What It’s Like To Have Sex With Someone From A Very Different Culture (16 GIFS)

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"I’m a Scottish guy and I had a thing with a Malaysian girl who was studying at my university for a year.

After she had given me a blowjob for the first time, I started moving towards eating her out. She was completely confused at this point and didn’t understand what I was doing. When I explained I was returning the favour she flat out told me it was “impossible for a guy to give a girl a blowjob”. I explained what I was trying to do but she couldn’t grasp the concept at all as she had never received oral sex. After some explaining, she let me try it and instantly became a huge fan. My jaw still aches with fondness remembering that year. "


— stebus88


"A Chinese woman ran her fingers through my white guy chest hair and asked if western women had hairy chests too."


— lorenabobbedit


"75% of the women I hooked up with in Colombia tried to lick my ass. The first time it happened I actually ejaculated out of self defense… not unlike the way a squid would ink itself to escape a predator.This girl and I had already fucked twice and she was still hungry for more so we went at it again. Finally I told her I wasn’t going to be able to cum again and she basically said “don’t worry let me take care of you” and she lifted my legs up so my knees were at my shoulders and started going to town on my ass. About 5 mins in my friend tried to come into my room. Thank god the door was locked or it would have been embarrassing/hilarious for him to walk in on me, defenseless, knees at my shoulders, while this girl had her way with me. However a flimsy door is no match for a drunk moron so he keep banging away at it. Terrified he might barge in and not really enjoying having my ass eaten (at the time) I “inked” all over myself in an attempt to defuse the situation. Was known for the remainder of the trip as “Inky”. "


— fobygrassman


"Was bangin a Persian girl for a while. When we would get sweaty from sexing I swore she smelled like lawnmower exhaust. It had that oil burning with gas mixture kind of smell. I think it may have been from her diet.

Now whenever the neighbors are mowing the lawn I get a massive erection. I wish that last part weren’t true. Fuck you Pavlov. "


— nathan_paul_bramwell


"Kind of sad really, but I was working in Senegal and hooked up with a girl I worked with. Clothes started coming off and in broken English she goes, “Do you have something?” I thought she meant a condom so I’m like YEAH I DO! She pushes me away, says she has to go, gets dressed and leaves. It seriously took me months to realize she probably meant, “Do you have any STDs?”

Such a shame :( We both wanted safe sex but it got lost in translation/me being an idiot. "


— tall__guy


"Japanese girl wouldn’t allow me to go down on her because she thought it was a dirty act. She then proceeded to go down on me and even licked my asshole of her own accord. It is pretty hairy back there btw. So… Don’t really understand the logic there. "


— kingzlatan10


"Had a one-night stand with a Japanese girl I met at a bar. We went back to her place and were pretty loud. Great sex. But I go downstairs to leave in the morning and her whole family is there having breakfast. Turns out she still lived with her parents and siblings. It was so awkward. I couldn’t speak Japanese so I just slipped past them out the door. "


— allenidaho


"I in no way think this is a cultural thing but I had oral sex with an Indian girl then slept over night with her and she ended up giving me like 6 handjobs while she was still sleeping. I’d wake up with her jerking me off nuzzling her face into my beard, like trying to put her face onto mine.

It was magical. Almost died at work next morning "


— lackofcommittee


"An American friend of mine was a student in Japan and got a Japanese girlfriend. The first time they had sex, she whimpered and cowered and kept telling him to stop and that it hurt, so he stopped (of course) and apologized for hurting her. She looked at him quizzically and was like, “why did you you stop”? Apparently, it’s normal for women in Japan to pretend that the man is hurting/forcing her. It’s considered complimentary, similar to telling a guy he’s got a big dick or something. Ugh. So creepy. "


— saktii23


"I hooked up with this saucy dark-skinned girl from the Ukraine one night and talked her into coming back to my hotel room. She had never been with another woman before and was really nervous but I had her squirming and moaning soon enough. She stayed the night and the next morning she went down on me exuberantly. I showed her how to trib, scissor, and she took to it eagerly. When we were done she got up and threw on her clothes. I asked her if she was leaving and she told me she was just running down to the pharmacy. I asked her why and she told me she was getting us both a pregnancy test. I couldn’t stop laughing. "


— whisperedconsent


"I briefly dated a woman from Honduras who would transition from English to Spanish (“Si, si, si…”) as she reached orgasm. Which wouldn’t be notable except that when she WASN’T having sex she frequently talked about how much she hated the Spanish language and had no use for it. Well, you have ONE use for it… "


— abunchofsquirrels


"The first time I had sex with a Japanese lady I woke up with my underwear and the rest of my clothes neatly folded at the foot of my bed rather than strewn in abandon across the floor as I had left them. Apparently she woke up in the middle of the night and felt the need to do that. And I thank her for that. "


— ddesh


"Banged this Romanian chick while I was stationed in California. She told me I was such a gentleman for not cumming on her face. I’m guessing Romanian men haven’t set the bar that high for her. I didn’t know what to make of that."


"This is just cute. A Russian girl said she liked my bumps. She was groping me at the time so I realized she meant bum. I had to explain to her the difference between a butt/bum and a bump. She still called her backside her bums though. When I told her it was singular, she pointed out that she has two boobs and two bumps. I couldn’t argue with that. "


— asoiahats


"So I was in the Philippines and was staying with my cousins (I’m half pinoy grew up in the US) in this little village. I met this pretty girl a few houses down and we started talking. Nothing happened. The next day a local friend and I went to a club, or a what the pinoy call “the disco”, about 15 minutes away. I met this girl there again. Again we started talking and when we were all partied out (and drunk) we shared a taxi back to the village. She invited me to her place, we played jenga and had a little sex.

Now here’s the weird part. A couple weeks later I found out that she was my cousin. Turns out my grandpa got around with half the village in his day. I lost my virginity to my cousin. "


— itsyaboidj


"I hooked up with a beautiful Brazilian girl when she was visiting our country. She was there to learn English so her English was fairly poor. Our date consisted of funny awkward moments and lots of Google translate.

Anyways so with me living with parents at the time, I thought it’d be nice to bring her to the mountains to see the city view at night. It was dark and quiet, with no one around so we got down to business.

With me trying to be a generous guy, I went to go down on her but she stopped me, maybe twice. I didn’t think much of it and made love under the moonlight.

During this all I was pleasantly surprised how wet she felt. Once we were done I offered to go down again (I wasn’t sure if she had finished) and she said no and tried explaining something in Portuguese. I gave her my phone for the translate and she said “I’m unwell”. She didn’t seem unwell so I had a look at what she wrote and it was something like “menstruada” (that’s a complete guess). I point the phone down and see blood EVERYWHERE!

Definitely worth the clean up the next morning but I found it crazy that it didn’t seem like an issue whatsoever when it came to sex. She didn’t seem embarrassed or at all phased at not discussing it beforehand. I’ve no clue if it was a cultural thing or personal. Can’t wait for her next visit! "


— doggylife1379


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Kim 3 year s ago
these posts were hilarious! I laughed so much at the persian girl thing.
I love these written posts. please do more.
Dunk 3 year s ago
Some people have a hell of an imagination! What total bullshit!



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