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Sex Tips Are Always Appreciated (11 pics + 10 gifs)

Posted in NSFW       7 Nov 2019       4578       2

“Chances are that actual good sex is nothing like the porn you’ve been watching.”


“Even no strings attached sex can have strings attached.”


“Some folks double-bag it (wearing two condoms) but you absolutely shouldn’t; it will create friction and may break the condoms. Sexual irony at its finest.”


“I can’t speak for the entire female population but long drawn out sex sessions are overrated. Our parts are delicate and after a certain amount of time, you can pretty much expect me to be out of commission for a couple days. Short sex sessions don’t make you less of a man.”


“Communicate. Don’t just poke and prod.”


“When she says right there, keep going right there. Don’t change a thing.”


“As an old dude: Spend some skin time, just being next to each other. Go slow and deep, none of that Jonny Sins jackhammer nonsense. As you get closer, grab her hips and pull her into you. Make her buttered toast with jam in the morning.”


“Lube makes it better. a lot of people are against using it for whatever stupid reason, but it actually makes sex feel a lot better, speaking from the girl’s perspective.”


“You don’t always have to [email protected]#k her hard, in fact sometimes that’s not right to do.”


“Masturbating in your lover’s arms when they do not manage to get you off or are tired or hurting, is a great way to avoid frustration or resentment and is totally fine.”


“Ok, so I read it a few years ago. If your girl has some hair down there and you get some hair on your tongue don’t just take it out with your fingers – it will look gross. Instead, you want to lick her inner thigh, she won’t notice anything and it will be even sexier. Win-Win situation.”


“Don’t neglect her neck and thighs.”


“During foreplay, if anything, go slower and gentler than you think you should. Girls will find it more comfortable to say ‘faster/harder’ than ‘stop it/slow down, you’re hurting me’. I’d say 8/10 guys will overcompensate how rough or hard they think they should be.”


“Most porn positions are done for watching sex and not the pleasure of the sex havers.”


“Don’t be afraid to give or accept direction. The Individual you’re with likely knows what they enjoy, so go ahead and ask what works for them. If you or your partner are not sure, be willing to explore that with each other.”


“You might fart.”


“Don’t start right away. Make her want you. It’s the best lubricant I’d say.”


“Fingering. One finger doesn’t do much. Also, stop doing that whole super fast in and out thing. It’s more about the pressure on the sides of the vagina.”


“Always put down a towel, old pillowcases work fine. Keep Listerine strips next to the bed for morning sex. Keep baby wipes next to the bed for easier cleanup. If you want your [email protected]#k sucked more, keep it trimmed and washed down there. Workout, it helps with stamina and holding her up. High fiving afterward is expected.”


“Read every single sex tip provided by Cosmo. Make sure you never, ever do any of them under any circumstance. Ever.”


“Try to get her off at least once before penetration begins, unless otherwise requested. Gets things properly warmed up, which is better for everyone, and seems to make it more likely that she’ll get her kicks from phase 2 as well. If she doesn’t, head back down and finish with a repeat of the first act.”

Harmless 7 month s ago
Heterosex is woman and man. Both are supposed to have fun, not her only. Once again, this picset promotes how the princess is to be treated. One gender seems to more more equal.
Wrong 7 month s ago
actualy... well said



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