Men Letting Women In On All Of Their NSFW Secrets (15 pics)

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A: “Yep. That’s why we adjust or do the weird waddle thing… we’re just trying to get some airflow“


A: “Like a warm, pleasantly moist hug in the penis.“


A: “Getting ten minutes of fucking peace, Jennifer, Jesus Christ you have to come fucking find me on Reddit now?? I don’t hate your mother, but f@#k I just need a moment to my own goddamn self!“


A: “We got this cool feature where exercise does the same thing as cold weather.“


A: “During foreplay, it is great. A blowjob with some ball play is heavenly. Slow sex and ball play is alright, works best with doggy but definitely not with rough sex.“

A: “Depends if it’s hot or cold. If it’s cold they shrivel up. Hot they dangle about.“


A: “I usually use a urinal if it’s available, but not always. If the bathroom isn’t crowded, sometimes I wanna sit down and relax.“


A: “I honestly don’t know why eye contact is all the rage. Sure a glance is nice once in a while but full-on sustained eye contact seems needlessly convoluted. S@#t I just want to throw my head back and enjoy too, not stare at you with a double-chin while I’m making faces.“


A: “Imagine the paralysis from getting the wind knocked out of you. The pain of getting an electric shock radiating from the balls throughout your whole body. The throbbing pain from stubbing your toe or slamming your finger in a door. Nausea from the stomach flu. All wrapped together in a package lasting from 10 seconds to several minutes.“


A: “You can shake it, squeeze it, bash it against the wall, but in your pants the last drop will always fall.“


A: “Usually I have to pee. Then I get hungry.“


A: “Three men in the bathroom, first guy says ‘the water’s cold.’ Second guy says, ‘and deep.’ Third guy says, ‘and there is a bend in the pipe.’“


A: “Throw some peanut butter on the grass outside and try and wipe it up with toilet paper.“


A: “Straight up tell them, don’t try to give any signals, we are idiots and won’t get them.“


A: “We can absolutely tell if you are actively squeezing. It’s a super easy tell that she’s about to come if the squeezing starts and the clit gets really firm.“

Delight 3 year s ago
#1 Yes very much so.

#2 LOLOL And true.

#5 Wrong. If it's done correctly, all the above.

#8 Ok this must be a college boy, cuz this is wrong. I wanna go there *with* my partner; I want to be as locked in as possible; I want to lose myself in her, and her in me. Unless I'm going for a specific effect, I want every ounce of our attention to be locked in on each other. No better way of achieving that than eye contact. I know some people are too bashful/scared, etc, but not I.

#9 Yeah, that works. But when trying to describe it to women, I say it's like crippling endometriosis. And I mean crippling. ...However, here's a nightmare scenario for you fellas: I have Crohn's-like stomach disorder which I describe as like being kicked in the junk every five to fifteen minutes for days at a time - and before I learned how to manage it a little, it went for weeks at a time.

#11 Collapse in a heap of shivering bliss with my partner, whom I've put in the same state, so we're there together. Cleanup depends on what we've done and whether it's an immediate need. If it interferes with our mutual bliss, I usually try to minimize the need for it.

#12 Yes to the water. Also yes to crushing, not very often, but still too often.

#13 There's this thing called grooming. And healthy eating.

#14 Say what you mean; mean what you say.
Raccoon 3 year s ago
You think anyone gives a shit what you think? Fucking 10 points of opinion lol gtfo
2012 3 year s ago
#7 Most men prefer to piss standing up and the urinals are there because they are designed to catch the splashes, lessen the mess, and keep the seats dry.
Oh, and @Delight: tmi, my friend, tmi
ChrisR 3 year s ago
#7 also it is a great space saver in large poblic restrooms. Separate stalls take a lot more space.



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