NSFW Facts Are The Most Interesting Ones! (13 pics + 10 gifs)

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“You can Pavlov yourself into having a fetish by repeatedly jerking to that subject. Source: experience.”


“Given unrestricted access to an unlimited number of unique females, a male can literally [email protected]#k to himself to death.“


“The Greeks/Romans actually valued large balls over a large penis, considering them to be a sign of fertility. If you had a big [email protected]#k, it was thought to be too animalistic. This is also why Renaissance statues like David or the Thinker have small penises.”


“Hyenas have clitoris so big they are considered a pseudopenis.”


“You have multiple erections (lasting around 20-30min) most nights you sleep properly. If you used your shlong that day it helps recover, and if you didn’t it gets it ready for the next day.”


“On most men, the left testicle hangs lower than the right one. If the right testicle hangs lower, then he’s more likely to be a lefty.”


“All male bees die if they have sex, so if you see a male bee, they’re a virgin.”


“If a woman performs an excessive amount of DP, the wall between the vaginal canal and the rectum can tear. Causing her to [email protected]#t out of her vagina. Saw it once, years ago as a young Nursing student during surgical rotation. I believe she may have been involved in the adult industry for many years. At the time she was almost 50. It was… interesting. This is fun, right?”


“The reason why Welsh people get called sheep shaggers is that the penalty for stealing sheep was death but having relations was just prison, so if caught they’d say ‘Wasnt stealing your sheep, was going to [email protected]#k it.”


“Barnacles have the longest penis-to-body ratio of any creature in the animal kingdom. I did not realize this info until I saw one “feeling about” in one of my aquariums. I thought it was a feeding apparatus originally. Imagine my surprise.”


“Apparently you can get rock hard and cream your pants from just a simple hug from an attractive person. Believe me, I would know…”


“A blue whale has a pu$$y so big it can fit 5-6 men inside.”


“Alligator’s penises are always erect. Don’t ask me why I know this.”


“When two male giraffes fight, the victor mounts and basically rapes the loser. Losing is such a pain in the a$$.”

“Men have about 3 inches of penis inside of them. You can get surgery to take out those 3 inches and make your [email protected]#k grow.”


“At any given moment, around 50,000 people are reaching orgasm.”


“The average spunk load contains about 25 calories, so if you suck off 80 men a day you’re hitting your daily calorie guideline.”


“In terms of DNA, each average human ejaculation contains roughly 15 TB 130 Petabytes of information.”


“Don’t use silicone-based lubricants with silicone sex toys or oil-based lubricants when using latex condoms. Pee after sex in order to help avoid a UTI. Semen rinses off your body more easily with cool water than with hot water. Antibiotics can make birth control not work.”

“The color of a man’s lips are the same colour as the tip of his penis.”


“In Aztec culture, the avocado was considered to be sexually potent and restricted from Virgins.”


“Elephant penises can do more than just get it on Elephants have a prehensile penis, which means they can use it to grab onto stuff.”


“There is a nerve attached to your spine that when massaged will make you stop hiccuping. To massage it, you have to finger your [email protected]#hole.”

Three 11 month s ago
Most are total bs
Lorraine 8 month s ago
Three, yea but it did kill a few minutes got me closer to the grave



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