Guys, Don’t Do Everything You See In Porn… (11 PICS + 11 GIFS)

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“If you’re doing anal, that’s the last destination, sir.”


“Lack of foreplay.”


“Don’t expect porn noises. Some girls are loud, some aren’t. If all sexual interactions sounded like porn then it would be much worse living next to your elderly neighbors.”


“Don’t grab the titty so fucking hard bro!”

“Rubbing the clit like a fucking stain on a shirt. circular motions please.”


“Stop jackhammering into us right off the bat, warm up to it and get us WET. No, spitting on the pussy doesn’t count.”


“Going fast does not mean its good.”


“Don’t grab my head and push me onto your cock during a BJ, if I’m giving head I need to be in control of it enough that I can moderate my gag reflex. If you like gagging… tell me and I’ll gag enough to make it hot but not enough to vomit. If you are into vomit, we need to talk about limits because that’s a hard limit for me. Don’t just force my head down and set the pace without discussing it first. I’ll never come near you again.”


““OH, YEAH YOU LIKE THAT???” As he completely misses my clit.”


“It’s a great conversation to have, because porn is so fake and rarely catered to female pleasure. Fingering is usually way off. Also, bjs seem to have gotten more ‘violent’ (choking, gagging etc) as opposed to something the girls is into, and enjoys as much as, the guy.”


“Just like…jackhammering. That applies to both intercourse and fingering.”


“Don’t eat a girl out by immediately spreading her lips, trying to lift up her clitoral hood, and then just stabbing her clit with the tip of your tongue, unless you know beforehand that she’s into that.”


“Slapping a girl’s clit. Massage it, don’t try to be forceful. (But of course, everyone is different and some folks might like it. Just ASK)

And just cause it feels good going slow does not mean it’ll feel better going faster. ESPECIALLY when it comes to the clit.”


“This is a strange one, but in a lot of porn, the dude just pounds away standing up so that we can see everything going on with the woman- like boobies and all that. It’s all good for cinematics or whatever but please… hold me during sex. Let me nuzzle my face into your neck and hug you and leave little marks on your shoulder. It’s so much more intimate and makes me feels safe. Not sure about other women but that’s the thing I value the most with my boyfriend.”


“Fingering, there is a right way to do it, and it’s NOT like in porn.”


“STOP being silent! Please moan, that shits hot as hell.”


“Going faster when you tell them something feels good/you’re gonna cum. Protip: don’t change a goddamn thing. Keep up the same pace.”


“I absolutely do not want you to put your dick in my mouth after anal.”


“Slapping the vagina like a used car salesman trying to sell a 1999 corolla.”


“That we just instantly get into the mood. You walk into the room and I’ll just immediately want you. No. I’m still thinking about that embarrassing thing I did last week. I need more than 3 minutes to get into it!”


“Saying how you’re going to “destroy, pop that cherry, make walking hard for days, make you sore.” Don’t offer to chafe my flesh, man. There’s not going to be a boxing match against my vagina, so stop trying to intimidate your opponent.”


“Talk dirty. It’s nice to hear some things but the “ahh yeah bitch lick that up you fucking dumb slut” is lame and pretentious.”

Eddy 3 year s ago
What kind of people wrote this garbage.
I know men and women who like to be slapped, choked, lick it and stick t, ATM,
There is a porn for everyone
And whether you admit it or not, everyone has a fetish of some sort, earlobes, feet, elbows, balloons, there is always one thing turns people on for some reason. Don't be ashamed to try and exploring new things.
Jed 3 year s ago

Valid but, communication is the key and I believe this post suggests that.
Assene 3 year s ago
Oh, I like to sneak upon a clitoris. Hit and run on it a few times, never linger to long or press to hard. Until she grabs you by your fucking ears and tries to shove your head in her pussy.
Eve 3 year s ago

Like you’ve ever even seen an actual clitoris JC_doubledown
Pheney 3 year s ago
Written by people who think missionary style is one of the 50 shades of grey.



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