores of scenes, and got a lot of my friends extra work too. I was football players, a married guy whose wife cheats on him (did that several times), a clubgoer, a survivor-like contestant, a wedding guest, a point pong player at a party, and time of other things. It was a lot of fun, meet a lot of really cool people, and got some great stories. The crew and most porn stars I met were all super nice, relaxed people. Was definitely an interesting time….


It was by accident. There was this website on Bangbros 10 years ago called [email protected]#k Team Five where they filmed average guys banging porn stars. I was at the checkout line at a liquor store and they staged a couple of “random guys” next to me and three porn stars walked in to seduce them. It wasn’t until years later that my friend discovered me and sent me a link to the video. The camera guy never asked me for permission to be on film so I guess I could have sued.


My dad is an actor and one of his first jobs was being the main non-sexual role in a porno, where he basically visited his high school graduation class crushes and was there to look at them having sex with other dudes. It’s [email protected]#king hilarious.

He basically said he got paid like 500 for the day (back in the 80s) and was just improvising the entire time. There’s a scene where he smiles at the camera while peaking through his roommates door, and the last scene is him half-talking/half-crying to his roommate while he and another chick are going at it hard. The porno itself is absolute [email protected]#t, he was definitely the highlight.


One thing of note that’s kind of funny to mention is when they’re shootings sex scenes there are usually a lot of cuts and actions. It’s amazing how in the middle of sex they can stop or start and the female talent can turn off and on the “pleasure” sounds like it’s nothing. From completely silent to sounding like she’s having the biggest orgasm of her life in one second flat, that’s quality acting.


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