Women Share Their Best Sex Experiences (23 GIFS)

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"My former boss and his wife are polyamorous (14 years of marriage). Tt some point they invited me to drinks and to get to know me. It is a unique moment being penetrated while receiving oral sex, the best orgasm of my life. Almost 2 years later and I’m still with them and it’s still great."




"I recently ended a year and a half long hook up with this cop I met through my job. It was so exciting from the very beginning because there was never any awkwardness between us or anything. We were just totally comfortable, and it was so fucking hot."




"I still don’t think anything could top the first time we got together. He came to see me before he had to go to work so was in full uniform and the second he was in the door he had me up against the wall, kissing me.

Taking his uniform off was so hot because I was wearing a flimsy tank top and he was able to fondle me, while I was forced to un-hook all this shit to get at him….the anticipation was insane."




"Best: With a boyfriend on shrooms Most exciting: A threesome"




"I’m the kind of person who only hooks up with people I’ve hooked up with before because I’m too shy to meet new people. I never had a one night stand before, I have nothing against them, but I’ve always been kind of a prude."




"I had just gotten out of a relationship spanning nearly 7 years and I downloaded Tinder. I matched with someone nearly 22 years older than me and he invited me out for drinks that same night. I decided to be very brave and just went for it and I’m so glad I did.

He ended up actually being this beautiful, silver-fox humanitarian lawyer who just flew back stateside. He kept complimenting how beautiful and witty I was, which I really needed considering my self-esteem was completely in the gutter at this point. We met up in Midtown, and after a few drinks, he asked if I wanted to see the ‘view’ from his apartment."




"Internally, I said ‘fuck it’ and walked two blocks away to his skyrise apartment which overlooked NYC. The view was lovely, but the sex was even better. I felt so attractive at that point and I hadn’t felt that way in such a long time. We exchanged numbers, he reached out to do it all again, but I was happy with the stand-alone experience that helped me get my mojo back."




"Had sex with a fireman in his fire truck, then on his bosses desk. That was super hot."




"The first time I had sex with someone who was involved in kink. She was my first hookup after my breakup with my fiance, and I later found out that she had had a crush on me for some time and was happy to see me post on the hookup app we had in college.

I had been interested in some kink for a while, but with my ex-fiance, it had never panned out (neither of us really knew what the hell we were doing) and we gave up after an awkward incident involving ropes."




"Now, jump forward to this hookup, she was just excited to have someone she could trust to guide, so she, a sub, played her part very well and enabled me to be her domme for a few sessions while I learned the ropes.

That said, this did open me up to the fact that I am, in fact, a sub, but the thrill of the dynamic, the experimentation and learning involved, and the general role-play of everything made the whole short-lived ‘friends-with-benefits’ situation absolutely mind-blowing."




"She was beautiful. She had dark hair that reached her shoulders and an incredibly endearing smile. The tension had built between us for 3 months and as soon as I left my first gf, we just let everything loose. We were both pretty young–her 19 and me 24.

She was a virgin when we met and I remember the first time I was with her. She was so turned on she was literally shaking. I slowly undressed her while we furiously made out. She was such a good kisser, and she had the most beautiful breasts."




"I vividly remember the image of her when she was finally completely naked, looking at me with both nervousness and intense arousal. I kissed her and asked her if it was ok I touched her, and she just nodded wordlessly. And the sound she made when I first slipped a finger inside her…goddamn.

I miss having sex with her so much, it was really fulfilling, sexually and emotionally. So passionate and always good. I don’t really miss her as a person, but I hope she’s ok. We had a really good year together."




"A guy I had met opened my eyes up to the fact that I was a full-blown humiliation/degradation kink sub and wasted no time proving himself to be an amazing dom with an incredible intelligence for finding all of my weakness and insecurities and making that part of our play (but always bringing me back up and doing appropriate aftercare).

We met in person a couple of times and he drove me into an absolute rabid frenzy."




"I have never met anyone else who could touch me like that or do the things he did or say the things he said off the cuff – I still have a DEEP SET attraction to him.

He didn’t have the traditional “looks” that most people seem biologically drawn to, and I’ll be honest, that he wasn’t the largest of my partners, but I’d do ANYTHING for him. He literally became my living God, it was that intense for me."




"The guy I’m seeing now is amazing in bed! I’ve been with a few guys before and sex was… well… eh. This guy now is a drummer, so he has stamina, strength, rhythm, and dexterity.

He’s also the warmest and most genuinely caring guy I’ve ever met. He just seems to understand my very soul. He takes as much time as he needs and gave me the most mind-blowing orgasm I’ve ever had with just his hands."




