People Who Turned Their Life Around With Sheer Power Of Will (50 PICS)

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"Over 250 Lbs Lost With Diet, Exercise, And Cutting Out The Negative Self Talk In My Head"

"I Think My Face In The Second Photo Explains Exactly What I Was Thinking. I Even Surprised Myself What I Accomplished In 150 Days"

"Celebrated 2 Years On My Weightloss Journey Yesterday! Lost My Weight Thru Dieting (Calorie Counting) A Lot Of Swimming, Walking And Some Bicycling (No Surgery) Anything Is Possible!"

"I’m 32 and 6’8” tall. And my leg was so swollen from a few battles with cellulitis."


"3 Years Ago I Began This Long, Slow Journey And Now I Realize That There Really Isn’t Any End To It"

"I Didn’t Want My Son To Grow Up Visiting A Tombstone As Dad"

"My Weight Loss Progress - 3 Years"

"This is my weight loss progress. I went from 300lbs, to 150lbs. A size 24, to a size 8, the picture on the right was my outfit I wore to work today. Absolutely love my body now. I'm almost 40, and I wish I had started to lose weight sooner."


"My 133 Lb Weight Loss"

"I lost 133lbs and have kept it off for 7 years by living a low carb lifestyle! Finally decided to share a before and after with the world! I’m 19 in the picture on the left. The picture on the right is a solo portrait from my engagement pictures a few months ago! (I’m 29 now)."


"Goal Met! From 418 Lbs To 171 Lbs, From April 1st 2017 To December 18th 2018. 630 Days And Over 246 Lbs Lost"

"I used to wear size 68” waist dress pants (currently wear 32”-34” depending on the cut), and went from wearing a size 7XLT shirt to wearing Small to Mediums. No surgery, or fad diets, just utilized exercise, and watched my calories in and calories out while making healthier food choices."


"Progress Pics"

"300 Lbs > 164 Lbs = 136 Lbs. Weight Loss Progress"

"3 Years: 450 Lbs To 170 Lbs"

"1 Year Of Progress"

"Same Spot, 2 Years Apart"

"My Desire For Change Was So Much More Greater Than My Desire To Stay The Same Rest Of My Life"

"Have the courage to step outside the box and challenge yourself to change. It doesn’t matter how small or how big your goals are, if you taken the first step, then you’ve already won!"


"Kobe’s Last Game Inspired Him To Train And Lose 170 Lbs"

"193 Lbs Down! I Finally Like What I See In The Mirror"

"Weightloss Progress Update 135 Lbs Down"

"2 Years - 246 Lbs"

"September 9, 2018 Vs September 9, 2019"

"6 Years Progress. From 330 Lbs To 198 Lbs"

"I spent 10 years living in depression, fail marriage and so on. But I have changed, if you're going through something just keep going, if a man like me did it I'm sure you can do it too."


"Before And After A Lifestyle Change"

"Couples Weight Loss Before/After"

"I was 460 lbs and she was 374 lbs. Now I'm 205 and she's 230. A year and a half later. My wife and I had gastric bypass which really helped “get us going”. That weight loss felt great at first but fell off hard at 6 months. Then we worked hard on eating 1 gram of protein for every 1 gram of carb. With a stomach this small that meant always monitoring our carbs and as a result, over the next year we continued to drop."


"A Ton Of Work, But Worth It"

"Reflecting On Two Different Trips To Cuba And Weight Loss Progress"

"Cuba 3 years ago and Cuba last week."


"Before And After 2 Years 475 Pounds Lost. Enjoyed A Rare Trip To Chick Fil A"

"Top pic - 2018 my heaviest 764 pounds. Bottom - 2020 289 pounds. 21 months 475 pounds lost by Calorie Counting (CICO), walking and swimming. A rare trip to Chick Fil A (there aren’t any around me...thankfully lol)."


"3 Years Of Losing Weight"

"This Was Me At 350 Lbs, Right Before I Started My Journey To 200"

"Today My Wife Is Officially Under 200 Lbs And I Was Finally Able To Do A Chin Up For The First Time In My Life"

"425 Lbs -> 175 Lbs! Hit 250 Lbs Lost Today"

"No Junk Food, Healthy Diet And My Regular Workout Regimen ( 1 Year)"

"Lost 170 Lbs In 2 Years 3 Months"

"No cheats just been eating the sheet. This dress has been in my closet and my secret goal for more than 15 years. Don’t give up on yourself. You can do it!!! Nothing in the world tastes as good as this dress feels?!"


"I Lost 160 Pounds In 2,5 Years"

"Jan 2016 - Nov 2018. 250 Lbs > 163 Lbs"

"A Slight Brag, I Just Hit 100 Lbs Of Weight Loss"

"Here’s Some Monday Motivation (2018 vs. 2019 Progress)"

"From 480 Lbs To 209 Lbs In 17 Months"

"From 185 Kg To Half Marathon"

"Apparently I Also Got A Watch For Christmas 5 Years Ago"

"2 Birthdays Apart. 32 Years Old - Over 500 Lbs. 34 Years Old - 267 Lbs. Glad I Didn't Wait Any Longer"

"Never Thought I’d Ever Be A Spartan, Who Ever Needs To Hear This, Never Give Up On Yourself! Stay Focused And Your Hard Work Will Bless You! I Hope This Helps Someone Out There With Dream"

"I Did It! It Finally Happened! Today When I Stood On The Scale It Finally Read 100 Lbs Down From My Heaviest Weight"

"I Made Goal Weight"

"It took 2 years - but they flew by! I went from 336 to 158 lbs. I was fortunate that my only health concern at that time was high cholesterol, which has completely resolved with weight loss. I went from a size 24/26 down to a 10!"


"After 18 Months Of Keto, I’ve Lost Over 200 Lbs And Went From A Size 60 Pant To Purchasing These Size 32s Today. Feels Absolutely Unreal"

"How I Lost My Weight"

"Weight Loss Journey. Most Recent Before/After. 250 Lbs > 174 Lbs. Also, Hello Quads"

"What A Difference 3 Years Make"

"Purple shirt: an outfit I wore 3 years ago. Black shirt: what I am wearing today. From a 4X to an XS shirt, a size 30 jean to a 4. ~180 pounds gone since January 2016."


"Getting Fit - Two Year Journey"

"From 230 Pounds To 121 Pounds"

"We Can Finally Go To Disney World And Actually Ride The Rides. Except There's A Pandemic, So No Vacation. Oh Well, The Last Two Years Were Still Worth It"


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can't believe it! just do it
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Loose skin tho. Invent something for that plz
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I can turn myself around with sheer power of will.



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