Sexual Fantasies People Tried And Regretted Immediately (10 pics + 12 gifs)

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I wanted to try the upside-down [email protected]#job thing on the edge of the bed. Turns out if you aren’t 10 inches long you are basically just slapping her in the face with your sack over and over.


I dated a girl who was really into role playing. And she only wanted to be a little girl and have me be her “daddy” and come home with a briefcase and a suit on and I…….just couldn’t do it. It just felt too pedophile-y to me, even though we were both in our 30s


Sex against a wall. That shit is not comfortable and you constantly are worried your boyfriend will drop you.


I REEEEEALLY wanted to [email protected]#k my girlfriend. Shes pretty well endowed and for the most part a team player. One day we got into it and I suggested it and she, never having seen porn really, goes “alright, do what you want”. Then she proceeded to just lay there on her back and it got super awkward and I haven’t brought it up since.


I stuck my [email protected]#k in a hot pocket when I was 14 and immediately regretted it


I tried peeing on my wife once. I’m pretty sure we both regretted it immediately. Not that it was horrible but we both decided as soon as the action started that this wasn’t something either if us were into which made it pretty awkward while I finished up.


Choking. I like things rough, but I also really like breathing. It was consensual, but I was very close to panic attack mode when I couldn’t speak to tell him to stop, and he thought I meant to choke me harder when I was trying to move his hand. He apologized profusely for not realizing it but it was just a mistake, and now we know I don’t like that.


When I was a kid I had the thought “if I could jerk off but keep the cum in me, would it feel good for longer?” So I put scotch tape over my pee hole and went to town. Suffice to say it was very painful and I have a bit of a lasting trauma. Would not recommend.


Had sex on the beach once…ONCE. 0/10 never again, movies make it look romantic and amazing, lmao I thought.


Pegging. Thought the idea of it was super hot, wife and I bought a strap on and got into it, enjoyed the dirty talk and role reversal but the act itself turned me off, lost my erection so we chalked it up to “fun to try, but not for us”.


Anal is one of my strongest fetishes.

Anal is my least favorite way of actually having sex.

The brain is a weird broken thing I think.


Pool / bathtub sex.


Vibrators inside of you. Porn reallyyy overhyped it. Literally didn’t feel like anything different.


A threesome. I talked for years about wanting to bring a girl into the bedroom since I’m definitely attracted to them. My husband recently got on board with the idea. We became friends with a girl who is single and ready to mingle, and now I’m terrified.


I thought a bit of light bondage would be interesting, but then you miss out on the hair tugging and scratching and other physical responses as the dom.


I really thought 69-ing was going to be hot and intimate and great and then I tried it with a guy I had been seeing and it was absolutely awful. Positioning is hard, sucking a [email protected]#k upside down is hard, and I couldn’t focus on receiving OR giving. Turns out, not something I’m into!


I always wanted to try anal beads. I was aware of the concept of pulling them out slowly, but apparently my ex was not as informed. So when he ripped them out like a fuckin beyblade, I screamed like I’ve never screamed before.


It wasnt necessarily a sexual fantasy or fetish, mostly out of curiosity, but period sex. My boyfriend asked if we could try it, I said [email protected]#k it why not. Wasnt bleeding a lot but still just enough for it to be gross. After we finished we both realized it just wasnt for us and we’ll never do it again lmao.


With bdsm, I always thought I was more submissive. Turned out I was wrong!


Since you offered to be my sounding board, I’ll confess that I used to get aroused by the idea of sounding, since I love the feeling of a full bladder pressing against my prostate from above. Even with a lot of lube, I soon found out my urethra is an exit only.


swallowing/getting cum on your face

nothing hurts worse than getting a sinus infection because you had a load go up your nose accidentally


Hot wax. Just don’t do it. That burns. Immediately jumped up and screamed.


Boston 3 year s ago
Of course, no one idea works for everyone; but it's quite possible that most of these ideas would be more appealing if they were done by people with more experience. It's not always what you do, it's whom you do it with, and how you approach it. ...In addition to experience, the strength of the connection of the people involved factors in immeasurably, and can also be the most important factor, assuming everything physical is done effectively. That's why holding hands with a particular person can be more intense than seemingly more intimate and intense things with others.

Ok, maybe not the thing with the tape lol....
Haven 3 year s ago
Basically when normies try to be fancy sm_80 sm_80
CookieDevourer 3 year s ago
take a shower and use moisturizer before
Figure 3 year s ago
#9: Right? That frikking sand gets everywhere. Even one tiny grain of it hurts like hell, and it takes for-EV-er to get rid of it all.
One 3 year s ago
I like the idea of trying.. We tried every sexual idea we could come up with.. Some were great, some not but, we never had to wonder "What if"..



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