"We’re just FWB right now. I have my life goals sorted out and am working towards them. He’s still figuring it out, but it’s rough. He’s honestly my best friend and I would much rather lose the sex than his friendship, but I’m also… well, I’m madly in love with him.

I can’t tell him yet, because I want him to decide his life goals for himself without any pressure from me. But if I was religious, I’d be praying a dozen times a day for things to work out between us."




"I was separated from my soon-to-be-ex-husband and feeling like shit after he left me for another woman. I had started casually dating a bit, but nothing more than the occasional hookup. A friend from high school happened to be in town for the holidays and wanted to catch up so I invited him to join me at a bar with a bunch of other friends.

I’d always had a little crush on him and about 30 minutes after we got to the bar I decided I was going to take him home. We flirted and teased each other for a few hours; knowing I was going to sleep with him but letting him think he had to charm me a bit was really exciting."




"Eventually, I grabbed his hand and straight-up asked if he wanted to come home with me and he enthusiastically agreed. We made out in the cab home and when we got to my bedroom he nibbled my earlobe and whispered, “I have fantasized about this for so long”. He laid me on the floor and gave me the best oral I had ever had.

That was nine years ago and I have never come down from how sexy and desired he made me feel. We now have a son and have been happily married for five years."




"I was looking for hookups on a dating app. I messaged back and forth with this one guy and we exchanged numbers. Emotionally, we just seemed to be on the same wavelength. About a week goes by and we plan a night for sex.

He came over to my place and I can’t explain it, we just clicked. We held each other for a while, made out a good while, really explored each other, and eventually, we made our way to the bedroom and the clothes came off."




"It was the most gratifying sexual experience of my life. Neither one of us orgasmed (performance anxiety) but we had really passionate, sensual, intimate sex six times over the next 18 hours. Even though neither of us hit the finish line, I never felt more satisfied sexually."




"We didn’t just do it missionary style, but that was my favorite part. Being able to hold each other close, kiss, look into each other’s eyes… It was amazing. A few days later it was clear we weren’t going to be more than what we had already experienced with each other. I’m still trying to remind myself that sex can be that good and I will find it with another person."




"I’m sure it sounds pretty standard to the random observer but the best sex I ever had was on a regular night with my boyfriend after getting a little high. On this particular night, I was feeling uncharacteristically confident. I rode my boyfriend until he came inside me (he had my consent to do so of course – I’m SUPER into that), and then he had me lie down with my eyes closed while he played with me with a riding crop.

After about twenty minutes of teasing, he fingered me to orgasm. It was so intense that I could barely move or speak for about ten minutes. He has magic fingers."




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Ib 3 year s ago
The key to poly relationships is communication, knowing how each partner is doing emotionally, physically and mentally. Doing a "check in" meaning sitting down and talking to them helps.
I'm in a poly relationship and I couldn't be happier.
Sadie 3 year s ago
Highest devorce rate in the world, biggest drug epidemic of any first world and highest amount of degenerate slutty women, murica f yeah. Please sink
Kendrick 3 year s ago
women who enjoy sex = degenerate sluts. Pls go back to 1950 dude, we don't need you here
Ross 3 year s ago
Enjoying is fine, having no boundries no morals and no taboos isnt. Being a bit more prudish would be a vitrue for the average us woman coz damn theyre easy. Always comparing themselves to what guys do. Guess what guys can be sluts too. Class is such a rarity but hey who cares great reset baby all is lost
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Letters to Penthouse.
Lindy 3 year s ago
want to have sex girls
Sondra 3 year s ago
all alone !! Where the Fxck am I.
no sex for 10 yrs. wtf!!!!!
I remember giving this extremely freaking hot girl a foot massage long ago.I wish we would not have stopped there.
we connected a few times before I guess she is scared because of the age difference but that's never ever bothered me
I think it embarrasses her sometimes so I don't Minchin it or call much but I naturally love her. Falling in and out of love is just
normal after all you love who you love I guess.
JC_OMG_sign I'm also thinking about this other girl I just meet recently that is closer to my age and I feel the same way about her but again she makes excuses and I know in my heart plus I see it in her brown eyes she digs me dig her too!!
I tired of stepping up to the plate just to be let down @ hurt. I'd rather just have really really nasty uncontrollable sex just like they Fantasize about I can do that use me like a dog that what I'm used to any way. Better than not being used at all!!
I know so!!!!!!!!! tongue
Sondra 3 year s ago

be yourself
tongue got another kind of craven extremely hunger!!!! tongue tongue tongue
be your self! Sondra????
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